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Need More Proof? Empty Need More Proof?

Post by 1alaskan Thu Sep 08, 2011 2:03 pm

For the folks who would like "more" proof, it isn’t going to happen till Dr. Shabibi pushes the button, then you have proof, not before from any source, anywhere, anytime.

Folks post what they see and hear, or think what they saw and heard, or hoped what they saw and heard, nothing more nothing less. Oh sure some folks post stuff just to see what happens to it and how far it goes and how much is said and how much it changes on what he/she said, just like the old kids game,

But no one on this earth knows the date and rate except Dr. Shabibi and he may not at any given time know it for sure till it happens.

I have been watching these Dinar sites for a while, longer than some, not at long as most, but been busy the last 8 weeks and got away except for a few minutes here and there, guess what NOTHING HAS CHANGED, It is always any minute now, by Thursday, by Sunday, by Tuesday. I don’t know why people say this dates, I don't believe out any dishonesty, but I won't guess why, It just happens every week same old story, some delay due to ________, you fill in the blank.

From what I have read, again from many sites like this one, there are very few people we should be listening to, maybe one or two, three at the most, the rest, don't waste your time. But if this just entertainment for you, go for it, read everything you can scrounge up, after a while it will just fog your mind.

I was in a Kinko’s about six weeks ago waiting on some printing and I sat down to pull up this site, it had been 3 or 4 days and a older couple from Nebraska came wanting to use the computer to look some things up, I guess email, but no, it was this site. Now these nice folks looked like retired farmers and on vacation, I’m in Alaska remember, They were having trouble getting the computers up so they looked over and saw I was on this site and she remarked about it. But this nice older man (70+) says "I need to print all the latest out so I can study it". Makes some sense until you wonder what he or most of us really know what is going on, we only know what is said on these sites, which we really don't know who (or is it whom) is telling us these things or who is telling them and so on.

I guess my point is, take this investment seriously, but not all the info you find, don't breath IQD, breath life, have fun, don't be mean,

This is JMHO
Rantings from just north of sixty

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