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14 - Chat From Generals64. Dinar Guru's still carry on the tradition? DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

Chat From Generals64. Dinar Guru's still carry on the tradition?

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14 - Chat From Generals64. Dinar Guru's still carry on the tradition? Empty Chat From Generals64. Dinar Guru's still carry on the tradition?

Post by RamblerNash on Sun Apr 03, 2016 5:38 pm

The Generals64 Group claims that they don't do "Rates & Dates", but here is a thread that says otherwise. Do you see all the hype that the other Guru's are still using today?

Posted 22 March 2012 - 09:02 PM

[generals64] ENOUGH IS ENOUGH:...Hang on to your seats as you're going to get it all right here and now...CAn you REally Handle it??????

[generals64] #1. Wells Fargo America as agreed to work with the Iraqi Dinar when it happens...confirmations from all over the United States....

[generals64] #2....$6.38 has been on the screens at Chase bank for 2 Weeks...I wouldn't and I couldn't tell you guys as i want to make sure of what it is...it's is called a "Marker" number....Was there this morning at *;00 my time (CST)...then went 1`- 1 per the Programmer we talk with. every dang day.

[generals64] #3. Lady LeeLee is the same one that put a voice commanded typo on one of our sources and didn't tell him and we hadn't verified it and she said oh, I'm sorry I just told my friends...I... amd...NOT her friend and I got a copy of it...I was livid and asked to be quiet

[generals64] #4....This morning...TODAY...we talked to dinar UK and the CBi (before they closed....if you want the ladies name let me know....you can't handle it folks...They said it ain't a happeneing for some time...Iraq has NOT released it yet.

[generals64] #5.....The rates of 23.10 to 3.68 are everywhere and No a single Swinging soul knows it...No one as it has to be calculated through the asset division for their currency value....Go figure

[generals64] #6. I told someone everything I had heard two days ago (In Confidence) his story was my family is leaving me blah blah blah...Yesterday Hammerman Printed everything word for word....

[generals64] #7...Today...same person...same scenario....Folks...I don't tell all I hear cause it would make your life crumble. Our sources are real and not a bunch of old men scratching themselves in places they shouldn't....I have busted my Ass to make this be right but I', beginning to feel like SteveI when he got tired of being bashed on his own site.

[generals64] #8....Leave Studley alone...he is trying with all his heart...he too makes mistakes ...I know no one else does...But, if you keep listening to their "Junk"...you're going to be Broke...One of the providers has 17,000 emails attached to his IP address...wonder why????

[generals64] #9...this is so dang stupid...following puppy dogs...these people come on,. they tell you a good story and bam they are the messiah and then another comes and then Bam...I do not have to have this to make a living as I have already made mine....I want it to happen just like you do but come on....

[generals64] #10...No Whales cashing out anywhere...NOTICE NONE anywhere....I have been invited to go and have yet to even see the people...Names don't need to be told as they and you know who they are....

[generals64] #11. If you want story book rhymes...go to the library and throw the dinar in the trash....If you want to know the truth then study it...Don't count on ANYONE to handle your investments period...Never in Life....

[generals64] #12. This site and its owner has been the most level during this whole thing....I had a bad thing happen to me when the shout room was here...I then got my cell phone hacked (along with kcmana) but caught that fool...he is one of the gurus yopu all follow...Remember this,....i have so many friends from years past in the three letter agencies that you couldn't begin to imagine...Those giving me a hard time need to be careful with what they post as from now on all bets are off...and it will all be told straight up in this room unless Cool Clown Fish kicks me off and bans me...

[generals64] #13....Hammerman's Father asked me to cut him some slack as he was afraid it was afeecting him personally...Hammerman told me one night he had told some lies but he felt it was his responsibility to keep the rooms level and calm...

[generals64] #14....Now...when is theis going to happen...I was told this morning at 10:00 am...it didn't...I was told at 2:00 pm....it didn't...I was told whales all over the country had been called by Wells Fargo...they weren't...what else do you want to knwop cause tonight I'll tell you all I know and it is not pretty folks....

[generals64] The banking deal we have been working on is with Wells Fargo...We talk EVERY DAY...they are ready and are willing to make us a deal that will scald your grandkids....they want the business...My girls waNT NOTHING AND IF I were treated the way they have been I would have told everyone to kiss my backside......If you treat your friends (you know who I'm talking to) this way then I don't need you and you (you know who you are) will be the last person in the world to cash your dinar out...Promise...I have held my integrity to the highest until tonight...but tonight folks...ask your questions

[generals64] I am Generals64 and I approve this message.

[generals64] If you guys will stop the board and don't pm me...I am calming down but, I'll answer them all...and, i am a big boy...but I am really upset...Guys/Gals...we need to financially help CCF with this site....one way or the other..

[generals64] Fireproof:...Look...I have held the closet I can to keep from telling the BS...Even Bookings will tell you guys that....The truth is not known by anyone...I mean NO one...

[generals64] MAVERICK :...yes it would...some can do more...some can't do any....If we could actually stop the board one question at a time I'll really explain it all

Q & A Session:
[Cheesehead] generals64 SO from what you posted... It ain't happening for a while... because you said that you heard Iraq has not released... So when do you think sir?
[generals64] Cheesehead Cheesehead Cheesehead :...the CBI told us yesterday they were upset with the us as they (USA) were making their country look bad...and that they had nothing to do with it...WE Called the CBI FOLKS for you....then this morning we called a lady with dinar UK (Lori) and she said it was completely in the hands of the UST...She then told us that as long as there were auctions they would not be RV'ing....However...Lori (same lady ) said yesteday that they were expecting this to happen any time now.................Truth I'll give you their phone numbers...The guy at the CBI was put on a three way call

[mammat] ok....It was posted that Studley had already negotiated with WF at cbi +2. What happened
[generals64] mammat;...Studley is a good guy...I have already growled at him as he is talking too much ...there are people who expect everything said to be true....Actually, we (studley) 10%...he then said a dollar but He told me he was working for the entire Bank Spread....for Everyone....Everyone is EVERYONE in and on every site...There was a rumor about him a couple of days ago and I got on him pretty hard and he came back pretty hard...The guy who had him invetigated called and apologized...people make mistakes...The rate we heard today/tonite...23.10 govt. gets $5.00 and the bank gets $2.00 and we get the rest...I also heard $14.38 was showing on Chase bank Screen...No One knows so don't listen to it....I trust Studley until he proves me wrong...Anyone with a Great Dane named "FIfi" is OK in my books.

[joyjoyjoyjoy] Hi and THANK you! Can you tell me how cash-in groups work? Does everyone physically come to the bank at the same time? If so, what security measures would/should be taken? Sure appreciate your caring spirit!
[CoolClownFish] You will not be going to the bank with anyone else. you simply tell them who you are your with this group and your name and you can cash in at the predetermiled rate with that package.
8:33 PM [CoolClownFish] answered that one for ya

[MAVERICK] this is for General , my question is if your that connected then why cant you give us a proximate rate and day , or what is really going on
8:35 PM [generals64] Real Hold up????...I was told it was our Treasury department...First...no Gag orders anywhere...the Ust people laugh everytime I say that....as a matter of fact that's their standing joke.....The guy at Chase told us that everyday at 1:59 the 6.38 rate on the IQD goes back to Zero....Today he told us he was unable to even get to the screens until 3:00 pm...EST...Kinda Strange....The people in CHINA we are talking with said this should have been done 4 weeks ago....I can't figure it out and they can't figure it out...There were some Virus's found up to about 2 weeks ago but they are fixed

[gr8teth] What is the % possibility of the rv going to our elections in Nov?
8:35 PM [generals64] Rumor and Rumor only...We could see this tomorrow...Maybe with me blowing up something will be done.
8:36 PM [generals64] gr8th:...no way

[ZMAN2011] any truth to the statement that the U S is being punidhed for the hold up by being forced to pour in moneo from threasury to reach rate levels? ty
[generals64] ZMAN2011 :...I heard that but just before I found out I had been betrayed and I haven't check it out

[eleanor] generals64 I think the timing is more important to us all than the rate could you elaborate on your statement of it not happening for a while?
[generals64] Precious (elanor)....the entire thing should have happened this country seems to need the money...However, I was really told the whole thing was outta IRAQs hand...and in the hands of the IMF...The IMF has signed off and released it is what i was told...and folks this person is too wel connected...and he might see this so I can't say.

(bookings) generals can you confirm what I hjeard that the rv is happening tonight and the rate is $22.00

8:40 PM [generals64] bookings...i have heard the $22.00 and the 23.10 and the $6.38 and the 14.38 and teh $1236 rate for days...I told you that....But I don't know about it happeneing tomorrow..I sure hope so...YOU bookings know I talk with a Wealth mangement person with Wells Fargo almost everyday....and she is not seeing anything...Folks,...she is sharp as a tack

[beachdreaming] i would like to know if Geitner or Obama is truly holding it back.. who can force them to get it done?
[generals64] beachdreaming...I really think it is Roscoe cause he only got 7 milkbones to 1...No, I don't think it is O or Giethner....this is more than that.

[generals64] I'm not sure about the intent that has come forward and said We (I) are fluffing our feathers etc....just for the klnowledge in this room a...and i am going to be flogged by kcmand and 4th time...But, We have over 3 Tillion dinar to work with...do you think we carry a big enough stick...that is with a T folks...not aB orM

[eleanor] How can we help you, phone calls, moniterr sites, emails, whatever?
[generals64] dlenor...the people we deal with used to trust the other GURUS and other site leaders...they hav ebeen burned so bad they won't talk with anyone...this room has had a bad name of Bashers jumping on people andalso everything said comes in here and people think its true...Think about it...do you really believe some other GURU has a 747 on the Tarmac Idling?

[Javabean] If the rate is 22 and the gov gets 5 and banks get 2, then will we still have to pay taxes or will the gov's % be enough for them??

[generals64] javabean...i have heard so many reports on taxes...it cost $2,500.00 to gt a written ruling from the IRS on this...My personal Tax attorney is $850.00 an hour (he's good) and I don't want to spend the money yet

[LINDI] Is it possible that the Bush family is holding this back?
[generals64] no on the Bushes holding it back...

[Lojack6T] Isnt it possible its just being held up for maximum impact to benefit Iraq during the arab summit and the rest is just a conspiracy theory?
[generals64] Lojack6T;...I think we could see it quickly...I will never give a date or rate...but today so much Smoke was pumped out and everyone fell for it...EVEN I did...

[texanone67] question...does this mean no toaster?
[generals64] I am going to have more toasters tahn Wal-Mart

[Shabibi] How much of all this might just be a bunch of BS and smoke? Not really sure what started this rant and speaking of the truth but I like it!
[generals64] Shabiibi;..ther is NO BS in what I tell you or anyone else...You ahve come at me hard more than once and that is why I don't answer your foolish and mundane questions...By the way Thursday is my favorite day...Why because I met my wife on a Thursdy.Now Dude,...What have you got?...if nothing then sit back and joiin the team or leave the site...
[generals64] Shabibi :..i'm sorry..I am so upset over what has happened and what is being said to the people of this ivestment and please accept myy apology...i was out of line

[righteouswrath] Generals 64... Tex said that you were going to wear a speedo and Roscoe was wearing sunglasses to the barbeque... is that true?
[generals64] Precious :...if that will bring the RV fastr I'll do it..it ain't going to be pretty

[joyjoyjoyjoy] General Thank you for your caring spirit!! Wish you'd tell who betrayed you so we can get 'em for ya! Honestly I would like to know so I don't take stock in what they're saying if posted. Thx for all you share!! You're one of the good guys in my book.
[generals64] My phones are blowing up....I have taken my Blood pressure medicvine and Roscoe is sleeping right now....You guys ask who betrayed you....They know who they are as they are in the room right now....Aren't you dude/

[generals64] I was to have gone to Dallas and cash out cause I too am an Oklahoma SOONERFAN...but he today won't return my calls....Did you know Blaino and Hammerman were banned from other sites?...did you know Blaino Bragged about hacking Okies name...Did you know he laughed about hacking Foghorn's name...hmmm...I have a short call give me a second...hopefully it will answer some stuff...hold on

[generals64] and hey guys/Gals lojack6T is NOT lojak...He is a friend of the family.

[Shabibi] So of all the other "gurus" who share info who would you trust most and who the least to give us a bearing on how to look at their info
[generals64] shabibi:...I owe you this one....Gurus?hmmmm Hmmmm BWM/Tex/Cap1....Studley..Wileymorgan...(really)....Freeway Bill...and SteveI
[generals64] Shabibi:...Dan and Tony seem to be trying real hard now...i don't believe in conspiiracy theorys from anyone and hard to reacll is a good...good friend of mine...

[whitfi10] Was there a call earlier? Generals64 do you host calls? Just wondering if calls really accomish anything?
[generals64] whitfi10 :...calls don't do anything but add fodder to the fire...No one has been 100% right yet....

[generals64] Folks....the Thing that bothers me a lot is the is no one or any law that requires my two gitrls to do anything for anyone...

[generals64] real good call...
[generals64] Precious ;...could be even beter
[generals64] arabic is bad for me
[generals64] still on

[generals64] OK...Wiley morgan has some dude from Iraq who is so dang excited aboaut something neither one of us can understand him...He is trying to get a translator and will let me know if he does....Wiley did two or three tours over there remember that....

[generals64] Guys/Gals;;;;;Please fogive my antics...Drama is not much of my life and I apologize only to this room as this seems to be family...Some one just told me something I had told him and it hit me right between the eyes...."We can save em all and we can help only those that will let us..."...I hope you are one of them as my heart goes to all of you even the Jerk that used me....But, i want to apologize for my actions as they were uncalled for but, from now on you guys get it all up front...

[generals64] I thought I had more class and integrity than I showed tonight....

[FIREPROOF] generals64 we thank you... but be prepared for the rats to take it to recaps.... it will eventually end up there.
[generals64] FIREPROOF :..it will cause so much dissention...they can find me...I know where they are.

[generals64] the bank deal we have is a good one...Good enough johnny asked if he could be on it....HmmmmmmmOur bankers talk to us anytime we need tpo..

[Austin-Powers-For-PM] generals64 So if I understand you correctly, your CBI contact is saying to forget about an RV anytime soon. Correct?
[generals64] Austin-Powers-For-PM :...I don't have a contact at the CBI...We called them on the phone and one day it was ready the next day..no no...so who knows????

[generals64] if you guys get a chance...and he'll talk....live4the brand knows a lot also

[generals64] you guys...Betrayal and just from not verifying it cost me my sanity for a few minutes...maybe hours...i need a beer.

[Shabibi] generals64 Sanity is over rated..beer is rated MUCH higher!
[generals64] Shabibi :...yep...

[Mauiboy] generals64: Only one??? LOL!!!
[generals64] Mauiboy :I don't drink

[eleanor] generals64 btw what brand of beer do you drink?
[generals64] eleanor :...that is Kidney stone medicine but it is Bud Light

[generals64] If you can stop the site I'll explain what we have been doing on the banking situation...it's really very simple

[generals64] the banks want all your money...All...they really just want you and i to get a reasonable amount and they get the rest...Studley adn 4th time are working with Wells Fargo...Wells Fargo wants the numbers we have so, they seemed to desire to give us all they legally can...so what the names and such was for was to give the bank so they could logistically put things together and service us the best way possible...for instance No WF in Oklahoma....I was offered a free airplane ticket to a de larue machine...No, I'll go to Texas>...Studley and his business partner are and have been working on this for some time...they are financial people...me, I'm a dime Store Manager.....

[generals64] What should happen is (hypothetical only )...say it happened tonight...if you went to the bank right now you would get the tellers rate and a thank you very much....But, We have this so close to being finished...girls are real good and so is 4th time and OKCBulldog and .live 4the brand....that we can push our button and send them names etc.,,,they can in turn issue a code that you as a MIG Dinar Holder can go to the Private Wealth person and tell them what you waNT And who you are...they will recognize the code number and your name...If you give the code to your cousin Billy Bob and he is not on the list he will be sent over to the teller and get the teller rate....Now, the beter rate is within their Private banker division...there is a certain dollar (USD) value that you must deposit...probably everyone in here is qualified...Even Roscoe is....then they do the paperwork which you probably haven't done and send you to the teller with your code and an appointment to discuss your wealth management...

[generals64] Make the appointment folks and go to it....if you think you are smarter than these people in finances your probably wrong....they are licesenced adn avialbe...there are programs taht you can get involved with like the rich boys are and let your money work for you...so that you don't have to work for money...does that make sense???and, it's that simple...but, without your name and the code number you'll not get the extra...nothing big and EVERYONE should be treated the same..don't you think????and, me and my group of kids are not making anything on it period...but i sure would like a new toaster....ask the other sites to tell you what they have in store...Oh yeah the other banks will follow suit...they want your money ...study Fractional Banking and you'll see.

[generals64] Fractional banking...????? Google it...get a case of beer and start reading..you'll still not understand it but you'll have fun trying...

[wisegrysqrl1] generals64 when you say our name do you mean our screen name or our real name?
[generals64] wisegrysqrl1 ;...they won't take your screen name on a deposit slip...Promise you that...

[joyjoyjoyjoy] generals64 Are you saying we'll get the same rates Studley is working on? Are bank packages the same thing as group cash-ins? Still unclear on that. thx!
[generals64] joyjoyjoyjoy :...Studley is doing the stuff for us....I talk with him e

[king] Generals64 do u believe a14. Rate could exist IYO ?????????????????????
[generals64] king yes

[Florida] Shabibi Yup. But I thought fractional banking was going away with the new Basel III... anybody know?
[generals64] Florida Fracational Banking is a way of life....the banks are able to sell their deposits nightly with it...your money never stops being used...24 hours a day and 365 days a year

[generals64] I promise not to blow up like that agin folks...not my style....even embrssed to myself right now...When you get over 150 calls aday and about 35 of them daily are smart aleck pranks...your tension is developed

[wisegrysqrl1] generals64 were you saying no Rv anytime soon earlier?
[generals64] wisegrysqrl1 :...ask me that tomorrow night

[generals64] If you guys will do what I made texanone67 do you'll be a little less stressed.....take the dustiest book in your house (The Bible to some of you) and read and live John 19:20....you'll thank me many times as she has....Promise from the bottom and depth of my heart....I had a guy tell me to listen and find the darkest part of your heart and liten to what God says at that point.....I did, and I have....this same guy was a convicted Morderer and doing life....and from nowhere paroled...He died of cance a while bak...miss him a lot...

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