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Natural Law Structures

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Natural Law Structures Empty Natural Law Structures

Post by Rwederfoort Tue May 31, 2016 1:57 pm

Natural Law Structures

It would be wonderful to say there are no artificial structures in Natural Law, but that would be untrue. As imperfection facilitates perfection, so will certain frameworks that seem unnatural eventually ease humanity into the absolute freedom we crave. Let's start with the concept of trusts.

Trust - Human design has bestowed upon us power beyond limitation. As the essence of God (primary source of life essence), we carry Source-like creativity sparked by absolute love. We are the direct heirs of God's creation. However, as the veil of illusion cast over us by government cartels is removed and we start realizing who we are en masse, we may find ourselves much like the sorcerer's apprentice, disposed to powers for which we are not fully trained. So as society transitions to Natural Law, we find it helpful to enlist assistance from others in the form of trust agreemnts to help us manage our new-found energy and prosperity.

A trust is a structure or entity that, through a written or verbal contract and agreed upon terms, holds something for another. It's called a trust because we are placing confidence in the one doing the holding. Any time we engage the assistance of a Natural Law court, we are operating within a trust situation. When we enlist a judge or jury, we are contracting with them to hold responsibility for a decision on our behalf. Any time we engage the assistance of a value pass-through entity, previously known as a bank, we are contracting for services in trust. Technically, whenever we contract for any sort of service, like piano lessons for example, where terms are agreed upon, we are forming a trust. We are responsible to establish the terms clearly and act in honor.

Gifting - Gifting is voluntarily bestowing something without expectation of return, condition, or terms and may be done with or without prior arrangement as long as the intended receiver willingly accepts. For example, if someone voluntarily offers to edit a communication and the communicator willingly accepts the editor's suggestions, this would be a gifting arrangement. Or if a team member decides on a whim to bring snacks for everyone, those who partake in the snack accept the gift without prior arrangement. A gift was offered and accepted by free-will choice.

Community - Community has been defined in the past as relating to geography, commonality, or some other external element serving as glue for the group. We suggest free-will choice as the glue for a Natural Law community. We might say we live together just because we want to. Or we may say we are consciously glued by the desire to be in communion with one another. Either way, Natural Law requires no external element limiting our functioning as a group. If a community desires and agrees upon external limits, a tribal constitution or a set of practices may be developed.

Band - A band is a group of people linked by one or more shared elements such as location, ethics, traditions, or practices; typically numbering less than 100. Bands are entered by free-will choice and no one is obligated to remain in a band; however, if one chooses to belong to a band, one is also contracting to honor their constitution or guiding principles. Refusing to honor the contract may necessitate exiting the band.

Tribe - A tribe is a group of people linked by one or more shared elements such as location, ethics, traditions, or practices; typically numbering more than 100. Two or more bands may join together to form a tribe. Tribes are entered by free-will choice and no one is obligated to remain in a tribe; however, if one chooses to belong to a tribe, one is also contracting to honor their constitution or guiding principles. Refusing to honor the contract may necessitate exiting the tribe.

Economy - Traditionally, economy has addressed the acquisition, exchange, and utilization of resources within the context of some people "having" and others "not having." It has also been related to hoarding and a concept known as "owning." The ruler's fantasy was that it was possible to "own" aspects of Earth and subsequently, aspects of humanity itself.

While we would like to have thrown out the word "economy" altogether, we feel it will be helpful to re-purpose it instead. Each human living system is still responsible for managing their own energy and for protecting the earth along with all her resources. So it will be helpful, for now, to call this management, economy.

Humans have been prone to collateralizing Earth's resources or selling them outright. We now correct this with the understanding that the only thing capable of acting as collateral for value is something able to do so by expressed free-will choice. And at this moment, only living humans have the capacity to do this. Of course, with respect and permission, humans may make full use of Earth's resources; but only as protective and cooperative custodians acting in the best interest of all living things. So now the study and practice of economics relates to how we handle this role.

Representational value trusts - Society has had a term for the practice of hoarding minerals used as collateral for notes; and later for the practice of entering numbers into computers to facilitate ponzi schemes. This term was "banking." Banks began as representational value trusts and very quickly morphed into what we have today, operated by the federal reserve cartel. Since the word "bank" literally means to mound, to use it in relation to value can only mean "hoarding" which is a senseless concept for humans of limitless value. So we will discard the word "bank" in this context.

We understand that most humans have yet to understand who we are and lapse into an unresponsive stupor at the notion of their energy being the only legitimate collateral for value on Earth. It might be helpful for humanity to know that the fantasy rulers knew this full well from the beginning and worked feverishly to prevent the people from figuring it out. But there is ample proof for one who looks. So to ease the people into our role as limitless heirs of creation, the value backing all value systems, we present a transitional means by which all may, by free-will choice, access our value from whatever perspective we come. Three links will be helpful to explore: One (four foundational documents): Two(explanation): Three (the Heirship Economy).

Reality is, we as human living systems require no representation of our value. We are custodians of Earth and heir to all her gifts. Yet, during our transition, we may wish to utilize a fully transparent representational value trust (formerly known as a bank) to manage part of our representational value while we learn how to operate in full power. We call on a the world's IMFs, including the BRICS bank, to begin operating as RVTs (representational value trusts) in full transparency and honor in alignment with Natural Law.

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Natural Law Structures Empty Re: Natural Law Structures

Post by Jayzze Tue May 31, 2016 3:45 pm

yes that would be wonderful  but we are living  in an inperfect world, we are in a world for the most  part that  greed is  very  important. with that  comes the power and control  of the very wealthy. think about this there are 5 or 6 families/groups that control the world and everything that controls our daily lives. there is no way no matter what you will say that this will ever change unless you believe in fairy tales or gurus
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