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Currency Revaluation Initiator Waits To Push The Button

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Currency Revaluation Initiator Waits To Push The Button Empty Currency Revaluation Initiator Waits To Push The Button

Post by Ssmith Mon Apr 04, 2016 10:00 am

Currency Revaluation Initiator Waits To Push The Button
by Hal Reekin - City Times Services 2016

Barry Latwin has either the dream job of a lifetime or simply a failed career. He has been described as the "go-to" person who will start the process that will make thousands or even hundreds of thousands of people rich beyond description. But the hang-up seems to be that Latwin is waiting to be told when he can unleash the untold trillions of dollars - and he has been waiting for 10 years to do so.

Latwin was hired as a Currency Revaluation Initiator fresh out of a trade school that he had enrolled in as part of a job rehabilitation program that was provided when he lost his job as a bank teller during the recession of the late 90's. Although he had been re-trained as a dog groomer, he was able to land the job as a CRI mainly based on his banking experience. "I thought it was certainly a stroke of good fortune that my application was accepted, my interview scheduled, and I was hired within 24 hours", says Latwin. "This looked like a great job and I was pretty sure the competition would be stiff. But now I am not so sure of any of that nowadays."

Latwin discovered shortly after being hired that his sole responsibility would be to initiate the currency revaluation of the Iraqi dinar. Latwin admits that he had never really had heard of such a program, and was not sure why a revaluation of the currency seemed to be so important. Nor did his erstwhile employers provide an explanation beyond the initial reason for his work. In fact, he never met any of his employers face to face. The interview was by phone, he was told that he had gotten the job on a follow-up phone call and was told to report to his workplace - again by phone. The only instructions he got about his work was in a sealed envelope in a tiny office space being rented out of a run-down storefront at the city limits.

And what does Latwin do every day? He gave me a tour of his work site which took approximately 15 seconds: a beat-up metal desk, a old rotary dial phone and a bank of large red buttons mounted on the wall over his desk. His job is to sit at the desk every day and wait for the phone to ring. Supposedly, he will receive instructions to push one of the buttons that will initiate the so-call "RV" for a currency.

"At first there was only one currency that I was responsible for, the Iraqi dinar", Latwin explained. "And I sat at this desk for 3-4 years waiting for a call to come in. At first I was really excited about this and the responsibility I was given. I started reading banking and economic articles, trying to see if there were any clues or indicators out there that might give me a clue when this would happen. A couple of times I thought that the RV was imminent and I actually stayed in the office 24 hours to avoid a delay in pushing the button."

But as time wore on, and the phone didn't ring, Latwin began having doubts about whether he was actually accomplishing anything in this remote niche of world economics. For one thing, he had no idea of who he was actually working for. "At times I thought I was working for the Fed. But then I thought maybe I was working for a major world bank or maybe a partnership between banks who were backing the RV. Then I thought just maybe I was really working for the government of Iraq. Later on I started hoping that this was really an United Nations operation."

The second problem is the fact that Latwin has not received any pay during the time he has been keeping watch in his office. He was promised a rather generous salary, which he did not wish to disclose, but it came with a condition: he would only receive his pay once he pushed the button. Although he was told he would earn wages every day he was waiting for the RV to happen, it could not be paid until the RV happened. Latwin did admit that if he ever gets paid, he will be able to retire immediately based on the amount of back pay he is owed.

"I would get calls on the phone from my manager, telling me to hang in there and not to give up," Latwin said morosely. "I would tell him that I still had bills to pay, I had to eat, and even be able to go the dentist twice a year. But he always put me off, promising me that I would be pushing the button in a day or two, or a week, or even tomorrow." Latwin would always give in and agree to stay on for another week, only to get the same story again, or some variation of it when he talked to his boss.

At some point, Latwin decided not to give in and quit. But when he arrived at work for his final day, the single push button was now accompanied with two more buttons labeled "Viet Nam Dong" and "Zimbabwe Dollar." Latwin received a call from his boss, who explained that now Latwin was responsible for two more currency revaluations and with that responsibility, his pay would be three times as much. It was an offer that Latwin obviously felt he could not refuse, for he agreed to stay on. "When my boss pointed out that my chances for getting paid had effecitvely tripled, I was pretty sure things were looking up and I would be on Easy Street in no time."

Sadly, but predictably, nothing changed in terms of Latwin getting a chance to push one of the buttons. The calls from his faceless boss began to become less frequent and eventually stopped happening altogether. Latwin was evicted out of his apartment since he could not pay the rent, his car was re-possessed and his dentist informed him that he was dropping him as a patient since he not finished paying for the dental work he had performed on Latwin. Latwin moved into his office and kept his fingers crossed that his employer or employers were still paying the rent. Last week Latwin discovered that the phone no longer has a dial tone and he cannot dial out on it. He presumes that the phone company was not paid and they turned off the service. In order to get some money so that he can feed himself and use the laundromat, Barry has fallen back on his vocational training as a dog groomer. He does the shampooing, trimming and combing on top of his desk, no longer in fear that he may get fired for moonlighting on the job.

"The ironic thing is that I am bringing in more money as a dog groomer than as a RV button pusher," Latwin laughs. "But someone is making a lot of money on this RV thing and I would just like to find out who they are and see if I can get a piece of the action."


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