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Between kissing shoe Abadi .. and apologize to the people .. shoes agents humiliated and trampled dignity! ?? DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

Between kissing shoe Abadi .. and apologize to the people .. shoes agents humiliated and trampled dignity! ??

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Between kissing shoe Abadi .. and apologize to the people .. shoes agents humiliated and trampled dignity! ?? Empty Between kissing shoe Abadi .. and apologize to the people .. shoes agents humiliated and trampled dignity! ??

Post by RamblerNash Thu May 19, 2016 3:13 am

Between kissing shoe Abadi .. and apologize to the people .. shoes agents humiliated and trampled dignity! ??

Between kissing shoe Abadi .. and apologize to the people .. shoes agents humiliated and trampled dignity! ?? Untitled-4-362x300
Last updated: May 19, 2016 - 9:38
Jabbar al - Yasiri

Beyond any doubt and interpretation, fraud and laughter on the chins ... the people who are humiliating and trampled dignity in this way over a century, and to kill , and the slaying of a vein to vein day like sheep, chickens and sheep since 2003 ... people coward cowardly not worth staying ... Tell us whatever you want .. has Torrent is enough hit, and I have , we have rejected freedom and democracy, and to all creeds and boredom ... people are tamed and domesticated the name of religion and loyalty, will remain forever servile Mahan bought and sold in the auction market and sectarian slavery, led by a handful of Hmaz prospects and the hypocrites and charlatans and Alovakin, people unfortunately lost the compass completely, do not has the right to live important upped among the free nations and peoples live and proud, that arise are raised to the dignity of the simplest and most trivial reasons, even if subjected Chapman to slap passing of a police officer or police officer or responsible for the maintenance of order .. , as happened to the citizen .. Arab free "Mohamed Bouazizi God sanctify his secret and God rest his soul, "as the young Tunisian Arab immortal, who rose to his dignity and his humanity, when he was a slap, not a terrorist or arrested or tortured or killed or slaughtered in front of his children to blow, Vsakb on the same fast material ignition to end them and put an end final for the life of humiliation and shame and submission, but that Tahir body that broke and caught fire, it was a beacon and a major catalyst and a reason to lit a fire of revolution and mass anger, awakened and inflamed the feelings of millions of Tunisians and non - Tunisians in the north of the continent of Africa, who have shaken the ground under the feet of tyrants and playboys the will of the people, and made ​​them flee like mice and rats from holes.

What we are exposed to what is happening to us as Iraqis and Syrians private and Arabs general and Muslims, killing and harassment and genocide appalling, over this geographical spot (the Levant and Mesopotamia) non blessing and ominous since Cain 's brother Abel killed unzip donkey!, Passing through the escape of Abu prophets "Ibrahim bin Tark bin Sharekh "from the land of Ur to Haran to the land of Canaan, and surviving a Nimrod, to settle down and moving between the land of Canaan , and between that of the valley , who called his Lord to be safe and stable , assured his family and kicking of the fruits? On the contrary , the land where he was born and where he grew up .. any earth cursed and ominous apparently (Iraq), seek refuge with Allah from him and his family the bad guys, and Nbero before God whom are fabrications and Djlhm and Vtnem and Khsthm and Dinathm and Nmalthm and hatred , and hatred and revenge from each other, not to mention treason and plotting since those ancient times, it is passing through a period of succession Prophet 's cousin Ali ibn Abi Talib .. who told them , describing them so the exact description that is not appropriate and does not apply only to the people of Iraq .. it seems when he addressed them saying .. ((O semiconductor men and men halloumi children and minds of housewives Ahadjal be good , I did not Orkm did not know you know and God took remorse followed Sdma fought you God has filled my heart pus and Ahntm chest of fury, and Jratamona drill Althama breaths and spoiled my opinion disobedience and abandonment so I've said Quraish Ibn Abi Talib , a brave man, but was not aware of the war God Is a father most of them have Mrasa and oldest residence where I've stood up to me where I was twenty and now I have a shed on the sixty-but not the opinion of those who do not obey)).

Encad today we are sure .. that the people who are mentioned in the Quran and other celestial conversations books, he wrote him humiliation and wretchedness .. is the people who live in this geographical spot .. any Mesopotamia (Iraq), and is not intended by the Egyptian people , the hero, who dropped the two systems and two governments in one year only, on the contrary this cowardly people, led by Mohammad Reza Ibn al - Sistani, the Mehdi Walker BLANEY, and Ahmad Safi, and Muqtada al - Sadr, and Ammar al - Hakim and Hadi al - Ameri and Qais Jawad al - Khazali, and Ali Khera Sani (Yasiri), and the governor Zamili ... wrap it to understand, people arrived at this level of the gutter and humiliation, killing and intimidation, and this weakness and humiliation whatever means these descriptions and terminology of the meaning ... until it reached us immediately to offer a woman , a mother, a sovereign Iraqi to come down somewhat kissing shoe Adharot of Adharyt occupations , namely Haider al - Abadi, in front of hundreds of people in Muqdadiyah spend Iraqi who became belonging to the province of Diyala Iranian ...!?, those Iraqi mother who named only her son , "Ali" blessing and after the name of the cousin of the Prophet ...!?, hoping perhaps escapes arrest, torture and death, and escape from the hands of gangs of murder and criminality, which claims the motive for doctrine and sanctuaries!?, while is sending a delegation "Rgia" level headed Adharot another Adharyt forum Shiite alleged Abu turban black "Ali Alak" personal envoy by Aladharot Haider al - Abadi, bringing with him Guenadr Ms. Kurdish "agents Pulley builder" and a message strongly worded apology, because of what they have suffered people 's Congress of the impious attack them like mice fleeing towards airports and foreign embassies, leaving the parliamentary immunity and Guenadarham behind!.

What 's happening to us, gentlemen throughout the ages and ages ... puzzle, sports is a complex issue, and actually mix chemicals are very complex probably difficult to decipher blades and analyze their symbols, never make sense after all this havoc, and all these horrific bombings that claimed the lives of poor Iraqis and the hapless, do not be one or the dismissal of a minister or official accounting, but the government and parliament unhappy preoccupied with petty and despicable things, affected by and preoccupied Petrdat this or that party in order to continue to kill and destroy Iraq and the theft and looting of his money, and care about the return of this Alguendrh or those of its owner and accompanied. We do not know what's going on and where we are going, into the abyss and the yard ... or to salvation and turn this black era page, and is it a comic play, or tragic drama .. Or a major calamity befell us .. Or as the death divine, and the wrath of Rabbani, he said Ibn Abbas (may Allah be pleased if all the people of guardian of their choice, and if God 's wrath on the people of guardian Hraarham) ... really dusty time and time .. wacky and wonders, and the time of humiliation and degradation.


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