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Jan Man questions guru intel over the years

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Jan Man questions guru intel over the years Empty Jan Man questions guru intel over the years

Post by Ponee Sun Mar 27, 2016 10:46 am

How many times
1. Did some guru call the date
2. Did we have a 24, 48, 72 hour window
3. Did we have a back wall
4. Did they want us to have it by Thanksgiving, Christmas or any other holiday
5. So called upcoming announcement that did not happen
6. Was Iraq done
7. Did we hear a new bank story that wasn’t a story at all, (just an ordinary visit)
8. Did we hear the 800#’s would be released, this evening, tonight/tomorrow
9. Were banks on HIGH alert with security
10. Exchange center are manned and waiting
11. Did we wait for the weekend because this weekend was the one (for-sure this time!)
12. Did we have a three (3) day weekend that was needed for the RV to happen
13. Has the green light been given
14. Has the release (bank) codes been given
15. Has the system not worked for us, but worked out fine for others (whales)
16. Did the whales go in supposedly to exchange
17. Have people been called to go out to Reno
18. Have documents that needed to be signed, been signed off
19. Did agreements have to be made and re-made
20. Has it been any second, minute or hour now, so have your phone ready
21. Were guru’s told to be quiet because you could mess up the process
22. Has the exchange process change yet we never had an official process. EVER!
23. Has TRN’s been live then not live
24. Has someone seen the bank screens (on-back bank screens)
25. Has someone seen the new USN notes  
26. Has the Iraqi Qi-cards been loaded then no loaded (Fully!)
27. Have there been an opportunity to go but then stopped at the last minute
28. Have we been told it supposed to have gone/RV’d already or it has RV’d, we just don’t see it yet
29. Has the PP been ready to be paid, “tomorrow” (always tomorrow)
30. Has large sums of money been moving and historical bonds been paid and/or liquidated
31. Did the process stop and start up again
32. Have we been told, “no one knows the date or rate” (as if they are saying it for the very first time)
33. Did Iraq have just one more thing/issue that had to be voted on
34. Was everyone ready to go but was stopped because one country or one bank or one person was not ready
35. Have we been told. “It’s not about us” as if we don’t know that
I could go on and on just like the energizer bunny and so can you, but I think you get my point. 
If I could just get $1 for every time I heard one of these
I would not need an RV “LOL”
Just patiently waiting like everyone else, I know our blessing is coming!!!!
P.S.  Don’t come up with new “PLEASE”


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Jan Man questions guru intel over the years Empty Re: Jan Man questions guru intel over the years

Post by roxy22222222 Sun Mar 27, 2016 12:10 pm

All true! He hit the nail on the head!

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