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8Ball Chat: Sudden Emergency Meeting at the United Nations DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

8Ball Chat: Sudden Emergency Meeting at the United Nations

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8Ball Chat: Sudden Emergency Meeting at the United Nations Empty 8Ball Chat: Sudden Emergency Meeting at the United Nations

Post by silkysand Fri Sep 09, 2011 5:48 pm

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8Ball Chat: Sudden Emergency Meeting at the United Nations
09/09/2011 (Red Lily post at People Invested Forum - 9/9/2011)

8Ball Chat 8:20 PM [8ball] The sudden emergency meeting at the headquarters of the President of the United Nations Mission to help Iraq in the presence of most of the ambassadors postdateicon Tuesday, 06 September / September 2011 10:49 | ---8:22 PM [8ball] Do it..... !!!
8:36 PM [Unlcon] No GREEN today 8ball?
8:42 PM [8ball] another computer
8:43 PM [8ball] A pre meeting to let the surrounding countries know whats going on
8:44 PM [Unlcon] Got ya... Thats better
8:44 PM [Unlcon] That is some great news!
8:45 PM [8ball] Economists in paraliment agreeing that the CBI method is the way to go.... on Saturday
8:45 PM [8ball] And that Iraq will be the largest currency in the Mid East
8:46 PM [Clay] 8ball what bout Sat
8:46 PM [Clay] what method
8:46 PM [8ball] read the last chat clay ?
8:47 PM [Clay] read them all
8:47 PM [8ball] one minute
8:48 PM [SFCDiaz] Kurds could bring down Al-Maliki over Hydrocarbon Law Kurdishaspect.com - By Shwan Zulal Kurdistan region slammed the Iraqi central government in strongest terms, on its handling of the newly proposed oil and gas law and accused Baghdad of dirty manoeuvring. The Kurdistan region presidency office condemned the tactics used and called on the Council of Ministers to withdraw the government's version of the draft law immediately, saying the draft contradicts the Iraqi constitution 8:49 PM [8ball] Economic parliamentary: the deletion of three zeroes 03 Sep 2011 14:48 ---8:50 PM [Clay] 8ball TY read that
8:50 PM [8ball] Economists in paraliment
8:50 PM [Clay] question is when
8:50 PM [8ball] now economists aren't MP's

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8:50 PM [Clay] Talabani and Sadr r giving M till the 8th
8:51 PM [Clay] Then they want him out
8:51 PM [8ball] they would have had to explain the CBI intentions to ...Maliki, Talibani etc
8:51 PM [8ball] they weren't mentioned though
8:51 PM [8ball] Economists wouldn't have access to paraliment unless they held a session
8:51 PM [8ball] private session
8:52 PM [8ball] to talk about the CBI intentions
8:52 PM [Clay] 8ball so r we looking still at the 8th deadline IYO
8:52 PM [8ball] Well Sadr jumped in and declared that Maliki must do something to improve Iraq
8:53 PM [8ball] I think that he recognized that he had to make it look like he made it happen
8:53 PM [8ball] By telling Maliki in a public session to ....do something ...or else
8:54 PM [8ball] I will hold mass demonstrations
8:54 PM [8ball] against the Maliki government
8:54 PM [Clay] thats what I have read
8:55 PM [8ball] and emergency UN / Iraq / Ambassadors meeting was held today
8:55 PM [8ball] I believe to notify the governments participting in iraq
8:56 PM [8ball] through the amabassadors
8:56 PM [8ball] of the pending Iraqi actions
8:57 PM [8ball] Also Kuwait and Iraq through the Iraqi foreign minister declared that the port is now a non ...issue..
8:57 PM [8ball] and doesn't interfere with Iraqi shipping
8:58 PM [8ball] this is the last issue between Iraq and Kuwait
8:59 PM [8ball] IMO
8:59 PM [8ball] Iraq may emerge from Chapter 7
9:01 PM [8ball] But one obligation of Iraq is to RV their currency for all the debt reduction
9:01 PM [8ball] which they recieved and are now obligated
9:01 PM [Clay] 8ball do they need to rv to become a member of the WTO
9:02 PM [8ball] articles mentioned that the IMF will help Iraq in August
9:02 PM [8ball] this slipped into Sept
9:02 PM [8ball] IMF as not given support yet
9:02 PM [8ball] Iraq has enough political power that they could get anything they want
9:03 PM [8ball] in return for the RV
9:03 PM [8ball] and could be why they haven't played that card yet
9:03 PM [8ball] once its gone..... its gone....
9:11 PM [8ball] ok
9:11 PM [8ball]
9:12 PM [sailor] thanks 8ball
9:12 PM [Clay] 8ball 8ball 8ball ty
9:12 PM [Clay] great chat

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