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kuu Has Answers To The Guru's "Pinging The System" DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

kuu Has Answers To The Guru's "Pinging The System"

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kuu Has Answers To The Guru's "Pinging The System" Empty kuu Has Answers To The Guru's "Pinging The System"

Post by RamblerNash Tue May 24, 2016 6:19 am


This is a comment I made for a previous post. I reiterate here with comments:
The reference to some type of failure to bring this world wide system down is simply disinformation. I worked as the technical liaison for a world wide, in every embassy, system. These type systems are always set up with REDUNDANCY to prevent this from occurring. Human and equipment failure are ever present and unavoidable and this type of system is designed so that any failure will not effect the operation of the whole system. This is not opinion it is a truism. Look else where for this stoppage.
This pinging referred to is called a handshake, and with systems of this magnitude is not occasional but on going. If any one faction does not respond it is simply bypassed and the mother system continues to operate until the errant portion is restored. We operated with a 2 to 5 % failure rate at all times due to the unreliable things alluded to. Do you actually think that our intelligence agencies would depend on a system that is controlled by outside sources? Particularly to something as vastly important as this is?You must look behind the curtain for the problem , this is not it.

Tracy Allen

TOTALLY agree with you KUU. I worked for over 24 years as an communications infrastructure project manager for a major/MAJOR multinational company and "redundancy" is always the goal in such systems.
Whomever thinks this situation of "glitches" being the issue; obviously are still in the forgone era of cathode ray tube computers.


Truth is, our 'intelligence agencies' aren't too bright. It's just the nature of the beast and who/what gravitates to that profession. They are more destructive than creative and have some of the most imaginative reasons for their actions. Redundancy is not the same as 'PINGING' a site. They do a handshake and an ack and they're golden. Each location sees and knows who the other site is and response in that fashion. Redundancy is a backup or failover whether passive or active. It's just not the same.

And yes, I am a genius. :-)


KUU, Thank you for your common sense post. Stories of "system breakdowns" have been used as excuses for Dinar delays since Jesus was a buck private. Of course, none of them were true, but it did seem to pacify those desperate for a reason to believe. But anyone with any level of computer networking experience should have seen through this ruse. But I do understand why some would cling to those kinds of excuses; we want this to happen. Some are desperate, even dependent on it happening, and my heart goes out to them. But - the RV is going to happen when it is going to happen and not a minute before. There exists a myriad of stories on the web - one per website - all telling their own story of how and when we can expect our money. They run from the sublime to the ridiculous, and it is very likely that none of them contain much truth. Please, dear people, get on with your lives and pretend this thing doesn't even exist. It shouldn't be too hard to do as it has never showed any signs of happening. If you can't do this, you are too attached. How many times can you be told it is imminent and it has not happened, and you still believe these people who spin another yarn that your pride makes you swallow. De-mystify this thing and move on with your lives. Either way, it is only going to happen when it happens.

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