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WSOMN Fallout Continues

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WSOMN Fallout Continues Empty WSOMN Fallout Continues

Post by Ssmith Thu Mar 24, 2016 1:03 pm

Good bye I don't feel this site meets my needs anylonger

That was really heavy stuff from February. I read the info in the link.
Discernment is so important.

It points out how careful we have to be trusting people. They made it sound so true, but my heart tells me differently. If I am wrong then so be it. I live my life with honesty and I am thankful for the moral upbringing I had with my parents with good values. I live by the motto - Treat others as you would want to be treated. It works well and I can sleep peacefully at night.

I love my WSOMN family and what we have here, thanks to ADMINBILL.

ADMINBILL,  Thank you for this site.  I come to LEARN.

IMHO:  People show you who they are.  I'm reminded when I first got in dinarland, Tony used to say that the Gov. wasn't happy about "Toothless Crackheads" getting in."   To me, what just happened on Chat, validates that concern.  It seems to me that this is a good opportunity to learn how to act, talk and behave as a Wealthy Person would.  It seems many have yet to pass the test.  Which causes one to wonder how they will conduct themselves after exchange.  ??     If nothing else:  Out of RESPECT to Our Creator for giving us this opportunity, we might think about conducting ourselves in a GRATEFUL manor.   just saying. . . . 

I went to that site posted dinardaily.com I was appalled someone posted fake tweets from Pam of TNT among others. Her twitter handle is alreadyBblessed not alreadyHblessed, simple research would have shut that down. Those so called tweets are from alreadyHblessed. So now Pam's name along with the TNT brand has been disparaged and dragged through the mud.

Please be aware there are a lot of imposters in twitter among other sites trying to discredit others and create pandemonium.

I refuse to comment on the nonsense and chat drama!

I would like to see some topics and things (prayers, surmons amens, and political propaganda, etc) posted in the forums rather than clogging up chat but if not I can ignore it, no biggie.

I came to WSOMN to gather information, be able to ask questions and be informed when the GCR becomes active.

I know it's not going to happen right away but when it does occur I want to be a part of a forum.

oy.. Do I even want to state my personal viewpoint? I have gone thru several chat rooms over the years in this ride.. When the top gets to squeezing the life out of the chat .. killing the dog to get the tick is usually what ends up happening. We are creative freethinkers by our divine birthright.

The date and rate has been part of this ride for the 10plus years i have been in it so why the fuss over it now? it really is happening now and the delays are to ensure we are ok. if you don't want a date and rate discussion, do not open a currency chat room.

Since all of us non instigators are being punished once again for the crimes of a few... be glad God doesn't shut down earth because we don't all agree or see the same thing or all been made out of a clone mold. if you can't handle the various personalities God put on this planet.. deal with self instead of taking it out on others.

As for Yosef..he is only sound voice i have heard in a very long time.

The good is stopped when the bad guys whine. wtf is that?

I am damn tired of doing what i am supposed to do and some **** comes along and now i can't keep up with info because egos have been stepped on. get the fk over it.. i'll hush now. this isn't helping. i want to know how
Andy1977 is doing.. before shut down we were hoping he went to the hospital for the glass in his head. Anyone heard?

I'm not in these chats for making best friends or joining a cult or movement or getting on team guru.. I want the info and how I can best move forward with plans and such. the date rate is a side thing that has always been there.. over look it.. it's coming. i'm a big girl,, I don't need anyone putting my info food in a blender for me first. I find it insulting and it keeps me from coming to the bigger picture conclusions.

I too am thankful this site became available.. don't fall into the same cabal trap set to stop the chat. when we can't connect....they gain ground. i love you all.. the early morning chat was always good..until the west coast woke up..lol about that time daily the where is it neggies come in.. all the chat rooms i have been in now..same damn game. be stronger. right now i want my coffee, my roomies and the good words that always come in the early morning chat times. be the change you wish to see inthe world.. it starts with us.

I came to this room seeking refuge from repression. Refuge comes at a cost. That cost is "personal responsibility".

Personal responsibility includes taking responsibility for your communication with others, as well as taking complete responsibility for your reactions to the "outside". In this context, nobody/nothing is ever doing anything to you. Your reactions are yours. Every"thing" is an experience to learn from, in the direction of revealing what's really true.

That being said, we are all humans, and each one of us has our own mouthful of pain & suffering. Mature people understand personal responsibility. To be able to apologize when necessary is empowering.

If someone 'offends" you... notice that reaction and take responsibility for it. Don't project it outward. If someone is seemingly rude and refuses to clear things up or be responsible, simply establish healthy, mature boundaries and move on.

Everyone counts.

Everyone matters.



Thank you for listening.



I became a member here because of the diverse ideals and opinions. I like that you could read about The Galactics from Martha and the steady well thought out opinions from Iko. I have to admit I am baffled about all of the hoopla...whether you are more traditional in your beliefs or whether you are very open to ALL possibilities...we all are working towards the same level of helping humanity in our own personal ways...and this planet and anything else that may be out there...ALLOW others to just be who they are and find appreciation in their efforts. That's all.

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WSOMN Fallout Continues Empty Re: WSOMN Fallout Continues

Post by Ssmith Thu Mar 24, 2016 3:37 pm

Hello WSOMN,
There is a pattern that I'm noticing, and I'd like to share my perspective.  I'm not an intel provider, nor a spiritual adviser, I am a concerned member just like you.

I've watched as we have become enamored, and then disenchanted with various people who have stepped forward to guide us.  We build them up, then we toss them out. But this is not about them.  All the compliments we give them, along with all the disdain are more about us.  Think about it, for us to know exactly what's going on behind the scenes is interesting to our inquiring minds.  I know because I have one too.  But how necessary is it to the production of this event?  We are not doing this.  Our impact is made possible by the minute fact that we had ears to hear and a heart to hope.

  We bought currency and we've held it.  As far as heavy lifting, that's it.
So how can we help?  I really think we can help now by receiving the gift.  That entails letting it sink in that GOD IS GOOD ENOUGH to make this happen, there are PEOPLE WORKING VERY HARD to bring it into being, it is HEADED IN YOUR DIRECTION and it already HAS YOUR NAME ON IT!  I don't know about you, but that brings up all kinds of stuff for me.  That is enough to keep me busy, so that is where I'm placing my attention.

But what about all that stuff you don't like?  There's stuff I don't like too, let me tell you about it.  I don't like that Yosef keeps harping on Jesus.  He's even saying that the Chinese elders live by Christ's teachings.  I don't like that Admin kicked out Bodi and Tank. I don't like that Gerry texts early in the morning.  But Yosef's not going to stop, are you Yosef?  Admin makes the rules, so he get's to do that. Gerry is... well he's Gerry. Therefore all of that is outside my sphere of influence.  Once again, I don't have any energy to waste given the task before me.  I'm just going to let it be how it is and know that what I'm here for isn't touched by any of that.

Well, I do hope you've enjoyed my little share.  The future is bright.  Let's live there.

I , for one, do not mind different perspectives from different "Intel Providers". It is up to each of us to decide if they are really that, or just making stuff up as they go. I listen to all of it, and then ask "does this make sense to me?" Then I decide if it does not make sense now, is it something that could be righteous? But, in the end, it is up to me to decide what I like, what I don't like, and what I plan to do using that information.

And when I see things I don't like, I just let it go, and "agree to disagree" and see what happens. I don't need to put others down because I don't like it. I just ignore it and let it go, and seek more info to make educated decisions. And try to follow rules so I can get more information and perspectives around that info. No need for disrespect. We are a community of people with a common goal.

I really hope that people can get that in their head and apply it, so we can all get along and help each other get to where we seek to be.

Throne Room Daughter
As said previously, Holy Spirit led me here. I remain here to purposefully remind people about the validity and wonders of Heaven, the manifest power and love of our GodHead (Holy Spirit, Jesus Christ, and The Father), and how Heaven is manifesting on the earth...as Jesus Chist admonished us to pray thusly. And so I remain here until Holy Spirit decrees otherwise! Thank you!

High Planes Drifter
To persistently lash out at others or blame the world for what we believe they and it have done to us is to remain cloaked and harnessed in a state of immaturity, irresponsibility and victimhood. That in turn merely serves to weaken our personal power and resolve - even our very relevance as a creative and productive being - rendering us hopeless and frail. And then life becomes meaningless.

Adversity and conflict are truly precious gifts - opportunities or invitations really - to explore the very fiber of who we are as unique beings and what or who we choose or allow to define us. Being open to new ideas and staying fluid, flexible, and curious in an ever-changing world is essential to growing up and living a rich and satisfying life. A simple shift in perception has the power to alter us and sets us free.

"The greatest day in your life and mine is when we take total responsibility for our attitudes. That's the day we truly grow up.” - John C. Maxwell

“I began to understand that suffering and disappointments and melancholy are there not to vex us or cheapen us or deprive us of our dignity but to mature and transfigure us.”
― Hermann Hesse, Peter Camenzind

Texas Dave
It reminds of a saying when I was young " Sticks and stones will break my bones but names ( or being offended ) will never hurt me!!!!!!!. Alright so I did add a few words but still same meaning.


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WSOMN Fallout Continues Empty Re: WSOMN Fallout Continues

Post by Ssmith Thu Mar 24, 2016 6:44 pm

As winter is finally starting to recede where i live. I am happily down to 29" of snow .It's time to get my much thicker back side out of this chair and start getting ready for a much busier season coming up. I live in one of the most remote areas of the lower 48 states. Right now to get to the closest town,it is a 4.5 hour journey. The last time i saw another person was January 16. I am so looking forward to not being snowed in. My lifeline is my computer, as i am interconnected with my brothers internet system back in town. So as you can guess ,i spend a lot of my time in the winter on a computer. I have been a winter mod on a sports forum for 8 seasons, so i know my way around a chat system. I have seen the constant ups and downs that can run threw a chat on a daily basis. Sometimes it can get very ugly. It is a tough job as a mod trying to figure out how to handle each situation. It take a tremendous amount of patience,to deal with the different passions,knowledge and personalities that come into chat.
  With that said, i would like to thank the wsomn hosts for what they do. The growing pains have been pretty obvious, but the growth has been also. Hopefully over the next few days this site will right itself and continue onward , but i think that will depend on how the hosts and Bill handle the next few weeks. I was proud of Bill the other day when he had banned someone, then went back and reread the chat posting and promptly reinstated the person and apologized to him. Maybe there had been other issues with that poster before, that brought the quick trigger finger to ban him,but eventually things were righted. That's called growth. Have also seen a couple of the host getting pretty thin skinned, maybe time to step back for a week and rejuvenate. In my opinion sometimes  it is better as a mod to not try to be in every conversation going on. Much like a parent ,its better to try to guide a child than to try to be their best friend.
  Hope i have not pissed off to many ,as i would like to keep following the site and gain as much information as possible, but will only be around a computer occasionally threw the summer.Good luck to all and may we have a GLORIOUS EASTER !!    

Sadly, IMO a once great site that's self-destructed ......
Very, very , very sad!
But ... enjoy Easter folks .. and hopefully the rest of 2016 ..

Admin Bill,
Thank you. I am forever greatful for the many countless hours shared here in the forum with the Greats!!!! Ive connected to you and some of the most amazing invisible family members Ive every known. The WSOMN Family, you are loved, adored, respected, cherished and are very special to me all because of Uncle Bill and his amazing vision to bring us all together. WHAT A GREAT MAN!

Im on board,

Etoile, my Angel, you are sooo loved. You are exceptional writer.

I See and accept reasons for why Yosef, Admin, Tank/Bodi, Gerry do what they do... and it all is OK with me. Like to practice, "I'm OK, you're OK". Means I give you lots of room to be yourself; and I am fully aware that a lot of the "whys" to behavior is because we are working in a potent time and there is a major shift going on. People are repositioning; people also make mistakes (I heard Gerry's apology.) Please friends, please give others lots and lots of room to be themselves, whatever that looks like. The Big Picture is more important - Thank you.

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