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 "To Anonymous RE: Letter to Yosef" - by Ms. Faith DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

"To Anonymous RE: Letter to Yosef" - by Ms. Faith

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 "To Anonymous RE: Letter to Yosef" - by Ms. Faith Empty "To Anonymous RE: Letter to Yosef" - by Ms. Faith

Post by Ssmith on Sat Jul 09, 2016 9:32 am

Well, Anonymous, you have taken quite a beating for your stand, but I, for one, agree with you and think you stated your case eloquently. While "Yosef" seems to be a very sensitive, loving person, his intel prognostications have, so far, been way off the mark. We are the ones to blame for going back time after time to see what he has to say. Well, I have quit reading his intel because all you have to do is change the dates, and it is same song, second verse.

We have been told by others not to leave town on vacation lest we miss the 800 numbers. For over a year we have lived our lives around how much we believed the intel which tells us that it will be happening before sundown and we must hurry and get our appointment because there are only a limited number of days in which to get the highest rate. The Trustee of our trust wanted to go on vacation for 10 days July 3 - 11. We laughed and told her to go ahead and have a good time because we were sure that nothing would happen. Yosef was positive that July 4 would be the day. Our Trustee is having a great time in Arizona.

We don't even bother to listen to the shows that we used to order our lives around. We can always pick them up on the replay, or someone will transcribe the most salient points if we decide we are interested. The RV is not going to happen before midnight.

Perhaps someday the RV/GCR will happen, but if we go by Yosef's track record, as nice as he is, it won't be for a while.

On another note, RayRen is reporting he heard that the Zim will be somewhere between 3 - 6 cents on the low end up to 11 - 22 cents on the high end. And yet we have been told by email originating from Yosef that the Zim is a bond and the rate is astronomically high. Seriously people -- what are we to believe? Well, some folks believe what they want to believe, not what is factual. A high number of people in Dinarland do not know any other Dinarians personally. All we know about anyone is what we read on the forums and websites and what we hear on a call. We base our entire future on that.

I think we will all be very surprised as to how this thing finally rolls out.

Ms. Faith

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