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BlackBird Call Out Gerry Maguire from WingIt

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BlackBird Call Out Gerry Maguire from WingIt Empty BlackBird Call Out Gerry Maguire from WingIt

Post by Ssmith Tue Apr 05, 2016 9:49 pm

TheBlackbird ~~ email #1

 Enjoy the site, and obviously, so do many of your flock..


I am TheBlackbird, aka Blackbird136...a simple summary of my extensive background is this: I am the son of a 57 year 33rd degree Mason who left me at 10, and an Asian mother who raised me; a successful businessman and father of five, a math and psych major in college, worked as a C/Unix consultant out of college, while I attended law school five years at night; own a patent, created four multimillion dollar companies, and have practiced law 31 years...I am currently retired but always working...


Been in the dinar since 2010, have researched, and have intense knowledge of this speculative investment, and have made many contacts regarding this.


One of my humanitarian projects will be to hunt down every guru who I have documented has taken advantage of the old, the uneducated, the ignorant and the poor, by using this speculative investment and religion, to make a profit, to the disadvantage of the listed group of people.


That said, I will not go after people like Tony, as discernment will show you that he is transparent in most respects, and this is a capitalist nation; meaning, Ray does seminars and it is clear he is selling trusts and if one of his trusts goes bad, he will answer to that; Tony always disclaimed receiving any monies, and always gave back more than he received; he has always had a donate button, and allowed people to contribute based upon their ability and what they believed Tony gave them; Tony lived on the edge, but gave more than he received; three calls a week for four years was worth something to many in the above listed group; Tony gave Hope if nothing else...


So, why am I chatting to you, a new "guru" on the scene (only 3 or 4 months!) and a self-proclaimed "Redneck" who runs a very unprofessional call as his Schtick, and pushes a Cabal beer, Blue Moon, and by doing his act, gives a wonderful thing to the group of people listed, the old, the uneducated, the ignorant and the poor?


Well, I will now go in Hypothetical mode: there is no reason for two Donate buttons or a "Trust Call with a guy named Richard" if in fact a guru means what he says: that the guru needs no donations until at least November to keep a site and calls going, thus he would not have TWO donate buttons; he would not promote a "Trust Call" simply because it hawks the trust the guru used, because the promoted trust is too simple, too unprepared, and too confusing for the group of people listed above. In fact it is Ironic and Comical to promote a trust with no remuneration and out of the goodness of the guru's heart, because doing so actually subjects the guru to liability, which, IRONICALLY, is one of the main reasons one sets up an Irrevocable Trust...statistics show that most wealthy lose their money because of a lawsuit/ judgment, which is why the elite use Irrevocable Trusts, the IRONY...


A Revocable Trust is simple, and can be obtained on the Internet; an Irrevocable Trust is not simple, it creates many tax implications, must be tailored in its many types and forms to the particular person (there are over 20 types of Irrevocable Trusts), and it requires correct procedures so as to keep the IRS and other taxing authorities away down the road; i.e. it cannot be set up properly over the Internet); and it creates liability problems for the promoter, despite any disclaimers...all it takes is one promoted Trust to go bad and be scrutinized at a great expense by the IRS or other authority, perhaps resulting in multi-millions lost by a new rich dinarian, and a good lawyer for that dinarian will locate the persons and agents and promoters that caused the problem; they may even come to me to get the name of the "guru" who was involved.


So, my Chat to use is simply legal information, not a threat, and you can take it for what the words spew into cyberspace...


I am however praying you take heed and do the right thing always, adn that is especially in light of what Yosef (whether real or a marketer) is espousing...


Either way for me, whatever path you take, it will choose the path that I will take in pursuing one of my humanitarian projects..








[size=18]TheBlackbird ~~ email #2[/size]

 I read my emails after I chatted/PM'd to you...here is an example of confusion created (6 emails so far) on a very complex instrument...gonna listen to replay..:


Hi ... I listened to some of this stupid trust call & this salesman Richard & he said if you just get a trust ein # it probably wouldn't work ~~ someone (MDS1965 I think) asked about it ... talked about needing a banking resolution would be required by most banks ... aren't those pretty simple forms that say your "entity" has agreed to set up this account in this "etnity" ? If that is all you need don't the banks have those forms you could use or you could have one made up ?


I think he is a fear monger & a Used Car Salesman ....



appy ~~ email #2


love u girl, but all the chat posts for Gerry's trust call is killing me. As you may know, I am highly researched and a lawyer. I may be preaching to the wrong person, but I can smell a rat when I breathe the air near them, even in cyberspace


If Gerry truly is not benefitting from Richard selling the basic trust he is pushing, then Gerry really has no reason to provide this guy a forum to sell to innocent, mostly ignorant dinarians.


A revocable trust is simple; an irrevocable trust, in its many forms, is absolutely not simple. It cannot be sold on the Internet and accomplish what a good, taylored irrevocable trust is designed to do.


From a liabilty standpoint, Gerry and you as his agent can disclaim all you want, but when one of these basic trusts goes bad (and remember, assumed to be rich folks are buying them "cheap") I know as a lawyer who I'll be advising my rich (but wronged) dinarians to sue. They will find Gerry and you and Richard and pearce any corporate or limited liability company veil and go after you in tort and also misrepresentation


Long and short, if Gerry is just helping Richard out, I suggest he can the call because I have reviewed his trust and listened too his lack of knowledge call from before and in my legal opinion, one of these trusts, implemented improperly by one of these ignorant, ill informed folks will come back to haunt Gerry, and you if you are his agent.


Take it for what it is worth, but very few call guys, gurus and other helpers do not have a money motive; but it is a free country a to making money, as Ray and Tomy have been making a fortune the last four years selling Ray's trust. But Ray takes responsibility for that with seminars, so he knows he has to stand behind his trusts


here, even if Gerrynot making a dime, he wil have to stand behind Richards trust, disclaimer or not


okay, enjoy, blessings, ban me if need be too, but definitely protect yourself and RVd money



``````````````````````````````````````````END THEBLACKBIR'S COMMUNIQUE




  In response to your email, allow me to start with," When you are kicking BULL S#%T on others, you are bound to get some on yourself."

Reviewing you letter, there were several issues that came to mind. I guess, it is only right that we should start with your first paragraph. Although absolutely no one cares about your familial dirty laundry, I found it interesting that your father decided to have a baby with your mother when he was seven years old......but I digress. I am sure that is not what you meant, but with a man of your expertise, it begs a question.

Your issues and accusations regarding the trust calls can easily be simplified......Come on and add your experience and knowledge to the call. It is an open forum, but you knew that. The WINGIT Call is nothing more than an OPEN FORUM that I created to give those that provide Intel and Insight, an opportunity to share that information with those that have legitimate questions for the Providers. It is as simple as that.

In reference to your not-so- veiled accusation regarding my position on whether or not I am getting some recompense on the sale of trusts, I have to tell you, I laughed. The answer is the same.......Nope, there is no remuneration. Richard comes on and gives information.....for FREE....Interesting concept, don't you think? All of us will be purchasing the time of the very best attorneys after our Currency Exchange. ALL of us will be securing the advice of the best accountants, wealth advisors, etc... You however, need to go the bank and tell them about your currency investment that you want to cash in. To use your words that is,"...too simple,too unprepared and too confusing," assumes that you have purchased the trust and have it in front of you.....or are you just making this up as you go? To say that you are taking care of," the old, uneducated, ignorant and the poor," is a bit rich. In my opinion, the information that these individuals have brought in have left the ardent listeners with more knowledge than you allude to provide them.


Your inference of being a REDNECK, is pretty humorous. A friend of mine who was in the oil business told me of a story where he was to meet the owner of a huge ranch in south Texas at 5AM, at his grain silo. At 6AM, his appointment drives up in a 60's Unibody Ford Pick-Up. He gets out and apologizes for being late...he had an earlier meeting. He said the guy was wearing Red Wing boots that looked like somene dropped a chain saw on them and had to get them repaired. He was wearing an old starched white button-down shirt and khaki paints with a hole patched on them. Oh, and he was wearing a $12,000.00 Rollex and had a mobile phone in his pick-up. Now this was back in 1980, when absolutely very few had mobile phones in their vehicles( they weren't cellular back then). Come to find out, he was also the president of the local bank. My friend was glad he had not put his foot in his mouth by assuming who this guy was by how he spoke, what he drove or how he was dressed. Your predisposition to ridicule someone for being a REDNECK elicited a grin of which I can't wipe off.
You have been on other sites and have proven yourself to be quite aggressive when dealing with others, all with the mantra to take care of the old, uneducated, ignorant and the poor., yet you bring nothing constructive to the table. Oh by the way, as one mod pointed out, THERE ARE NO SPIRITUAL LEADERS ON THIS SITE( Gurus).......you throw around you vocabulary way too freely.

You will not be getting banned, but understand, if you forget or choose to disregard the RULES of the WINGIT Call, you will unceremoniously be jettisoned, like a fart in the wind........I'm sure you understand.

Comment from various WingNuts:


This guy sounds exactly like Kenny. Using the old tired worn out mission of saving ignorant people from themselves. No legitimate educated person with any modicum of sense uses inflammatory, derogatory, demeaning language to someone he is trying to "honestly" warn.

With all that education, you'd think he would know how to punctuate a sentence.

(with all that education, he wouldn't be involved w/Dinar)

Then it's DEFINITELY Kenny. That morin cannot even tie his shoelaces, let alone know how to write correctly

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BlackBird Call Out Gerry Maguire from WingIt Empty Re: BlackBird Call Out Gerry Maguire from WingIt

Post by Kevind53 Tue Apr 05, 2016 10:05 pm

AJM wrote:Then it's DEFINITELY Kenny. That morin cannot even tie his shoelaces, let alone know how to write correctly

Apparently, this moron doesn't know how to spell moron.

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BlackBird Call Out Gerry Maguire from WingIt Empty Re: BlackBird Call Out Gerry Maguire from WingIt

Post by Ssmith Tue Apr 05, 2016 10:06 pm

What a shocker.

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BlackBird Call Out Gerry Maguire from WingIt Empty Re: BlackBird Call Out Gerry Maguire from WingIt

Post by ReapAndSow73 Wed Apr 06, 2016 8:39 am

This guy thinks being an attorney makes him a more sophisticated investor!  Too funny. 

The commentary about Gerry looks spot-on; the commentary about the Renfrow Crime Syndicate, not so much.

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