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Walter-BS Wants YOU!!!

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Walter-BS Wants YOU!!! Empty Walter-BS Wants YOU!!!

Post by Ssmith on Sun May 29, 2016 11:10 pm

2016-may-29 Cattle Call for 2D & 3D Animation, and Virtual Reality voice and Skype video


Im walter-bs and I have been doing video production for many years.

Now Im playing around with  3D Printing, 2D & 3D animations, and  Virtual Reality.

I have a buddy who has 4 different 3D Printers.

So Do you have a unique voice or talent?

Would you like to make a short 2D or 3D animation and use your voice for the charicters?

If you would like to participate in a short 2D, 3D, VR video then contact me at this email: 


Im looking for voice over talent, and also people willing to have themselves video taped during  a skype audio or video call to me.

I dont use my real name and you wont need to either.

I do not give out my skype name to every one, just those in my circle of influence and preferences.  Im kind of a goofy guy, but Im having fun.

You can use your existing user name, or come up with a completely new moniker.

We will NOT be talking currency, however we can be talking investment, and finance,

Life planning, wealth planning, and asset protection.

I prefer spoofs best. I just want to have fun.

Im preparing a sample cueing video, and when its done I will give you a link.

So far I have prepared 3 short videos.

All are currently password protected.

1) One is a VR spoof of "Mystery science Theater 3000",   You remember the gut who sat in the front row of a theater, with  a robot on both sides of him.   And they watched old movies and talked about what they saw on the screen.

2) Another is a 28 minute 30 second VR&3D Printing educational video. In it I explore the basics of free 3d printing software, and virtual reality.  I have a couple of pairs of those VR headsets, and I use them in the production of the show.  Also I do some real hand movement to automatically create virtual hand movement demonstrations.

3) And finally a virtual reality conference meeting, where you become the featured speaker for a topic of our mutual choice.

I am preparing short 2-3 minute TRAILERS for each full length video, and they will be made avaialble to everyone, without passwords.  I been very busy at this, and still have plenty of work yet to do.

Think of the star trek holodeck environement, and you will get it.

All of this is being done without travel to Atlanta, or travel to anywhere else for that matter.

We use web cams with or without Skype, web cam recording software, cell phone video, and GOPRO cameras

You will be in your home town, and I will be in mine, we talk on the phone or on skype, and just have some fun.  

Send me an audio recording mp3 via eamil, maybe a short video also.

If any of this sounds interesting then send me an email.

I am preparing a Video Broadcast night for my VR&3D Printing Introduction video, and an after the video show, we will be doing a freeconferencecall.com on the telephone. Heres where you can submit comments about the show or ask questions of the HOST, or subject matter experts.

This is NOT a "Dinar Call", And its NOT an open mic call.    We already have plenty of them,,,, all good too.

Strict rules regarding *6 muting or BOOTing

Walter-bs ...... Grin

PS send me an email  to cattlecall@walterbs.com

PSS Comments and Show Suggestions email = feedback@walterbs.com

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