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8 - Mountain Goat 3/22/16 DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

Mountain Goat 3/22/16

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8 - Mountain Goat 3/22/16 Empty Mountain Goat 3/22/16

Post by Mountain Goatee Tue Mar 22, 2016 11:03 am

Hello Everyone,
There was a ton of news after I published Friday’s news letter. WOW! It came at us like a running bull once the protestors took to the streets again and crossed over into the green zone. This scared many of these politicians and so finally we began to see some real action towards movement of the Abadi reforms for his cabinet reshuffle. I explain all this today to you.
So what should be taken from today’s news?
Well we should realize what is now holding up the RV.
We should see that the political process in Iraq is very slow.
We should understand who the culprits are in slowing down the process.

But remember that by getting more technocratic” ministers this is only the beginning. The only hope is that they too can perform and can get the job done without the level of corruption we have seen by their predecessors.
If I could predict the future, this is how I see it playing out (not necessarily in this exact order):

  • The needed new ministers get ratified in parliament this week or next.
  • Amnesty and Judicial Reforms get passed very soon afterwards
  • Abadi does not leave the Dowa party, for if he does he must first resign his position as prime minister and they hold reelections. This they do not want to do. So we can see the necessity for him to leave the Dowa party but you also see the ramifications of doing so. So he will not leave, but instead change the party (and even call it something else altogether) and find a way to get rid of the dead weight bringing down the political process and needed overall changes that they party now does not embrace.
  • Abadi and Sadr then crank up the case and pressure to a new level to clean out the rubbish of the Iranian politicians (Maliki and his goons) and bring them all to justice through the judicial system. Again they will use the pressure and power from the average citizen to drive it
  • The Federation Council is announced as a forth body of government
  • The office of the president gets back 1 deputy as VP. I will leave it to you who to guess who gets this position. I’ll give you a hint – his last name begins with a “H” .
  • The Parties law is passed and enacted
  • Many of the corrupt politicians simply escape from arrest warrants and leave Iraq. There passports evoked and extradition is requested. 
  • Meantime Mosul is cleansed of ISIS and reconstruction begins while all this is going on.
  • Price of oil begins to rise due to production limits agreed to by OPEC and GCC members.  
  • The new Conscription law breaks up any Iranian militias and outlaws the private para-military groups, since these very same members must now serve in the Iraq military. 
  • The National ID cards take hold and everyone in Iraq now has an ID card. They must be able to prove citizenship. This eliminates any Iranians since, if they are detained and can not prove they are Iraqi, they will be exported. 
  • Dr Shabibi is announced as reinstated as head of the CBI once again (he was always officially and is always still heading up the CBI but political scandal forced his out of the seat and placed an illegal proxy governor)  
  • Iraq launched the lower denominations to fight inflation due to rising oil prices
  • Iraq moves to Article 8 as a UN member nation, RV is done 4-7 days later.

Am I wishing for the stars? 
Do you see what came last in my list of trends. If you had noticed I did my similar predictions over a year ago. So what happened according to my predictions from then? Just about everything I talked about did happen.
Iraq got the majority of the much needed laws (at this point in time of what is needed), we now have a heightened awareness of the crimes committed by Maliki and his goons, the citizens and religious leaders are now driving the pressure for reforms, talk now is that Iranian  influence must end, ISIS is almost under control (their last stronghold is Mosul), IMF is now working closely with the CBI to align the banking systems and financial systems, the financial and political paths have not yet converged, no RV has taken place.
YES – I still give my prediction and windows of the greatest opportunity for an RV. Right now I still hold the conviction of mid March to mid April for an RV. I have told you why and showed you the evidence. I can only relate the news given to the possibility of the RV according to what they tell us. Will it happen?
Events change and the process can speed up or slow down. We wait and see. If not then I move on to the next possible foreseeable future window as the news rolls in and we can paint another picture of the future. 
As I said many times the RV is a by-product of the process, the end result and not the main driving force. It will simply happen when the conditions are right. Want to know when the RV will happen? Then study the conditions in Iraq that will make it happen. It is that simple. Like in the Starkist Tuna commercials-  Sorry Charlie… no RV this week !

Today’s News
Today is Monday March 21st   2016. Still no RV.  Sorry Charlie!  

Update: Iraqi Economy
It was reported last week that, since the start of the new year, Iraq's have collected $350 million in customs and tariff fees after new methods and mechanisms of their own including those related to the application of the new customs and tariffs.
As I have said the customs and tariff fees alone could rival the oil revenues once fully implemented. WOW! But this collection now is without being tied to the electronic system. I have talked to you many times already about this system and how it uses the global currency exchanges to determine the rates of exchange to convert the fees to a payable amounts quickly and efficiently. Just recently again they told us they really need to tie into this system since the long lines and traffic at the boarders needs to be eliminated and is causing havoc. How can they link into the system without a global currency rate for the dinar ? We know the IMF requires consistent rates for the dinar to 2% margins or less. Leaving the manual method of exchange only breeds the possibility of yet more corruption, as you will soon see if they do not switch over to the electronic system soon. This could mean the loss of yet billions more.
Next we see Iraq finally beginning the extraction and capping of natural gas from their refineries, as they said was an objective many years ago in the news to us. Under the new sustainability environmental  UN mandates meeting these new environmental laws and is also beneficial financially to Iraq as this gas could bring in billions of revenue.
So what is this capping process?
Instead of being burned off (the flames you see in pictures on the oil rigs) and wasted, the gas can be captured and stored in the process of extraction of the oil. It can now be sold as natural gas. This process has been done in the west for many years already. 
But how do you do this safely and efficiently?
This is a new science and they now have a method to do it. It is being applied now too to the Iraq oil rigs.
There is also the pollution abatement aspects to the environment in the process. It is a win-win situation for everyone. Remember the UN sustainability goals for the middle east? This is all yet more of the big picture for the future of this region. It is all good! See article below.
Article Begins

Iraq begins Sunday export the first shipment of liquefied gas through the southern ports, according to the announcement "Radio Sawa" a spokesman for Iraqi ports Directorate Tigers net.
Safi said that the Directorate will hold a celebration of export shipment of liquid gas to be transported on board a Panamanian tanker, without specifying its destination.
He added that this move reflects the evolution of the capabilities of the Iraqi ports in the export of oil derivatives:

Article Ends
Next I am bringing you the update on the forming of the technocratic government. First we must understand what is going on here to fully get the crust of these articles I present to you today. You do want to understand don’t you? Or do you just want a date and a rate? NO Hype, NO Rumors, JUST the FACTS..

We all know why Abadi is doing this reform effort and this is not a surprise to the other Iraqi politicians since he said when he first established his cabinet in 2014 that he would evaluate his cabinet’s performance after a year of service and then clean house if they did not do their jobs.
So this part of the entire reform process did not just come out of the woodwork, but instead was a well planned event. The problem is in the implementation, since in doing so, the plan calls for converting to hiring experienced people to do the job versus just filling the quotas for these positions.
As you know quotas are by tribe (Sunni, Shi’ite or Kurd). Of course the parties involved are resisting and this is causing delays since they do not want to give up their quotas of people (experienced and capable of doing the job or not). So Abadi has told them either give me more experienced nominees to fill the quotas or I will fill them with experienced personnel regardless of quota and so I may put a Sunni in a Shi’ite slot or a Shi’ite in a Sunni slot. (Kurdistan in the meantime has submitted their candidates and as we heard demanded they retain their quota and will cooperate fully to do so). We read articles about the Kurdistan meetings with Abadi on this subject in the recent weeks.
So let the fighting begin! Like everything else they do politically, there must first be first a long a fight and this causes long delays in implementation. But finally we will see a more technocratic government and Abadi will get his needed reforms. Only we don’t care to see these fights and delays and we want the RV now! But we will not get the RV until this is all resolved. Don’t worry too much however since ISIS must also be cleared from Mosul too and this even seems to be progressing along the same timelines as the needed Abadi reforms. I call this multi-tasking in a grand scale….lol…lol..
We must also see a drastic reduction in Iranian militias and Iranian political influence on a whole (whatever this means must be done) prior to any RV. I have told everyone this many times.
This is not Mnt Goat’s opinion, guessing or conjecture but FACTUAL mandates from the UN, USA and GB. So believe what you want from these other so called intel “gurus” about their every day/any day RV info and hype but this will not make the RV happen any faster. So if you really want the truth then open you minds, eyes and see the truth, since it is all there in black and white for you to read in the articles. Just the articles may be days or even sometimes weeks late but this does not make them any less factual. Even because there are sometimes a few propaganda articles, misinterpreted too by the translator engines used, does not discredit all the good and honest news brought forward out of Iraq either. Besides you should by now be able to see these bad articles and just ignore them. Can you? If you can’t by now do this then you are not really concerned about finding the truth and only want to find yet more excuses to discredit the truth and get you your everyday bandwagon again for hype.
I am trying to make it easier for everyone to see and understand by publishing my news letters sometimes 3 times a week. You can chose to bash me if you want but this does not and will not change the news or bring the RV on YOUR schedule. Sorry charlie!   
Back to today’s news.
So by the many articles below I tried to sequence them in some order that makes sense so you can readily see the progression of this political nonsense that is going on in resisting Abadi’s much needed reforms. Seems they “must go through it to get to it”….lol…lol…but we all know the final outcome already.
The first article #1 is telling us that Sadre gave Abadi until Friday to finish the cabinet reshuffle or he would send 100,000 protestors into the streets again, like he did last week. This time they would move yet closer to the green zone. We even witnessed on the news that they did in fact cross over the bridge and into the green zone this time (a warning of things to come from Sadre. The protestors so far have been peaceful and have not used violence. See article #1.
So what came out of Friday’s protests.
We see the protestors are staying and sleeping out in tents  this time as a show that they are not going away – a sign that they are NOT going away and will remain a threat until the demands are completed. This creates enormous pressure on the government.
Then we witnessed reports from the airport that over 220 politicians and families fled the green zone over the weekend in fear that the protests could go violent and also they would come as a lynching mob for them next. See article #6 and #7. Many who fled are corrupt and should flee too since they are on the list of those for citizen arrests if the judicial does nothing to punish these corrupt officials. We know of the top three on their list too since they told us last week and I presented this article to you then.
Then we see an announcement that Abadi will go forward and submit to parliament the names of candidates that were submitted to him already. See article #2 and #3 below. They told us the cabinet reshuffle will be partial and the committee of experts in need of some more time. This action was due to the pressure. Remember it is parliament that must pick and ratify the new candidate for the cabinet positions.
Okay in the midst of all this confusion then out steps president Masum to help out in the situation.
I quote from Article #4 below -  “An emergency meeting of the three presidencies with the leaders of the   blocs and political parties at the invitation of President Fuad Masum, Saturday afternoon, in the Peace Palace in Baghdad”. So we see that Sadr gave Abadi a 10 day extension, meaning 10 days from last Sunday 3/20 to 3/30 (or end of March). Will they then go after the corrupt officials in the green zone holding back progress? Or will Abadi complete the reshuffle with the help and support from all the parties? 
So then out pops Mulla with statements to explain the situation yet even more to the people. Remember these articles are not for us in the western world but for the average Iraqi citizen to keep them informed.
See article #5 below. He is telling us primarily that the only way to expose the corrupt is for Abadi to leave the Dawa party since he has too many close ties to the party to force the action needed for these reform changes. We all know very well want Mulla is talking about don’t we? It is these three main political figures the protestors demand justice for mostly. 
I quote from the article – “Mulla said L / balance News / "Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi it not possible to reveal the corrupt in the case was able to leave first the Dawa party and the time for government action."
So what resulted from this emergency meeting that was held?

I quote from Article #8 below – “ MP for the Liberal block on Hoalah, Sunday, that the ministers of the bloc told the Prime Minister Haider al -Abadi they will put their resignations at the disposal of the cleric Moqtada al - Sadr political body for the Liberal bloc, stressing the insistence of the mass on its position on the goal of forming a technocratic government composed of ministers " are not subject to the parties
I quote from article #9 below – “It revealed a member of a coalition of state law that fall under the National Alliance Ibtisam al-Hilali, Sunday, to provide the Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi reforms ministerial end of this week.”
So we finally see the stubborn coalition of state law (Maliki’s party) agreeing to submitting their candidates this week.
Then we see article #10 telling us that on this Thursday 3/24 they plan to vote on the ministerial changes in parliament (ratify the new members). Will it happen or will they postpone the vote, as they usually do? This may occur since the names of the candidates where not yet presented and ONLY agreed to present them in time for Thursday’s session. Since we know they never do anything on time what can we expect then on Thursday? Let’s see how it all plays out.
WOW! It seems like a lot to get to the final outcome didn’t it?  However I wanted to show you in articles and absolute proof (FACTS) of how they work in Iraq and why it is taking so long to do anything. This is the main reason why it is March of 2016 already yet the government still is not fully formed as needed to meet mandates by the UN and USA for a “full” and “functional” government.
The mandate is this - no “full” and “functional” government then no article 8 since they will not turn over all this money to a radical terrorists government. Note - they almost did it in 2012 but Maliki stopped it to spite Dr Shabibi but in the long run we see he actually cut his nose off to spite his face and helped the IMF and the USA to see that there was still much political progress to be made before unleashing article 8. So lesson learned and they will not go down this same road again. Do you get why it is taking so long now? I keep trying to help everyone understand.
NO – the UN and the USA will not be fooled again by proxy ministers and a government susceptible to corruption and Iranian influence. It must be clean this time even if it takes years or more to do it!

Update: 45 Day Deadline for Technocratic Gov’t
Article #1 Begins
Spent sitters first night in front of the Green Zone gates, and spotted a camera / balances News / dozens of them and they are lying after a long day describe as "Juma biting fingers" to begin the countdown to ten days will witness the "Battle of bone-breaking" until a cabinet reshuffle and reforms demanded by the street and support the cleric Moqtada al-Sadr.
Hundreds of people gathered in a large marquee in small tents they Althvon blankets ready and others Avcrashwa sidewalks in exchange for small tents.
Reporter / balances News / as monitoring the presence Mkh_khash tent for the treatment of exposed to fatigue among the protesters and was equipped with the required medicines and medical supplies in case of emergency.
A source in the sit-ins of the Commission stressed that the protesters were divided into meals and participate in 2000 Moatasem front gate of the cabinet only, one of the entrances to the Green Zone.
The source told / balances News / "The protesters against the rest of the Green Zone gates will be coordination and determine their numbers and divided into meals," pointing out that "will be determined by the preparation of the protesters in front of the other gates also to keep organizing sit-ins."
And spotted tents of protestors from the civil power and gathered dozens of activists.
The protesters began to erect platforms sit in front of the gates of the Green Zone, a few minutes from the security forces allow them to cross the bridge of the Republic.
Organizing Committee of demonstrations and sit-ins of the Sadrist movement called, on Friday, all the protesters who do not have business cards registered by it (Lepage) to withdraw from the sit-in yards.
The head of the martyr Sadr's office in Baghdad, Ibrahim al-Jabri formation of a special committee to negotiate with the government in the event that the last wish.
Regulatory committee supervising and called on the sit-ins Msaoualjmah, to adhere to the unified slogans involving demands for reform and full cooperation with the security services and allowing them to exercise their functions, and charged the protesters to "wear uniforms by the Organizing Committee, which carries the slogan Iraqi flag."
The cleric Moqtada al - Sadr called on citizens to exercise their lives and not feel scared, and called for opening closed in the capital , Baghdad , roads, and said that " the prospects for change began and began nebula Balanakecaa , " stressing not to allow any armed spread outside the security forces framework .
In the past, to say "do not close the roads and closed shops nor the other", he stressed on the necessity of the continuation of "all work so that public interests do not stop."
is over. M h n 
Article #1 Ends

Article #2 Begins
Long Press  03/19/2016      
It entered the ministerial changes, which called for the conduct of the Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi recently, in a dark tunnel after the political blocs to refrain from answering Abadi messages to submit their nominations.
And ended last Wednesday, the deadline given by the Prime Minister of the blocks to submit their candidates, without political parties show a clear interaction with the project Minister for "substantially modified".
Paralysis of the Committee of Experts tasked with assessing the candidates of the blocks for the new government to pay Abadi to retreat from the idea of ​​a "fundamental change", and Aljaw E to a partial change in the light of the understandings now conducted with the parties to the National Alliance.

And it demanded political and religious views recently to dissolve the government and parliament and hold early elections. But it will take months of logistical arrangements and the allocation of funds may not be available in light of the financial crisis experienced by the country.
The Abadi had announced on March 9 this, that the cabinet reshuffle will be substantial and will be soon, and when he called to offer ministers professionals names and qualified to fill ministerial portfolios, he stressed that the change will be on in accordance with the constitutional framework and political partnership between the components of the people.
He says Mahdi Keywords, head of the Office of the Prime Minister in a special statement to (range) that "presumably on the Committee of Experts, set up by Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, a study biographies made to it by the political blocs or independents to form a government of technocrats."
He added: "It this requires some time and linked to the question of the end of the blocs to submit their nominations to the Prime Minister," pointing out that "the prime minister said earlier that the upcoming ministerial changes will be substantial and faculty."
In light of the wide reservations made by parties to the National Alliance on the reshuffle, director of the Office of the Prime Minister is expected to "be a part of change," but he stresses that "it remains to be up to the Prime Minister."
In the meantime, he called Virtue Party Reference Guide Mohammed al-Yacoubi, on Saturday, to hold early elections after the formation of a genuine independent Elections Commission, as called for amending the election law a way that preserves the will of the voters.
The MP commented on the mass of the beauty of virtue Muhammadawi emphasizing that "the problem in Iraq is the biggest change within the government and the Minister of cabins after repair You took a long time and did not reflect positively on the management put the country in general."
He Muhammadawi, told the (Long Press), "The document presented by al-Abadi to the political blocs were not clear," he said. "All parties demanded an explanation from the head of government in order to move the process of ministerial changes."  He pointed out that "the books of the prime minister's office and sent to the blocks did not explain the ministries to be changed."
He Virtue Bloc member, said "all political blocs declined to submit their nominations to the President of the government because of the lack of visibility of the prime minister of political views," noting that "the National Alliance forces have not conducted any meeting to discuss amendments to the ministerial meeting after Karbala."
But the former official of the election commission draws out that early elections "requires logistical preparations by the Commission for a period of up to four months in order to prepare the voters' register."
Adel al-Lami, told the (Long Press), "it is difficult to predict the financial Elv specifically to any electoral process because the legislative elections cost differs from the provincial elections, but the cost of the parliamentary elections does not exceed $ 150 million."

Article #2 Ends
Article #3 Begins
19/03/2016 16:17 pm (Baghdad time)
BAGHDAD - balances News
Director of the Office of the Prime Minister Mahdi Keywords, said Saturday that the government continues to make reforms based on the document launched by Abadi, a few days ago.
He explained Keywords during a seminar held by the progress of policy development institute and attended / balances News / "The government continues to implement its reforms, according to the document launched by the Prime Minister recently," he said, adding that "the document identified the criteria and mechanisms for repairing the ministerial change required."  
He added that "there is a problem in the follow-up process by government institutions," adding "to ensure that there is harmony between theory and application."
He Keywords to "put points for examination Alkmarki in the northern and southern provinces," revealing "a clear increase in customs revenue."
It is said that the Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi has launched a comprehensive reform document and presented to the Alssayash.

Article #3 Ends
Article #4 Begins

An emergency meeting of the three presidencies with the leaders of blocs and political parties at the invitation of President Fuad Masum, Saturday afternoon, in the Peace Palace in Baghdad.
According to a presidential statement received 'orbit News' copy of it, that in the beginning of the meeting alive attendees victory of our heroine in Anbar and Mosul and cutouts other and expressed their emphasis on stand strong will and Dolly citizens in Taza who faced brutal crimes committed by terrorists, was also emphasized the need to maintain the security of the capital Baghdad and limiting arms possession security forces.
He added that the meeting focused on the political and administrative reform and the fight against corruption and the ministerial amendment issues and to express their respect for the popular will as represented by demonstrations and sit - ins in the country since July last year and is still ongoing.

He pointed to the 'formation of a committee represented by all political factions and representatives of the three presidencies that would follow up the implementation of the reform measures and alterations cabinet in a week to help the prime minister in a cabinet reshuffle urgently and activate the work of the Supreme Council for the fight against corruption and speed up the resolution of independent bodies Files'.

The statement continued , was also at the meeting approve the formation of a committee of the two communities and their representatives to liaise with leaders of the parties to the national demonstrations to understand the demands and express them in practice in the Commission 's work in coordination with the government and the House of Representatives.
He pointed out that he was stressed at the meeting on the need for the work of the House of Representatives on the completion of stalled and delayed legislation and laws so as to help in the promotion and Ayijiba pace of reform.

Presidential statement pointed out that these measures is an expression of the State 's need real reform, launched by the Prime Minister, which is consistent with the national will , which is being expressed through the demonstrators and protesters patriots who are the basis of the part of the political process and the owners of a genuine interest in Iraq a free , democratic, progressive and safe .

The statement concluded that he was stressed by the presidents and representatives of blocs and parties expressed their support for the legitimate demands and the importance of focusing on accelerating the pace of reform , especially in these circumstances that require everyone to ensure the security and stability and provide area of our armed forces to devote to the performance of national tasks in the fight against Daash and eliminated.

Article #4 Ends
Article #5 Begins
Political  19/03/2016  
Special scales News
Student of the political bureau of the Union of Iraqi forces by Haidar al-Mulla, Saturday, Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi to leave the political work in advocacy and a full-time government action in the Council of Ministers Party.
Mulla said L / balance News / "Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi it possible to reveal the corrupt in the case was able to leave the Dawa party and the time for government action."
"The Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi dropped a great opportunity towards reform when he got the mandate of the people of Iraq and behind of the political blocs and religious authorities," noting that he "did not invest the opportunity to make real changes."
He added that "al-Abadi unable to change the security chiefs in his capacity as Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces, where he does not need to return to any party because we lack the presence of General Command of the Armed Forces."
He pointed out that "a change of ministerial cabin concerning the political blocs and the parliament and not the will of the individual to Ebadi."
He continued that "the street Flounced not objecting to being on the presence of certain names in the ministerial cabin, but because he did not receive the security services and all the necessities of life."  
And between Mullah "Reform has not reduced alter the faces and names as if he changed all ministerial cabin without changing the wrong approach followed by the political process over the past years, the street will rise up and as a result can not bring services into the street and to restore normal life to him."
The Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi has announced his determination to implement the decision of the ministerial change is essential for evaluating the work of the state and to combat corruption.

It is said that a sit-in to follow the Sadrist movement began since yesterday in front of the Green Zone gates to demand change and reform and the fight against corruption.
From: Nur al-Din Wahba

Article #5 Ends
Article #6 Begins
Special - balances News
Revealed to the Parliamentary Integrity Commission member Adel Nouri, Saturday, for the escape of a number of ministers and deputy ministers out of the country who have been sentenced to judicial orders for their involvement in the corruption of files out of the country.
He said Noori's / balances News /, "The information reached the Commission stating the escape of a number of ministers and deputy ministers implicated files of corruption out of the country despite judicial orders for their rights," and accused the government of "not to deal seriously with the files of corruption revealed by the Integrity Commission." .
He said a member of the Parliamentary Integrity Commission, that "there is a clear reluctance by the executive bodies in the activation of the arrest warrants."
The Integrity Commission announced, earlier, on the transfer of three ministers to justice on charges of graft and inflation Alomwal. Haidar Almitm

Article #6 Ends
Article #7 Begins
Baghdad -arac Press -20 March / March: A source in the Iraqi Airways, on Sunday, to leave more than 220 officials and MPs have crossed three airports during the past two days, coinciding open - ended sit and wave the possibility of breaking into the Green Zone.   
An officer in the Iraqi Immigration Department, said that " the majority of bookings on the Iraqi lines and other lines, were to Iraqi officials and their families and those close to them, who went to the Jordanian capital , Amman , and Istanbul , Turkey, as well as reservations to Dubai in the UAE."   according to the source, who declined to be named, the "more than 350 families arrived numbering to about 1,400 people , including women and children, have left Iraq in recent days, all of them relatives of officials and Iraqi lawmakers. "   for his part, a senior official said , in one of the service departments, the green zone where the government headquarters, said that" more than 120 houses and luxury apartment inhabited officials and parliamentarians, have become free inside the green Zone, having abandoned its inhabitants, finally. "   
He added, Anwar al- Tamimi, an employee in the green Zone," most of the residential units and recreational areas, prepared for the accommodation of politicians, had been emptied of its residents who left to the capitals outside the country, while representatives left some lawmakers to their provinces and regions clan. "   
She spoke , political sources on the state of" panic "hit the Iraqi politicians and parliamentarians, with the escalation of the protests carried out by followers of the Sadrist movement and civilians allied with them in thevicinity of the enhanced regional security, threatened Bagthamha.   the look of the Iraqi capital,
BAGHDAD, free of political movement who usually moved within the huge convoys of armored cars, as well as a cooling media activity and confined to statements write them on their pages on networking sites.   Iraqi officials and warns of a "soft coup" carried out , Muqtada al - Sadr, drawing tens Alylav followers .   the limited movement in the green Zone, which isolated the Americans with their occupation of Iraq in 2003, the security elements and some foreign embassies operating in Iraq staff, as quoted sources within the security box accommodation of ruling political elite. on Sunday the US embassy in Baghdad said, it would not intervene in the sit - ins of the Sadrist movement in front of the green Zone as an internal affair ..   the US ambassador to Iraq , Stuart Jonesanh not worried about the security of the embassy inside the green Zone, expressing his belief that "the Iraqi security forces will provide protection for diplomatic missions" .

Article #7 Ends
Article #8 Begins
Sunday March 20, 2016 - 12:00
MP for the Liberal block on Hoalah, Sunday, that the ministers of the bloc told the Prime Minister Haider al -Abadi they put their resignations at the disposal of the cleric Moqtada al - Sadr political body for the Liberal bloc, stressing the insistence of the mass on its position on the goal of forming a technocratic government composed of ministers " are not subject to the parties . " said Hoalah,"
The ministers of the Liberal bloc told thePrime Minister Haider al - Abadi during the last meeting of the Council of Ministers, that they put their resignations at the disposal of the cleric Muqtada al - Sadr political body for the Liberal bloc. " he added that" this step comes within the efforts of the Sadrist movement to change government cabin completely. " He stressed Hoalah, that" the mass is still insisting on its position on the formation of a private technocratic government that includes ministers are not subject to the parties, "according to the Sumerian News. 
It is worth mentioning that thousands of protesters have, on the first Friday (18 March 2016), erecting tents the protest called by the cleric Moqtada al - Sadr, after performing Friday prayers in front of the green Zone gates in central Baghdad. He called on al- Sadr, on Thursday (17 March 2016), to accelerate the "reforms , " adding that the protest was a "public pressure factor" to reach " comprehensive reform

Article #8 Ends
Article #9 Begins
Special - balances News
It revealed a member of a coalition of state law that fall under the National Alliance Ibtisam al-Hilali, Sunday, to provide the Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi reforms ministerial end of this week.
She said Hilali's / balances News /, that "the blocs agreed with the Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi on the implementation of reforms, but there are external proposals crashes activation of these reforms", revealing at the same time that "Abadi will be presented this weekend ministerial reforms."
She added, "All the political blocs put their ideas on the Ministerial reform and Abadi said he will choose the most appropriate idea," calling Abadi to "submit a document of reform as soon as possible."
He revealed security expert Fadel Abu loaf L / balance News / Today, that all the political blocs sticking respective ministers and prepare them for "Superman," among that most of the ministries managed brothers and relatives of ministers.
And held three presidencies, yesterday, an expanded meeting attended by the heads of political blocs to discuss the new selection to the Government of Altankoaqrat Almertqubh.
From: Haidar Almitm

Article #9 Ends

Article #10 Begins
BAGHDAD / .. revealed a coalition of state law, on Sunday that Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi will present ministerial its change s to the House of Representatives on Thursday to vote on them.

The leader of the coalition, Saad logistical's "Eye of Iraq News," that "three presidencies and political blocs agreed yesterday at a meeting to provide Abadi new names of ministers for a vote in Parliament next Thursday," explaining that "the political blocs will help Abadi in the selection of new ministers without to nominate candidates for the prime minister. "

He logistical "The new ministers will be from a competent, professional and not independent but .. will have political leanings but the important thing they're with expertise in their field," and to speed up the selection of ministers before the deadline leader of the Sadrist movement, the end of the green to break into, said that "this is not It has no deadline unrelated chest. "

And held on the evening of Saturday, at the Peace Palace in central Baghdad meeting  of the three presidencies with the leaders of political blocs called for by President Fuad Masum, while face meeting to form a committee to contact the leaders of the demonstrations to follow up on their demands, another committee represented by all the political components and presidencies that would follow up implementation of the reform measures Ministerial amendment called for by Prime Minister Haider al - Abadi in a week.

The Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi deadline granted by the political blocs is over, last Wednesday, without offering any block candidates, the center of the Sunni blocs refused to participate in the next government and the sufficiency role of the opposition and observer, as an impetus to extend the deadline a week 

Article #10 Ends
Update: Fighting ISIS
Most importantly please, please, please let’s not forget to keep praying for the success of THESE IRAQI AND COALITION SOLDIERS. I believe our prayers are in part some of the acceleration of the process we are now witnessing.  
Remember too to pray to the princess of peace – Our Blessed Virgin Mary. She has the ear of Christ and she can intercede in heaven and bring us the peace we all desire here on earth. We can not do it alone. I believe that if we all make this our daily prayer you will see change. It is already working even in the short time since I have been publishing this prayer section. It does not matter what religion you believe, if you pray then to your oven beliefs entity it is still the same powers and good for all of mankind. Ultimately it is all the same God anyhow.
“Lord, protect Abadi and all who stand with him in righteousness, the Iraq and coalition soldiers who are fighting the good fight against terrorism, that they would be shielded from the enemy and would be victorious against them in the battle for Mosul! We ask that the victory comes swiftly and healing of the Iraqi peoples and all whom have been effected by these evil doers can begin!
We pray for the process of the currency reform, the full implementation of  the Iraqi economy to full  international status and the bringing of prosperity and wealth to its people“  Amen!
Till next time…. Auf Wiedersehen!
Peace and Luv To Ya All, 
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