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 Sadr presents government with 90 candidates and demanding Abadi submitting to parliament DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

Sadr presents government with 90 candidates and demanding Abadi submitting to parliament

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 Sadr presents government with 90 candidates and demanding Abadi submitting to parliament Empty Sadr presents government with 90 candidates and demanding Abadi submitting to parliament

Post by Ponee Wed Mar 23, 2016 7:36 am

Besides the Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi meeting with leaders of the National Alliance in Rayaheen Karbala hotel downtown

Surprised the leader of the Sadrist movement, "Moqtada al-Sadr," everyone with his speech on Monday evening, which included a 26-point reform, did not include the language of escalation, as expected.

He announced the chest after less than 24 hours on his last speech, write a new government to Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi. Ebadi called for presentation to Parliament.

On the other hand it seems that the Prime Minister is preparing to offer the other half of the line-up to parliament next week. It is believed MPs from the Dawa Party-Abadi that might take some of the names of the "chest cabins" proposed.

But deputies from the coalition of the wise party accused the prime minister of trying to declare a state of emergency and dissolved the House of Representatives.

Conversely interpreted deputies Ahrar al-Sadr's speech as a "compass" for the protestors in front of the green, because it included the most important principles that must be claimed for the reform of the political system.

He denied leading role in the political body of the Liberal bloc, that al-Sadr be willing to escalate, I returned that I think it was "wrong."

The proposed chest Government

And it included government proposed by al-Sadr's "100 personalities from independents and academics," according to Prince Kanani, a member of the political body in the Liberal bloc.

He says Kanani (range), "The list was nominated by the 19 independent person was chosen by al-Sadr last month and brought together politicians, academics and judges, has received hundreds of personal walk to fill the sensitive government positions.

The leader of the Sadrist movement said that "the new cabin announced by Sadr included a choice of 4 to 5 figures for each ministerial post, as well as agents and ministers."

He Kanani, "the head of government to sit down with the Selection Committee of Ministers, formed by the chest, and keep the names of the candidates, it takes ministers from outside the party committee."

It does not mind the Sadrist movement, according to Kanani, that "loves Abadi some government ministers who were chosen for the committee the chest." He added, "If the prime minister did not agree to those names, there is no problem that we agree on the names chosen by Abadi from outside our committee but to comply with the requirements of the chest."

Sadr said on Tuesday, during a joint press conference with the Independent Commission held in his home city of Najaf, said that "reforms of the Special Committee has completed the formation of an independent ministers cabin to put it in the hands of the Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi."

Sadr called Abadi to "View cabin on the parliament to vote on whom He will refrain about who he wants," and described the proposed selection as a "high level."

Sadrist Movement leader promised his booth proposed as a "proof of the ability to form a government outside the partisan and sectarian, and argument thrown at the government." "If they gave us guarantees the application of the reforms we give them guarantees of non-escalation."

For his part, he said Sami Al Azarh paste, Chairman of the reforms at the conference, said that "cabin which was formed comprising 90 Iraqi figure, including university professors, to take over the positions of ministers and agents."

In turn, said peace Sumaisem, Vice-Chairman of the Committee at the same conference, "We bet on the street and authority in government reform."

Letter of truce

Sadr's statement was preceded by his cabinet, a speech on Monday evening, did not include escalation, as expected. And put the chest through which 26 items for political reform.

But Prince Kanani, adviser at the presidency, says, "There is a misunderstanding directions Mr. Sadr, he does not want escalation."

Sadr has hinted in previous speeches near the "Green Zone breakthrough" by demonstrators who protested Friday in front of the main gates missed.

The deputies from the liberal bloc had predicted that al-Sadr resorted to "break into the green" option after the expiry of the 45-day deadline, which is nearing its end.

But Kanani indicates that al-Sadr "to Aatmah to create chaos or crisis or overthrow the government, is the sponsor of the project reformer peaceful."

And confirms the leadership of the Sadrist movement, its leader, "issued earlier, had 18 points for the protestors included instructions Bslmah demonstrations and maintain the property and non-aggression on others."

Kanani said that "recent speech issued prompt and say to the protesters rather than from a political blocs," and pointed out that "the current leader was giving proposals to the protesters to be part of their demands, as well as other demands advocated by the protesters."

He called on al-Sadr in his last speech, to the abolition of political quotas taking into account the political balance and the prosecution of corrupt elements, and determine the time frame for the formation of an independent government of technocrats.

The chest on the independence of the judiciary and the need to strengthen the Iraqi security forces and away from partisan and sectarian, while the student to expedite the formation of specialized committees to reform the economic and financial system.

Abadi in Parliament

In the same context, says MP Ahmed Salim, from calling a block, in an interview (term) that his party "did not come as a surprise speech the leader of the Sadrist movement, because the chest was always says that he supports al-Abadi."

Salim al-Sadr's speech, described as "mild and includes important points such as the Baath ban and an end to the quota system that tied the hands of al-Abadi."

And on the position of the cabinet reshuffle announced by Sadr, MP for the call that says, "the prime minister said that he had asked the blocks provide three candidates for each ministry, but the masses did not interact with it." He stressed that "Abadi past to provide nine ministers to parliament by next week."

MP from the Dawa Party, did not rule out "taking some of the names of the chest squad if they are consistent with Abadi standards."

On the other hand says MP Mohammad Allkash, member bloc citizen, that "the Dawa Party does not want taking options blocs to form a government," and accused the party of Prime Minister trying to "declare a state of emergency and dissolved the parliament."

Confirms Allkash, told the (range), he has the information from members of the call for the existence of the desire of the party to disrupt the constitutional institutions if Hezbollah Abadi failed to form a government that wants it, "returned that" the option of playing with fire. "
He says member bloc al - Hakim said , "al - Abadi did not respond to four options presented by the citizen bloc as proposals to form a government , " noting that the options , " which included either the resignation of al -Abbadi of the Dawa Party and the formation of an independent government, or the formation of an independent government without him, while the third was going proposed a partial change preceded Rating minister through a committee of experts. " Pointing out that the latter option includes a "government to proceed without theparticipation of the citizen coalition that will not be responsible for the Dawa Party government."



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 Sadr presents government with 90 candidates and demanding Abadi submitting to parliament Empty Re: Sadr presents government with 90 candidates and demanding Abadi submitting to parliament

Post by Ponee Wed Mar 23, 2016 7:45 am

 Sadr presents government with 90 candidates and demanding Abadi submitting to parliament %D8%A7%D9%84%D8%B5%D8%AF%D8%B1%20%D9%81%D9%8A%20%D8%A7%D9%84%D8%AD%D9%86%D8%A7%D9%86%D8%A9
Special scales News
I got / balances News / the most prominent names that have annexed a list of candidates selected by the Committee of Experts mandated by the leader of the Sadrist movement announced Tuesday the end of its work.
Sadr last month formed a committee to choose independent candidates do not belong to political parties and from different walks of life in Iraq to take up positions in the government instead of the current officials
Sadr said, that "the wills of members of Parliament to vote on it, should vote is willing Fleihjm," noting that "puts these specialized cabin technocrats high level in the hands of the Iraqi people and that the Iraqis are capable of forming the government out of partisanship sectarian quotas without regard to the cab from the hand affiliation and race. "
The list included:

[*]    Tawfik Hammoud Hnjar Skr Yasiri

[*]    Umid Ahmed Mohamed Ibrahim Tokmja

[*]    Banyan Iyad Mohammed Abdullah Alndaoui

[*]    Haider Ali Sbouka Afat Jurani

[*]    Said Musa Khader Abbas Hamashi

[*]    Mahmoud Abdul-Jabbar Fattah Moinuddin Haider al-Obeidi

[*]    Abdul Sahib Najim Abid Saeed al-Jubouri

[*]    Obeid replace Freeh Hamoud al-Dulaimi

[*]    Atta Atta Nabil Hussein Qambar Awni king Shah

[*]                       Ali Adnan Abdul Hameed Mahdi Alsoz

[*]                       Aziz Ali Kadhim high

[*]                       Ali Mejbel virgins

[*]                       Ultra Ali Abdul Rasul Abdullah Al-Najjar

[*]                       Effectively blessing Zohaib Ali Attia

[*]                       Mohamed Ibrahim Ahmed Ibrahim Al-Naimi

[*]                       Mohammed Hussein Muhsin Jawad al-Qasim al-Shami

[*]                       Khadr east reformer Mohammed al-Jubouri

[*]                       Muwaffaq Mehdi Abboud al-Hammoud

[*]                       Nihad Abdul Qader Rashid Ahmed Awsi

[*]                       Walid Khalid Issa Taha Tai

[*]                       Just the memory of Tawfiq Yousef Sarsam

[*]                       Sharar Haydar Mohamed Abdel Baqi al-Bayati

[*]                       Abbas Kazim Khudair Silverline salami

[*]                       Ghazi Ibrahim Asitavan Rahho

[*]                       Mazin Rashid gesture Salman slave

[*]                       Mazen Abdul-Mahdi Yusuf Ahmed Aciqr

[*]                       Yahya Abdul Amir Abdul-Hussein al-Dujaili

[*]                       Free Salam Hasan

[*]                       Superficial Mohammad Reza inch

[*]                       Emad Mohammed Hussein Issa Mashat

[*]                       Fadhil Thamir Abdullah al-Rubaie, the guarantor

[*]                       Muhammad Ali Fadel Muhammad Ali al-Rubaie

[*]                       Abbas Jassim Abdullah Ahmad Tamimi

[*]                       Imad Saud thought Mohsen al-Shammari

[*]                       Mohammed Hussein Mohammed Ali Abdul Reda Nasrallah

[*]                       Mohammed Hassan Ghanem al-Tamimi snore

[*]                       Osama Abdul Rahman Mohammed Noman league

[*]                       Safe blessing Thuwaini Mohsen Thuwaini

[*]                       Teresa Mruki Esho Hanna Yousef Hormuz Chiag

[*]                       Khaled Hantoush Sagt Jabr Muhammadawi

[*]                       Kalou Khader Ali Osman Domla

[*]                       Aqeel Mohammed Yusuf Mehdi crows

[*]                       Ali Omar numbness behind Acharkana

[*]                       Twana high Hoshyar Mustafa Ahmed

[*]                       Raed Isaac Matthew David, the Bahu Khadr

[*]                       Amin Mohammed Amin Hama-Saeed

[*]                       Ziad Ahmed Assem

[*]                       Needless Alaa Hussein Radi Mubarak



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