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Post by Ssmith Mon May 16, 2016 1:24 pm

Guru OkieOilMan: It's Christmas eve...RV is done.  Published in Iraqi Newspapers...(He then asked the site to be closed until after the RV tomorrow afternoon)

Guru Amadden (GET):  The G.E.T. Team Chat Room will be closed until futher notice !!!! « on: Today at 07:51:09 PM » I am here with some news that you may not like, but please hear me out on this, and I would appreciate if we do not have any negativity to it, Just please understand where I am coming from, okay?  Now I have always been a straight shooter with you all and try to give you the best I have, because I respect ecah and everyone of you

what we have is some intel that we need to shut the chat room down.  We do not like doing that, but it is really something we need to do.  it will open in the morning, but I can say you will be very pleased and understand why we have to do this. so with respect to our source and respect to you we felt we needed to came in and talk to you

If something happens the word will get out and we will be open and Ty will be on our call. we are doing this out of respect and to extend the respect to all of you, I just cannot go into why, I know you or many others do not like it because I do not like it when I here I know something but I cannot tell you, that to be is really unrespectfull, but we only know bits and pieces and not the whole story, so I ask that you please respect what I am asking for here and when we do get any info and it can be put out we will open and we will get the word out to you and others.   I am just trying to be as gentle and respectfull to all of you to please respect our request on closing the room

Guru Blaino:  PLANET DINAR NEWS FLASH---By Request - Today there will be NO RATE, NO DATE and NO 3 LETTER AGENCY CHAT - Thank you - The Management  ****** 

Guru Gankins:   $7.23 is the rate we are very close and we should...cash in Monday or Tuesday


Guru Randy (via currency chatter)There was to be a special session of Parliment to vote on the ministries...IF they could do that in the morning, we could be at the bank in the evening...this could take place today or tomorrow.

Guru Randy (via spice4life74): I just spoke with Randy Koonce and he informed me that Parliament is in Special Session now to vote on the remaining ministers.  Once that is accomplished we will have our RV :-)

Guru Checkmate Dan:   We were waiting for the announcement all weekend...hearing everything we heard this weekend was correct...delayed for some reason we don't know...we don't know what's going on cause we don't know the full story...we just repeat what credible sources tell us...this is our new format...I don't really have an opinion at this point.

Guru TonyTNT:  Waiting...expecting RV today...people did get paid at new rate...All sources saying same thing [we are here]...Most agencies saying "Don't know, it should have happened"...everything done, ministries could be the hangup but that should he been done shortly...Did get a call from a credible source (just one source) saying something is going on over there (hanging it up) so look for it tomorrow...I'm personally still hopeful and upbeat for today.  (side note tony eluded that he knows the new cbi website address)  Feels very confident saying it is over $3

Guru American Contractor:  Seeing that the CBI has appeared to reverse their initial plans, my associates are saying that there will not be an RV in the month of May 2011....The new Iraqi currency has been placed on hold. With the excuse being that with all the recent activities & transitions of the CBI bank (as well as the Iraqi government) it has just not been printed.  Unfortunately, my sources are confident an RV will not be possible this month....

Guru Frank26:  27-30 banks have all paid their debt and can play with the toilet paper money – the CBI is done with the sterilization and back to normal process and the auctions have returned back to their normal pace as we told you they would…

Oil is going down – we will see it go up and down two more times… TWO MORE TIMES UP AND DOWN says Frank. Gold and silver is going down and $$ going up – we told you this months ago – look for the USD to go up and gold to go down before the before the blessing occurs…

DONG – rumor was the DONG went up in price – Frank states 180 currencies globally
Will be in the baskets the moment the Dinar starts it – China did buy T-bills recently – perfect timing….

Frank says we will the GOI formed when the parliament come back.
Low rate Doesn’t respect contracts they can’t continue to be disrespected any longer as they have not been paid some lost their business a so Frank says he doesn’t believe the $.86 rate…

Frank states Rumor for the blackouts it came about on Thursday and Friday and our Pres was very busy with intel files that were none of our business- if an internet back out was requested it was done to those that can’t keep their mouth shut – and the extreme details were given with very little discipline behind their responsibility – its bad to give names and department s– its not good to be clear sometime.

GOI is very busy working like bees – we are trying to find out what – my team is researching for truth…  Frank says he see a mirror image of what happen in Kuwait….

Guru Delta:  Delta says that the Rate today was spoken to him again.… $.86 and in 2012 they will try to collect the 3 zeros denoms in 6-8 months then when ready to do the 2nd revalue it will be about $3.44 at that time in 2012 after the denoms are collected… This year will be the RV for sure and in 2012 after the 3 zeros are collected THEN we will have the $3+ RATE – THEY CAN’T START OUT WITH A HIGH $3+ RATE they can’t do that…. All the stores will be told it RV’d first so they can adjust their rate of prices as they can’t divide $3+ rate at first but the $.85 is easy first… We hear lots say it may come out at $4+ we might have another revalue in 2013 that will come out close to $5.00 – Dinars should be worth about $.26 x 10 -= $2.60 if they don’t revalue slowly they will have more inflation if it comes out with a high rate…

Delta feels from 22nd to first of June is the best time for RV….. THE GOI has to announce the adjustment of the currency before they show it to the UNSC… it puts us now to the 27th to do this… If they wait till the last nano second which is July 1st it will happen – all good news coming out of Iraq.

Guru Bondlady:  Iraq to bring banks to the masses – by mobile BAGHDAD – Just a fifth of Iraqis have bank accounts, but 70 percent have mobile phones, so Baghdad is hoping to close the gap by getting people to open accounts, make payments and transfer cash – all via mobile.

shabibi stood his ground he wasnt the failure he was doin every thing a good cbi govoner should its the goi that failed and has brought them into crisis.   the goi only lets there people know what they want them to know we know much more than the average iraqi.  


Theres a lot of rumors floating around That somethings being said in chat might be influencing the thing which we seek.  We wouldn't want to say or do anything that could possibly cause any delays of any kind after 7 years for real.  We don't know anything as of yet.  Ive gotten word from forum owners all over.  Davis from revalue.US is here with us too.  I've talked to a lot of people & no one really knows much.  Some are saying that it might be a gov. thing.  I'm going to ask for a vote from all of U.  I've been asked to shut down until 6 am.  This could be the biggest BS Hoax ever played on the dinar world.

Guru Nighthk11:  Msg from Moon...GOI and RV must be activated immed- No Break- Get it done NOW...I was told to look for msg from UN Sec Gen – and it came...They better not think of going anywhere until they have completed the GOV and RV’d their currency... I would say that we are in a very good position to see the change on forex asap... we are only looking for ministers completed and full gov’t announced- at that point it will be endgame

Guru SteveI: After all the rumors from all of the other sites closing their chat rooms, etc., we hereby closed ours.  So Iraq, listen carefully as you will only get us to do this only one time;  Now by the powers invested in me, I hereby authorize and command that you immediately commence the revaluation process.

Good morning. I will make this quick as I am getting ready to find a church here in Houston to go to this morning.

I have had several close friends tell me that they got their contracts paid in the new rate and will be active now or in the next day or two. I think we need to let this surface now.  I have been out of the loop now for this past week but have been updated by phone on several occasions.

I personally feel the revaluation is done but now needs to surface when Iraq is ready. I can share more in detail when I return. It is very good news on what I know. You will be very happy.  Perhaps as soon as the ministers are announced and seated in the next day or two you will see then new value.

I will not be able to post or reply today but will when I return tomorrow.  I will make a few calls and update you tomorrow with more that I know. I want to see if what I am being told is real.  Thank you all for giving me a break and spending time with my family. I am ready to go back to the forum updates when I return.  Blessings,  Steve I

Blanche:  Hi,  Strange things happening tonight...wanted to be sure you knew abou iit...  As of right now (11:11pm central) 5 dinar sites have closed chat or closed doors completely for the night.  As you know another site.com and GetTeam.com have been under intel blackout for several days now...

3 other sites join the fun... Tonight it all began with Okie and blaino over at another site.com.  Around 8pm Central time.  Okie reported the Big Announcement was published in the Iraqi Newspapers and all sites were supposed to shut down.  About an hour or so later PeoplesTalkRadio.com went down without warning...

Shortly followed by don't promote other sites.com (even though 30 minutes
earlier steveI challenged Okie to name the newspapers--wagering all of his dinar that he couldn't!)  Around 10:45 Bondladycorner.com also decided to close chat...she said she was asked by other forum owners to do so...she left it up to the members to decide and they overwhelmingly said...CLOSE!

In all my time in this investment I have NEVER seen the different
sites coordinate like this...  There could be something to this...or as Bondlady says, this could be the biggest BS hoax ever! Oddly, DinarVet.com (the biggest forum and chat board) is still open, with no indications of closing...

Regardless, I knew you'd want to hear it as it unfolded. Very lively couple of hours... All appears quiet...now we wait. If anything surfaces...I'll let you know right away.  scroll below to see today's updates...
talk soon


LATE NITE INTEL BLACKOUT UPDATE--3 more sites join the list Peoplestalkradio.com, BondLadyCorner.com and PeoplesDinar.com have both shut down chats---PlanetDinar.com has also shut down chat...PTR shut down forum too. GETTeam.com canceled their cc tonight.  *******

DV Member Story:  I have from good sources that the RV was just waiting for the 25th orbit of todays shuttle launch. It is Allahs wish and lucky number 25 that when the orbitor crosses Iraq in its 25th orbit the RV will take place..I dont understand why Franks and Okies contacts did not uncover this but the gift from allah will make it so that all us rich folks can buy a private jet and not have to submit to the crotch frisk from TSA. Allah said that he is embarrased and sorry that his people caused so many problems but it appears that the average muslim man is so enamered with getting 25 virgins that they go off on tangents at times. Allah hopes this will help us to become friends again. I told him it will go along way. As he walked away into the white clouds he could be heard singing "Monday Monday" by the mommas and poppas

DV Member Story:  Dinar Investors,
The following statement is a response from the Deputy Commercial Attache, Iraqi Embassy in Washington DC regarding my request for monetary policy information.. It would appear that if what this Republic of Iraq government representative is saying here is in fact true, a Dinar denominated commercial bank account is most likely the only legal vehicle, according to Iraqi law, with which anyone physically outside the Republic of Iraq may own the Iraqi Dinar. I suggest you scroll down, begin from the bottom and read up. Then draw your own conclusion.

Thank you,
Dxxxxx Pxxxx


Dear Sir,

Thank you for contacting the Iraqi Commercial Attache in Washington DC. Reference to your inquire we would like to inform you that as of now it is illegal to sale Iraqi currency outside Iraq. You can visit Iraq central bank website (http://www.cbi.iq/arabic/index.html) to get more details about Monetary policy in Iraq.


Amjad A. Rajeb
Deputy Commercial Attache
Iraqi Commercial Office
Embassy of the Republic of Iraq


From: Mohammad K. Issa
Sent: Thu, 17 Mar 2011 09:05:38 +0300
To: 'T**********
Subject: RE: sending cash?

Dear Sir,
Please note that it in accordance with the regulations set by the CBI Iraqi banks are not permitted to hold IQD accounts at their corresponding bank and are prohibited from receiving cash deposits or wire transfers in IQD currency where the only legal method of funding your account is through a USD bank to bank wire transfer.

Furthermore and as posted on our website Iraqi Customs no longer permit courier companies operating in Iraq to receive and deliver packages containing funds of any currency and will be confiscated accordingly.

For further information related to your account please take a moment to visit our website http://www.warka-bank.com/ href="http://www.warka-bank.com/">www.warka-bank.com news bulletin to view the latest notices and the contact details of the related departments that will best handle your inquiries. We have several departments that will specifically handle each banking affair to your best interest by contacting them directly.

Thank you for following our regulations, guidelines and working procedures which have been set to best serve our esteemed clients.

Best regards,

Mohammad K. Issa
Deputy Managing Director
Senior Executive
Warka Bank for Investment and Finance

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Post by RamblerNash Tue Jun 15, 2021 11:01 pm

10 years ago in Dinarland... LOL!

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