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No Free Lunch | many Dinarians will go hungry

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No Free Lunch | many Dinarians will go hungry  Empty No Free Lunch | many Dinarians will go hungry

Post by RamblerNash Fri May 20, 2016 12:10 am

No Free Lunch | many Dinarians will go hungry

OWoN Team Sunday, February 09, 2014

While we try to ensure Cutting Edge Primary Articles, below each are many valuable reports and articles wise minds need to absorb, and comment on if you wish.

Be aware of Global Reality, and be part of the new Global Information Highway.

No Free Lunch | many Dinarians will go hungry  Morons

Gurus – or Clowns misleading and defrauding the Public?


What is truth?

One World of Nations 9 February 2014

Our readers matter, so does truth and their sanity. So our first task, acting for the readers, was to assess if Blogs got it right over the last year. Sadly few who we reviewed did. As the only source of credible news is the Internet nowadays, Custodial Care of this valuable media is so important. But this alternative media is still so embryonic. An open forum platform free for feckless Dinar Gurus, or Fantasy Foundations, offering non-existent instant mega bucks gratification, through to the lower order of the Fund grabbing bottom feeder Grunts.

Some are found hiding among genuine Born Again Bible Belt and some less than credible Redefining God believers, who then seek to eulogize contempt for others not of their Genre. Really, he lost God? One such amusing self-propagating Wonder Mutt was not able to meet his $3K medical bill, having first ensured he had his medical treatment, then advertises it. A simple man, or simply stupid? But always with their donations link. Opinionated numbskulls. His last God clearly didn’t want him? Another Chump Alley Pundit gets a God bothering Blog with his hand out. The Irish expression Gobshite has its place.

No Free Lunch | many Dinarians will go hungry  What+dinar+gurus+arent+telling+you

We have watched 4 years of Dinar Guru Hopium of tomorrow, it’s always coming. As they seem to succeed and excel in nothing, we must surmise Hand Jobs are their last resort. So many of them?

It does nothing to help stabilize dialog in Reno with genuine, but frustrated, parties beyond stressed seeking a solution from a bankrupt Fed/Treasury system. They deserve their break.

No Free Lunch | many Dinarians will go hungry  Dinar+fraud+pic+3

So let’s look at reality, and what is the truth, as way too many blogs have focused like incestuous locusts on the poor Dinarians or Galactic arrivals, which never do. Mind numbing. Most are just attention seeking, bottom feeding, lobotomized Wannabees with the Fiscal intellect of Neanderthals. Sites seem to be grouping the lost and desperate as camp followers seeking redemption and vast, unearned and all too often undeserving wealth, akin to Muhammad Ali’s tactics of Rope a Dope. Do NOT waste your money on their Premium Rate Conference and Call Lines. It’s a SCAM, taking your hard earned money! Truth is out there, if you can handle it. Know when to hold, or fold, your hands and when to walk away.

No Free Lunch | many Dinarians will go hungry  Iraqi+economy+pic+4

No matter that Iraq cannot sustain and even less, need more than c$5T of Dinars in circulation. No one questions who, with circa hundreds of $T's alleged to have been printed to service a Global gullibility Con Game, will come in and spend good money on bailing out such basket cases. Nor that such money does not even exist to bail them out. Nor will it be raised for all of them. Not - EVER! Hello????? So, will it be a cash and run game for the fittest only to get paid out. Grab and Go! God help the rest.

Who questions how, when a country the size and developed status of the US, struggles to raise even $1T of real money, these Guru Fantasists dream that $ vast tens of Trillions will be raised just for them after Reno is paid out. Really? For what and why? Iraq does not need it, can’t afford it and won’t get it. Who pays for it? Why? Banks are Bank – RUPT and they want $T's in 50's to 100's? Dream on.

No Free Lunch | many Dinarians will go hungry  Pic+5+us-going-broke

The US Treasury is BUST! Got that? Treading water to stay alive.

Dinars were way overprinted from $50T plus even into allegations of hundreds of T's Counterfeit printed? That is greater than the entire Global GDP. So why print so many Dinars if there is no chance of cashing them out in such amounts as propagated? You don’t get it? Think it out.

Well, if it costs $2B to print and distribute $50T of phony paper, even selling such Counterfeit Notes at only 1% of face to the greedy and gullible, that’s a $500B mega scam which went down over 10 years. A great annual earner. Even allowing half to the Salesmen, Advertisers and Guru Tramps marketing, what a Sting to run with for 10 years Roping Dopes. There’s a lot born every day. Even one tenth of that with opening costs has caused chaos in false hopes.

This is not a Dinar or Guru site. We have no idea of the sheer scale and depth of this scam. A lot of decent, needing and desperate people will get so badly hurt. Hopes and dreams smashed. Families are falling apart, sucker punched, and ambulance chasing false hope with desperate, greedy stories. Elites are cashing out stories are wrong - Grow up! Only cashing IN by selling Dinars to you.

These IDIOT sites talking of Dinars becoming the new Global currency need taking into custody with a fully mains charged electrified cattle prod inserting for an hour.

Still, between Guru Sites and Basket Case Camp followers, these Plebeian Yapping dogs are preaching Hallelujah it’s coming, daily, then weekly. Good old Dopes and “I talked to The Man” each week psychos. Impressionable bottom feeding Grunts. Okie Man, Phony Tony, Dinar Gurus, Attorneys and Tribal sites. Yeh, we have the ear of the man. Every week same old garbage. No shame. No idea. Year after year they peddle the same failing lies!

China will not be ready to even consider supporting any of it for Dinars until late March at the earliest.

No Free Lunch | many Dinarians will go hungry  Wells-Fargo-Getaway-Vehicle

Wells Fargo have said, on Public Record, they have no plans or facilities to cash out such Dinars yet. Nor do they have any funds or the structure to do so until Fed supported! NOR CAN IRAQ HANDLE IT! This gets ever more like Custer at Little Bighorn. Hopefully this time the boys in Reno do get to keep their scalps.

Reality - logically, at best c$5T up to $10T need to get converted as justified, with possibly more for Reno teams. But even those funded by who? Reno, and key Nations, who are capable, or similar, makes the only sense. Key Reno parties are in pole position for that deservedly. The rest is surplus printing and only of use as a back up to replace damaged or worn notes. What happens to the rest? Just who do they think is paying for it? There is no Market Need! No one is fronting it.

Maaaahh blessings. Simple minded innocents expecting to just walk into Banks and Forex Exchange in the US, wake up. Banks are not gearing up for the Iraqi Dinars. Also there is no Trade Forex Market Need for them in such amounts. Bloggers wild projections of open season Bank SKR’s for all are unfounded, this is just more Blog site Broker baloney claims.

No Free Lunch | many Dinarians will go hungry  Dinar+douchebags

There seems to be a lot of Counterfeit Dinar toilet paper out there. Reading how many good, hardworking people have spent c$5K hoping to make $5M is just sad. Church groups, even worse, went crazy with greed. Hustlers have really cashed in. Iraq has suffered enough from pernicious American transgressions, Illegal wars, bombings and a half million plus now dead. Where does it end?

No Free Lunch | many Dinarians will go hungry  Iraq_war_babies+dead

It was a Whores ILLEGAL War, of bullying, immoral low culture sub humans unleashed to shamelessly destroy ancient Cultures by a nation lacking any of its own. Now the greed of the Ambulance Chasers want their lick. Our right they moralize. My Blessings. What arrogant psychopathic crap. Half a million plus innocents dead! All for whose lick?

The Vietnamese Dongs are however close to a real solution first very soon. That has synergy and is finite, needed and not over printed. The Reno groups have invested real money and effort, they merit their return. They Put Up! They deservedly have the best chance. Why should they carry the rest? They won’t.

No Free Lunch | many Dinarians will go hungry  Jack+lew

Jack Lew sits scratching for $1T to hold up the sagging US Empire. Again! Top tree parties can’t do it. Gurus won’t.

But of course, if poor Jack buys some Dinars, problem sorted. He’s then mega rich. Lol, as if!

You think Jack is pressure focused chasing $1T, with such fantasy T's flushing around? Think!

No Free Lunch | many Dinarians will go hungry  Janet+yellen

Yellen at the Fed is yelling for money with an empty Fed pot. Banks are insolvent seeking more bail outs. Yet taking ever larger Bonuses. Derivatives, a beyond Reckless Fiat Gamble with No Possible Insurer of Last Resort, grow ever greater implosion and increase contagion risks. Still the Zoo of Zionist Hymies rumbles on conceiving ever more creative ways to hype and sequestrate the Pension Funds and Trusts liquidity. Money, the wealth of generations drains away. And as long as Bankers rigged Bonuses and Beltway Expense Accounts keep flowing, nobody cares and nobody rides shotgun on your wealth. Clearly, most of you don’t as they keep on getting away with it.

This hard earned Blue Collar Real Wealth, SHOULD be going back to stabilize and build Communities, contributing wealth to society, not Ponzi money to Wall Street, the Cabal and Agencies. STOP creating Wars, START creating WEALTH like China does! Put back what has been stolen! Some hope! Educating America is the new Core objective to even survive in this fast emerging new world and have any role to play. This site is growing because most of YOU do get it.

And, as such, when real funds are prioritized for release, a growing number of core readers will be asked to assist with both National and Global funded projects. Including helping with education.

No Free Lunch | many Dinarians will go hungry  Farm+crop+ruined

Think of real issues. Within just 15 years, up to 40% of key Food Production Land will be adversely affected by climatic changes, and chronic water shortages. Global populations will grow by another 2 Billion stretching Global resources and increasing pollution. How do we educate and feed them? What of Health Care? Energy will have to be limited and will soar in cost. Real issues. Real news. Real actions needed. America WILL get LESS! It has to be cut back and restrained by firm quotas from wasting this fragile planets resources and mass polluting our world. Less energy, less food!

No Free Lunch | many Dinarians will go hungry  Mcdonalds

More education. No more 300lb plus happy eaters gaming the system on welfare. Work to eat! Or allocate them just a 3000 calorie food pack a day. It’s enough freebies. No Checks, no money! End the waste. Control the trough. Rights have to be paid for. Throw a dog a bone, 3,000 calories.

The entire concept of the old Bretton Woods Agreement is now foundering. It has served the world well, but is now obsolete. Change is imperative or collapse of all will be triggered by a domino effect of unstoppable consequences. Real issues, real imperatives.

We have a world in crisis and America hemorrhaging in debt. Yet these Fantasy Blogger sites keep propounding daily, their vacuous statements that the Dinar money is all here, and ready for paying now. IQ levels?

Where’s the money? No one will bail a basket of fools. What for? America is INSOLVENT - BANKRUPT!

No Free Lunch | many Dinarians will go hungry  Counterfeit+dinars

Is it now time to close down these misleading Dinar Guru sites? Even worse, those reading them. There is no money or liquidity in the Banking System, Fed or Treasury. Who do these Banana Boat fantasists think is going to pay them? With what? Where is the money? It does NOT exist! Who incurs the debt to print it? What for? The world will freak at reckless, grossly irresponsible printing. G7 and G20 have a major say with moral authority.

We have just finished reviewing intensive detailed briefings with the IMF. Problems are significant with no early solution in sight. Any RV is still embryonic. Jack Lew and The Fed are fully focused scratching for $1T just to keep the US afloat for the month end. But these Guru steered Ships of Fantasist Fools are conjuring up $50T and it’s tonight! Think, they walk among us.

Keep it real. We will give you a structured presentation of what is really happening soon in stages.

It’s not all bad and solutions will be found for the real problems of societies by Global dialog but not by Kindergarten Economics.

Please, Dinarians, do not waste your money calling those Premium Call Rate lines or Phone Ins, listening to Hustlers or Fools. Protect what you have left. How many more failed Dinar promises can you take?

Major, very REAL Global Fiscal issues are being addressed by the hour with the IMF and multi layers of Finance Ministers. Real issues, real world. Real core financial minds and Economists are on it. Hope starts when the Dongs are first done. Contained, logical and achievable. That will help a lot of needing people, especially the Vietnamese and many Americans. Reality starts there. A step at a time. There are good, Patriotic Americans who will cross invest part back in Projects to help America. Infrastructure Projects not handouts. Nobody owes anyone. Dinars will come later when it has been determined how much and for who. Private Placements also. All in stages as affordable, not for fantasy Gurus. Controlled Project money for those capable!

No Free Lunch | many Dinarians will go hungry  Saving+america+chinese+style

Truth! Hard FACTS - the Chinese money needed to back up some of what is even possible to be done, cannot start until at least late March. We HAVE the Chinese contracts. Have! Even that will be very selective and London IS directly talking to and acting for key Elders. The IMF are now key Global players, deeply focused coordinating Global refunding with now over 180 nations to consider. 170 of which have their hands out grasping.

Complex issues need consummate professionals, not Pork Belly Trader fantasists – I’m gonna fix the world with Maaahhh Dinar money fantasists. Get real. Get - a - life. Delusion creates confusion. Money IS finite. Priorities will be scheduled in stages. Ignorance does not get to run Empires.

Another week, more No Shows. Get it? Think out real solutions - not Disneyland. For most, Santa is not coming. No one is wasting tens of T's, let alone hundreds, for a calamity the size of the Counterfeit Dinars. Tough love hurts. Dreams don’t pay bills. Rearrange realities. Don’t camp follow those Fools? Your finite life is too precious to waste. Use it, or lose it.

No Free Lunch | many Dinarians will go hungry  Unnamed

The America Dream is over folks. Think for yourselves. Reality is coming home. Welcome to the real world as the Sun goes down on America. What, not on Michael Jackson?


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