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ADMINBILL USING ZOHO EMAIL: Zoho under distributed denial-of-service-attack DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

ADMINBILL USING ZOHO EMAIL: Zoho under distributed denial-of-service-attack

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ADMINBILL USING ZOHO EMAIL: Zoho under distributed denial-of-service-attack Empty ADMINBILL USING ZOHO EMAIL: Zoho under distributed denial-of-service-attack

Post by RamblerNash Fri Apr 01, 2016 3:38 pm

Zoho under distributed denial-of-service-attack:  Nov 6

Dear Customers and Well-wishers,

Zoho was subject to a criminal attack to our networks called a distributed denial-of-service attack (DDoS). This started at 8:15am pacific time on November 4, 2015 and has continued intermittently. The obvious intent is to make Zoho and all of our services unavailable to customers by flooding our servers with bogus requests from multiple sites. The attack was accompanied by threats and a blackmail attempt at extortion to prevent ongoing attacks.

This attack is focused on denying access since it targets the network connections to our servers. All your data are sound and secure, but unfortunately you cannot access it reliably. This is like a crowd of people standing around the entrance to your bank, preventing your entry. Your money is in there and safe, you just can’t get at it until we have them all moved.

Companies like us, that have offered services accessed through the internet for many years, carefully prepare for and expect these attacks. But the attacks are getting worse and more sophisticated. In fact, there have been other attacks this very week. Secure email providers like ProtonMail and Runbox have been hit. Many major banks and businesses with online customers have seen these attacks in the last year.

We’re working round the clock, with service providers, experts, and others to continuously improve our defenses. We are also contacting law enforcement. There is no single silver bullet to fix these issues and we have to work at it diligently and with the right experts behind us. We expect that these attacks will continue, but we also expect to prevail.

In the meantime, things will be rough for you, and you have our deepest apologies. The most unfortunate part is that we cannot tell you exactly when everything will be back to normal. We simply cannot know. We regretfully ask for your patience in advance, knowing fully well that you rely on us to run your business and to serve your own customers. We are deeply sorry for your trouble.

Please stand by us as we fight this attack. We cannot give in to criminals and embolden them to perpetuate other attacks. Thank you again for placing your trust in us.


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