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Busy Work for WingIt Members

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Busy Work for WingIt Members Empty Busy Work for WingIt Members

Post by Ssmith on Tue May 17, 2016 11:25 am

WingIt Mod Taxmom posted this earlier.  But I think she 'borrowed' the idea from TNT Tony, but didn't take it as far as he did. 

In 2014 he had members writing their Dinar Story.  He was going to have books printed to be included in the Dinar Museum he and Winston were going to build.

Ideas to get you started recording your own history.

I would like to encourage each of you to make notes now to record how you are feeling and then again post rv.  Later write up a bit about your history, who you are for the generations to come.  As time passes there are more and more questions I’d like to ask my own father. Since you will be impacting generations, they should know something about who you are and how this all happened.

Here are some ideas for topics they may be curious about:

1.       How did you find out about this opportunity? How long were you invested? What convinced you this would happen?

2.       What kind of work do you do? What is your education? What is your marital status?

3.       How much does gas cost? What is traffic like? (Remember, someday they may not be using gasoline powered vehicles.)

4.       What does a college education cost today?  Is it affordable?

5.       What is the economy like?

6.       What is the state of politics, USA, global?

7.       What does a loaf of bread cost?  A pound of ground beef? A gallon of milk?

8.       Is health care affordable?  What does an annual physical cost? What is the cost of health insurance?

9.       What are dreams for what this blessing will enable you to do?

10.   What does a modest 3 bedroom house cost?

11.   Do you garden? What do you grow?

12.   What are GMO’s? (Hopefully they won’t have them!)

13.   What have you learned because of this adventure?

14.   How many children do you have and what is your relationship with them like?

15.   Where do you live?  Have you moved to different cities, states? Why?

16.   What are your religious beliefs? Have they changed over time?

17.   Do you have any regrets? Would you live your life any differently if you could do it over?

18.   Recall significant events that occurred during your lifetime, assassination of JFK, moon landing, gas going from 25 cents to $1.25 in what seemed like a heartbeat, weather disasters.

19.   Describe values you hope will be passed on.

20.   This is personal for me, but my own grandfather died the year before I was born. When I was about seven my family moved back to my father’s hometown and into the family home as Grandma couldn’t handle the house by herself any more.  My grandfather started coming to me in my dreams until I understood that he was letting me know he was there, watching out for me. My father let us know that he was ok after his sudden, unexpected death.  These stories need to be passed on.

The topics are endless as to what they might be curious about. Use your own imaginations.  Think of the questions you’d like to ask the generations that came before you.
Have fun with this.  I’m guessing they would appreciate a sense of humor thrown in, not just dry facts. And please, don’t make yourself sound perfect.  I bet they’d appreciate hearing some of the mistakes you made and how you overcame them as well.

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