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7/17/2011 - FIVE YEARS AGO In DINARLAND DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1


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Post by Ssmith Sun Jul 17, 2016 2:14 pm

Guru OkieOilMan:  From various contacts...it did go international...new rate will drop in on Monday...sticking to $4.40 rate - have not gotten confirmation if it is pegged to the GBP or the USD


Guru Angelquest:
Guru Angelquest (new) a contact in Jordan does have paperwork from Warka that is showing the Iraqi dinar is a tradeable currency. They WILL instill the coins in Iraqi currency…just got a text from someone at an International Clearing House that the IQD is indeed showing, not active, but showing 1551, now from my Wall Street friend, you have to read that backwards, meaning 1 dinar = $5 – $15, now that is a spread, that’s all I know…also, from a Congressman from South Carolina…we will see it on Monday.

friend in cali, BoA can u plz contact me when u see IQD activity? BoA foreign curreny rep called him and said she now sees IQD on screen, cannot give rate yet.

text from intern’l clearing house

spread is in the system and but not showing we will see it on monday. 1 IQD = $5-$15 spread

Guru Blaino:  Good NEWS…”Breaking News” Boots on the ground…have reported that the tv news, radio, papers and so on are reporting the “increase in value of the Iraqi Dinar”…. which is now pegged to the GBP (Great Brittan, Pound)! …And the rate: is the 5.25 that we have been hearing! We ought to see it here in the Morning! I cannot yet state it is “ABSOLUTELY IRON CLAD”

(From the sandbox) Two Military contacts have confirmed that indeed the increase in value for the IQD is accomplished at long last and we should see it here on many sites as well as the Banks here (USA) on Monday

I have only moments ago answered the plaintive ringing of the EVO 4G.... (Not the Bear... this was a bit ago!) and discovered that I was the happy recipient, as you are now... of NEWS! Good NEWS... not the reular kind! "Breaking News" in fact! Boots on the ground, first person to my Contact have reported that the tv news, radio, papers and so on are reporting the "increase in value of the Iraqi Dinar".... which is now pegged to the GBP (Great Brittan, Pound)! Not a huge surprise [we've heard this for awhile now... AND it was the currency of choice in Iraq through the 1950's. And the rate: is the 5.25 that we have been hearing! The most recent different rate was the 4.40 GBP & I decided long ago that either would be acceptable to the Blaino's in GBP, USD, EUR or what ever [OK, NOT that wild Rhodesian or Zimbabwaian(sp) currency... LOL! We ought to see it here in the Morning! This is the latest and best info I have.... I wish I could state it is "ABSOLUTELY IRON CLAD"... I cannot yet, when I can, YOU will know it here ASAP! Confirmations continue as we read! Blaino

ADVISORY: IMO: 99.5% Landfall/Windfall probability within 12-24 hrs. RVD RATE on the rise: 4.2 floatrise to 5.0; and probably tied to GBP. If so tied, est USD 8.5. Est. Dong .05 USD. Largest transfer of wealth known by man. Stay firm where you are in investments and commodities. Some markets will sway but stand firm. Stay strong. SECURITY: Take ALL precautions. QUITE about your Investment. If U go to Banks, precaution about your AUTO TAG #S. Undersirable others may take your auto plate #s and track it to your mailing address or home. Word spreads quickly. Change all addresses on real estate, autos, bank accts to a PO BOX!!! Take your name off of your "local county tax rolls" by removing your name; then replace your name with "Property Owner". Your security is priority over everything. Secure your family in every way possible. There are more member suggested procedures on reliable sites! Shop your rates if U see the banks. Suggestion to avoid banks the first 48 hours for obvious security and rate reasons. May have to take a # in larger city areas, especially TX, CA, FL and NY. Stay tuned hourly to GET for updated hourly Intel as the Landfall/Windfall new rate works its way west to WB and Forex sites. This should be an electronic synchronized flash if planned accordingly, IMO. Blessings. "For the Father has always been here for HIS children, HE now shows HIS MIRACLE to the World and Universe. For the Father shows His HOLY INSTANT to all who look to HIM. As the flocks are fed, so shall HIS children be given the Gift. For those who receive His Gift, and give back 10% to His Kingdom, they shall be rewarded 40X in Health, Wealth and Happiness. The Father now blesses this moment and HIS HOLY INSTANT as His Gift is shown to the World. World without end Amen. And the masses stood in awe as the world marvelled at HIS works; for the believers reaped the Harvest from the fields and prospered to build the Kingdom of the Lord. For the roads are now paved with gold and silver for His namesake for His children and followers. As the Father now smiles, His children follow in His footsteps for they now see THE LIGHT forever. And it is so, for The Father Blesses the moment and His Holy Instant Miracle. Amen."

Guru BGG:  kuwaiti sanctions resolutions are a lot further along that what ppl commonly have been led to believe. 

LD’s lower denoms embassy contact said they r much more spread into population than we prev thought.  bank activity on higher end, numerous reports/incident reports.

This came from a contact who is a sitting Congressman...Iraq is a global tradeable currency...we are waiting for the rate to come down

Guru Dewey:  he has had coinage in his possesion for nearly 6 years now.these coins to dewey have always proved to him the IQD had to RV since the base metal making the coins is worth more than the IQD values at the program rate of only 1170/more than the face value of the coin.

Guru Daisy:  1 — house of rep speaker met w/ admin addressing debt ceiling and IQD RV

2 — GW (george w bu$h?) stepped in sat: since were going to announce monday, put them under duress, saying it has to go NOW! (BGG says it is really close to the truth!)

3 — asking banker friend, rumor can u confirm? ust put all banks on notice on monday… did your bank receive that notice? banker said YES.

Guru Dusty:  be positive/stay positive, honor your intel givers

banks do know about the IQD RV. altho your teller or branch mgr may not know.  NB/IMPORTANT — cash in story: NOT voucher, dusty actally saw deposit slip.  apparently, some uppity-ups who already have millions in the bank r being given white glove treatment.  never until dusty saw the deposit slip w/ his own eyes, did he believe in the tier cash out system, now he does believe

Guru ScottiG: 
got confirmation friday from bank IQD is internat’l and tradable, same bank @ chase said don’t have rate yet but rate should be locked in as on sunday-monday.  im viper chase bank rumor.  irs notification to banks confirmed

LD’s confirmed more widespread.  prices changed in stores? must have occurred.  forced RV section 18 IMF has authority, Iraq was sent notice on monday of 24-72 window to close RV deal

Guru DonnieR: 1 — BW CEO from Reno, conferred w/ major corp CEO sayin we will see RV monday… high reliability w/ BW historically

2 — Mr Bill — 4 contacts we will see monday

3 — JW from jordan, it is done; sister lives in baghdad, it is done we will see it monday

4 — WFB LV, NV: we r hearing u will b able to cash in on monday

5 — Ob@ma — 24-36 hours ultimatum to congress

I am receiving unbelievable info from an extremely strong contact today saying that we will see it Monday...other contacts confirm that we will see it on Monday...another contact from Bagdad said we will see it on Monday.  Wells Fargo Bank contacted me yesterday and said you will be able to cash in on Monday...looks like everything is falling into place for Monday

Guru Kaparoni:  The currency market is closed (which should be a flat line) but since late Friday night we have been seeing an abnormality of a type of pinging or syncing. It may be nothing but the dinar rate is bouncing from the closing rate of 1177 to 1032 almost hourly. 

Guru American Contractor:  In a recent meeting I attended I learned that the updated design of the new Iraqi currency has been completed.  It has yet to be issued as the approval from Prime Minister Nuri Maliki has not been authorized.  However, even after permission is given to release it further steps have to take place as it has to go through the Iraqi Parliament for a vote.  As far as I can see, the schedule does not allow for a vote on the new Iraqi currency before the start of Ramadan.  I have plans to send out a copy of the new notes to all my subscribers just as soon as they are released.  I’m sure you’re all very anxious to take a look at them. As I’ve said in the past, the new notes will co-exist with the current Iraqi currency and the value will stay the same for now.

I’ve been getting a few emails mentioning a certain forum which I choose to call “The Call Fire-Team” (many will know who this is if you follow this forum). Well, this particular forum has mentioned that in order to re-denominate you have to have 1000 percent or more inflation.  This folks is simply NOT true. FYI: Iran is going to be changing out their currency and dropping not three but four zeros from the currency and Iran’s inflation is 14%. Double that of Iraq according to the Central Bank which stands at 7%. Indicators point to Iraq’s inflation rising in the month of July due to higher prices of imported goods.  Iraq imports everything and barely exports goods to any country with the exception of oil.

Current MYTHS circulating in regards to Iraq:

1.  Iraq is out of Chapter Seven Sanctions.  I am quite sure I have documented in my last two posts and pointed out that Iraq is still under the UN Chapter Seven Sanctions and will be at least until the end of the year and be evaluated again.  I provided links from reputable sources.

2.  The Hydrocarbon Law has been passed.  Or better known in Iraq as the Oil & Gas Law.  The truth of the matter is that this is still in the draft form and still being reviewed by the Oil and Gas committee of the Iraqi Government.  The Iraqi government has suspended all Oil contract agreements that were ongoing at this time.

3.  You can not wire more than 50K from Iraq.  If that were the case, that you couldn’t wire anything over 50k usd out of Iraq then Iraq would shut down in a new york minute. Here are the facts according to the Central Bank of Iraq , anything under 50k usd is non-taxable and anything over is taxable. For example, the Iraqi Government employs Sri Lankans or workers from India. Hundreds of them. How would they be expected every month to pay these employees from all these various countries if you couldn’t wire money out of Iraq for more than the amount they needed. Many times they pay 500 salaries all at once. What I think some might be seeing is many wire transfers under 50k, that is to avoid the tax.

4.  Erbil agreement is completed.  Truth of the matter is, there is no Erbil agreement.  In just two weeks you will see that was nothing more than stall tactics.  PM Maliki will not share power with Dr. Alawi.  Plus he did just say that it is unconstitutional.

5.  All the Ministries have been seated.  Not so. PM Maliki is going to hold on to the Ministry of Defense and the Ministry of Interior and will be eliminating the National Security position. He may even combine that one with another ministry like the Interior.

People Invested Member Bank Story:  I reported yesterday of a friend who had contact with two different individuals, as representatives of BOA, and informed the friend of consistent information on the rate and exchange for the Iraqi dinar. He was also informed what he needed to do to open an account, to facilitate an exchange into an access account. Today, after going to the bank, the employees were unaware of such a rate and were not exchanging dinars. This is the bottom line, and I absorbed this informat

My friend had informed the bank today, a name of a contact, Sarah, and they were not familiar with her. Because two different people, a man and a woman, were consistent with the rate and equivalency for exchange of 50K dinar, and their contact were approximately 1 hour apart, makes a person wonder that something may have occurred overnight, to change what these two individuals had relayed to my friend.

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Post by Sam I Am Sun Jul 17, 2016 3:56 pm

Always liked American Contractor.  He (Rich Morris) was and still is a straight shooter.

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