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Jerzy Babkowski response to David Crayford DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

Jerzy Babkowski response to David Crayford

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Jerzy Babkowski response to David Crayford Empty Jerzy Babkowski response to David Crayford

Post by Purpleskyz on Sat Jun 04, 2016 1:31 am

Jerzy Babkowski response to David Crayford

Date: Friday, 3-Jun-2016 23:25:07

Hi, Folks -

Jerzy Babkowski's May 16 response:

From Jerzy Babkowski - Response to David Crayford
hobie -- Monday, 16-May-2016 00:00:41

Received via e-mail from Jerzy Babkowski:



Dear Mr. Crayford,

Further to my previous response, and despite a generous two week time in which to provide a satisfactory response, you have neither answered nor addressed the two critical elements that would prove your authority, and we must conclude that you are not real in your assertions as the Guardian or authority on the global collateral accounts, and have no real knowledge of the state of the world and its affairs.

Your continued affirmations that many are utilizing the global collateral accounts holds no weight or merit as these accounts were converted to infinity accounts in 2012, and made unusable for another period of about 40 years. By your own admission, you have stated that you have decreed yourselves to be the only authority on the global collateral accounts.

Your statements that Landa is utilizing these accounts are based on some bizarre opinion you have concocted. Further, our Projects funds have nothing to do these accounts.

The accusations levelled are baseless, unfounded, and assumptive leading to lies and half truths as resultants which both you and your lackey, the so called American Lawyer, merrily tout as the facts.

Your continued allegations and conclusions are untrue and slander, and as previously stated, you are hereby demanded to retract your remarks, issue an apology, or face legal action. Once initiated, this legal action shall be very public of course, and the Truth will come out.

Govern yourself accordingly.

On behalf of and for
Landa China Development Investment Corporation
Jerzy Babkowski



Dear Mr Crayfood and American Layer,

In my previous response, you must admit I was nice, right? I went in another direction in my response, and it was totally ignored in favor of continuing a duality “war” on the internet. Your response tells me all I need to know about you, and I refuse to participate in this game of idiocy.

Your forensic team must necessarily consist of grade 3 English majors that can maybe write a report on a Dr Seuss book. The logic shown in your dissertation of findings is astounding. To not be the author of my own writings, as evidenced by your panel of experts, is devastating and I am distraught. Woe is me...I am not me. Perhaps I should commit seppuku immediately and do away with this fakery that is me.

But let me commend you on taking over two weeks to collect your thoughts and derive more salacious twaddle. The information I gave you was very difficult to grasp, and perhaps I should have used fewer syllables. Secondly, your dump truck of an American Lawyer must have spent 20 hours a day for the last two weeks researching every possible learning experience and snippet on the web to ensure he had “all the facts” about me, my bloodline, past attempts at bringing elders together before correction (yes I was corrected), my brother Patrick Bellringer and his first comment and second retraction, my arrest for eating ice cream in the White House without permission, my con man days in stealing food from stuffed toys, and other very important factors.

You state the collateral accounts belong to you (OITC). Really. What about our Humanity? Do you have any sort of plan to utilize the accounts for Humanity? Or do you just make sure that nobody dares to touch them. By the way, what assets are these? You never state which assets are yours. This all encompassing statement would mean that all money in the world is therefore yours, even the $20 in my account since all currency is tied to the collateral accounts. You therefore own everything?

Further, you have chosen to ignore the 2 critical questions I posed to you that would have told me you are real. Sad that you chose to bypass these critical items as that tells me all I need to know. You can quote all the treaties in the world, and of course claiming secrecy you do not have to prove anything. Very convenient. But you have failed to address the 2 key elements I presented and those are actually very simple ones.

Instead of answering these, you again attacked on the internet as all who do not know anything do. Remember the Master with the books I told you about, and the Sun/Moon thing? You did not bother answering to that because you have no idea what that is about.

Instead, you attack me and my organization. Truly brilliant tactic. Seems to be a pattern here.

You are not real. You are a fake. If you do not understand this, I will repeat this later on.

So, it would not surprise me that somebody is paying you to do these attacks on people on the internet. How much are they paying you? Who is paying you? Do you understand the damage you do? Do you care? Have you sponsored a kid in Africa lately?

My understanding is that the collateral accounts were turned into infinity accounts in 2012 and NOBODY can touch them. To be in charge of accounts that can NOT be touched, and complain that everybody and his dog used the accounts that can NOT be touched, is more than ridiculous, it is preposterous.

So, besides being not real and a fake, you’re funny.

I bet you are not even helping anybody that has a food or shelter problem. We are. We helped many so far with what little we had, and saved a few lives. What have you done for anybody? Other than pounding on everybody that wishes to do any good, week in and week out, claiming they are doing nasty things like using collateral accounts that can NOT be used. What absurdity. What senselessness. What an amazing example of competence…using something that can NOT be used. And I bet you can not prove of even ONE instance where somebody used the collateral accounts. The Master holds those keys.

Further, after two weeks of thinking up the latest batch of crap, you have clearly stated that you do not wish to have a conversation and to understand what we are doing and have opted instead to keep doing the internet war thing. I wonder why. Really…who is paying you to do this? I even reached out and wrote to your Chairman with some information. No response. Do you even have a Chairman? Do you have a real organization? Is Crayford your real name? Or is it something to hide behind like this American Lawyer dump truck. You can tell I have a great deal of respect for both of you now.

For somebody sitting at the level you profess to be sitting at, I would have expected much much more. I would have expected Love to be the force behind your actions. In Psalms, it says: God is a caring, loving, compassionate father. He loves you more than you will ever understand. He loves you more than you can ever comprehend. God is love, and he made you to love you. He is loving toward you in everything that he does, and his compassion is his most outstanding quality. God is a caring father.

You not only do not show any Love, you stay far away from it. Sad.

The accusations levelled are baseless, unfounded, and assumptive leading to lies and half truths as resultants which both of you merrily tout as the facts. They are akin to this morning’s call asking me if it was true that the US military came across the border with tanks and surrounded my house and arrested me for breathing. I told them I was breathing just fine, and asked the nice sergeant to come on the phone and verify this. Quite seriously, I did get a call asking if the US military came and arrested me. Reminded me of you and your half baked writings.

This is as much as you will get out of me, as even this much is too much. I have given you every opportunity to open dialogue privately, and you keep choosing the public venue. I have given you two distinct and critical items to answer to, and you have ignored both in favor of more internet crap. This is not indicative of somebody wishing to do something productive, but rather you are diametrically opposed to such discourse.

By your own actions you have defined yourself as worse than the dump truck, whose function is to gather as much garbage in 40 pages as it can under your direction, and dump it on somebody while calling it chocolate. At least that is understandable.

This is as far as it goes. You can continue writing your hokum, and I do promise you that you will be ignored. You have proven yourself admirably and beyond reproach to be a fake and maybe some sort of psy-ops.

Now that our funds have been released (nothing to do with your untouchable magical mystical collateral accounts), we are about to begin the Reconstruction Projects without your permission, authority or magnanimity. You may continue to research your big toe for answers to real life questions.

As before said, I reiterate our demand for a formal retraction of the slander posted by you and the American Lawyer. Do not test our resolve in this.

Goodbye and good luck.

Jerzy Babkowski

Thanks to: http://www.rumormillnews.com


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