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RTC Sunday June 19, 2016 DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

RTC Sunday June 19, 2016

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RTC Sunday June 19, 2016 Empty RTC Sunday June 19, 2016

Post by FairyDmac Sun Jun 19, 2016 10:25 pm

June 19, 2016

12:00:00 & 16:00:00 EST
6.19.2016 (7) USA
6.20.2016 (8) China

Good Morning and Happy Father's Day,

Saturday night was a very disappointing evening.  We know that 8pm - 2am is when all banks and markets are closed worldwide.  So there was great expectation given all the intel pointing to this weekend, yet there is obviously no performance re: 800#s or emails.  So be it.  

However, the original window given to us by WF Corporate was between Friday after markets closed to Monday before markets open… so perhaps they are using every last minute to accomplish final checks and details.  Be advised we are now being told that paymasters will have full and clear authority to release funds globally as early as 6:30pm EST

We are cryptically told by military and political sources to expect "something enormous" this evening into Monday morning" so we shall wait and see what that is.  We believe this may be either: Obama's taped video resignation; Hillary Clinton's FBI indictment or even Paul Ryan announcing he is running for the Republican nomination at the Ohio convention next month.  We are now being told that Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts will be addressing the nation / world as spokesman for the newly constitutionally restored Republic of the United States. Justice Robert's will deliver a pre-taped address that will include revealing information about an illegal shadow government that included the Clinton, Bush, and Obama administrations--all of which will be tried for treason as well as made to resign their current government positions or Presidential candidacies.  

Justice Robert's may also discuss aggressive legal action already undertaken re: 9/11, Iraq Wars, ISIS, Federal Reserve Bank, IRS, etc… 
We're being told this is being done on Father's Day so people will be less scared and be able to experience this historic moment with the comfort of family and friends.
At this moment, all commercial air traffic in the continental United States is grounded for national security reasons.

Either Justice Roberts or Paul Ryan is also supposed to discuss new USN rainbow currency that will be on street as early as later tonight.
If there this major breaking news story, understand its a benevolent versus malevolent media diversion.  Therefore, 800#s may be released in conjuction with Chief Justice Robert's address, with appointments starting as early as 8pm EST.  So be on the look for that final TETELESTAI email that will include 800#s, exchange checklist, current rates and structured payout program terms (i.e. everything needed to have a safe and joyous exchange).

If you'll look in the sky today and take notice, you'll see there's little to no air traffic anywhere in the country (despite what on line radar trackers are telling you).  This lessoning of air traffic is done for reasons of national security during the historic economic transition.
Reno sources are confirming today they still plan on being completed with all paymaster disbursals by Tuesday evening (Admiral and sub groups included).  So we anticipate the RV to move like lightning once it does finally come.

The infamous Zimbabwe Dollar has climbed atop the RV value mountain, and now sits at $100.00 USN to $1.00 ZIM (face value ZIM redemptions to occur at Wells Fargo, HSBC, Bank of China, Toronto Dominion, Scotia Bank only).  

This sudden $30 change in value means a single 100T ZIM note is potentially now worth 10 Quad, but no one has to accept that much for their currency--it's all a personal choice of how much you desire to redeem for--but as we understand things Sunday morning, 100.000 USN is the new and real top sovereign rate for the ZIM.  
An obscure but meaning change has occurred to the mathematic calculations of the ZIM, as its now much easier to determine USN conversion value--just add 2 zeros to the end of every ZIM note and voila… that's what it is worth:)  

Also, as a result of the sudden ZIM increase, structured payout program interest has fallen to 1.11% - 1.97% and minimum skeleton trust term now is 20 years ranging up to 50 years.
Iraq is giving 37 nations who helped them liberate their country boxes of new IQD currency as a gift of appreciation today.
Many have asked may then split up their redemption, in order to diversify or continue banking with their existing accounts/banks.  This is NOT recommended.  What is advised is to get in and get quickly, and to redeem all currency at the first redemption appointment.  

We do recommend having cashiers checks cut for existing accounts/banks in order to pay off bills, spend, etc.. as well as keeping up initial appearances that little to nothing major has changed financially in your life.

New Black Visa debit/credit cards are said to be loadable up to 10M at the time of your redemption -- but the amount is per individual client discretion.  
Expect to see first hand the new USN rainbow currency everyone's been talking about, which will be handed out (as cash and soveiners ironically) at the time of all redemptions.  
Also in the near future, all fiat USD notes will be converted at a 1:1 ratio for gold backed USN.

God is with us.

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RTC Sunday June 19, 2016 Empty Re: RTC Sunday June 19, 2016

Post by Kevind53 Sun Jun 19, 2016 11:42 pm

No rainbow notes, no grounding of air traffic, no resignation, indictment, or announcement. As it is now 11:30 EDT, and once again none of your predictions have proven to have even a smattering of accuracy, what I should see is an admission that you once again blew it. What I expect to see is you will continue to lie and defraud the gullible pumping what you incorrectly call ZIM, and other "exotic" currencies like the IQD.

Trust but Verify --- R Reagan Suspect

"Rejoice always, pray without ceasing, in everything give thanks; for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you."1 Thessalonians 5:14–18

 RTC Sunday June 19, 2016 2805820865  RTC Sunday June 19, 2016 2805820865  RTC Sunday June 19, 2016 2805820865  RTC Sunday June 19, 2016 2805820865
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RTC Sunday June 19, 2016 Empty Re: RTC Sunday June 19, 2016

Post by Ethel Biscuit Mon Jun 20, 2016 2:30 am

Who is this lying, scamming con artist? Is this "AWAKEN"?

picking  "Scum" - Sue Winters
Ethel Biscuit
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