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Sectarian tension and ill-governance and regional polarization synonym for «Daash» Political turmoil deepens in Iraq DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

Sectarian tension and ill-governance and regional polarization synonym for «Daash» Political turmoil deepens in Iraq

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Sectarian tension and ill-governance and regional polarization synonym for «Daash» Political turmoil deepens in Iraq Empty Sectarian tension and ill-governance and regional polarization synonym for «Daash» Political turmoil deepens in Iraq

Post by RamblerNash Mon May 16, 2016 12:44 am

Sectarian tension and ill-governance and regional polarization synonym for «Daash»

Political turmoil deepens in Iraq

By: Rang Aladdin - translation: Faten Sobh

Date: May 16, 2016

Attacks you got, finally, in Baghdad, a reminder of the ability of the organization «Daash» to commit atrocities in all parts of Iraq and the further implementation of terrorist operations, and come back for more than a decade.

He said one influential security officials, commenting: «The organization (Daash) thought would not be the first nor the last of its kind». In fact, while the international community boast decimate the organization, the terrorists deliberately struck Shiite areas in Baghdad, killing at least 63 people and wounded 80 others in a series of bombings that targeted markets.

Officials familiar and pointed out that the organization «Daash» has lost nearly half of the areas that was dominated by Iraq and more than 20 percent in Syria. It may be true that the organization's leaders are liquidated and infrastructure subsidiary subject to destruction, but at the time it loses regulation-controlled territory, remember the attacks waged, and finally, as its predecessors that he is still able to commit massacres all over Iraq, as was the persistence ago Decade.

The cost of rehabilitation

In other words, it is unlikely that we will see a world without «Daash» in the foreseeable future, The organization flourishes, taking advantage of the absence of institutions in weak or failed states. There is no doubt that the reform will require good governance and building institutions and the establishment of settlements within the fragmented communities. Conclusive evidence has been found that the rehabilitation of each of the cities the Iraqis and the people involve costs and challenges outweigh the defeat al «Daash» himself, particularly sectarian tensions and governance vestiges imbalances regional polarization has been exacerbated since the emergence of the organization on the Square events, after the factors that caused his birth in Primarily.

The timing of the terrorist attacks that hit Sadr City, and finally, the coincidence did not come. It has got after one week of mass demonstrations that crowd her religious leader Muqtada al-Sadr, pushing his supporters to invade the headquarters of the Iraqi parliament.

The goal of the attack and its timing

The aim of assault «Daash» latter, which carry great symbolic of the target hand and the time to eliminate this rush toward reform, as well as to spark reprisals by Shiites masses that exercised the highest degree of restraint during the course of the war on the organization, despite the right of the of the brutal murder of a sectarian character.

Survivors are angry and threw, after the blast in Sadr City, blamed the ruling political class in Iraq and for failing to failing to protect them and ensure their security. Note that these bombings coincides with a severe political crisis plaguing Iraq, where lawmakers can not agree among themselves about the healing of the Council, and the government is suffering from semi-paralyzed by the partisan differences and factionalism.

Is still possible to bring stability to Iraq, similar to what happened between 2008 and 2011, note that the step required more than one hundred thousand US and British troops have worked as a buffer absorbing shocks between the warring parties, in addition to providing security and capacity of intelligence of the Iraqi state, it is more what you need Today.

And despite the fact that some parties in Iraq, such as the religious authority, Grand Ayatollah Ali al-Sistani, is working as a force of moderation, he himself had pulled out of the reform campaign is motivated by frustration and anger of the ruling class in the country.

It is noteworthy that in light of the sinking of Iraq more and more in and around the political turmoil of sectarian violence, concurrent with the emergence of the organization «Daash» on the one hand and Mtnfve Petty and Shiite militias, the restoration of an entity of the Iraqi state and the unity of the community will be a difficult task, that were not impossible.


The Shiite community in Iraq, a lot of fighting and weapons, which are vulnerable today to fall into the same trap in 2006, when al-Qaida struck one of the holy places, and sparked a civil war that took Iraq to the abyss.

The proliferation of militia groups since 2003, has contributed over the course of the war on the organization «Daash» specifically, in aggravating the problems of Iraq. These groups are characterized as high-armament, and have already committed acts of sectarian character against Sunnis in Iraq, and allowed the creation of an area of ​​prosperity allows regulation. Iraq can not withstand in the event of power devolved to the legacy networks based on sectarianism.


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