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Post by kenlej Mon Mar 21, 2016 11:14 am

Your Deepest Burning Questions About The Iraqi Dinar Answered...
Finally...The Answers Every Dinar Investor Wants To Know But Is Afraid To Ask..

Hi, Blanche Bonet here from Dinar Guru...

If you've been paying attention to the dinar for a while you will want to read this...If you are NEW to the Iraqi Dinar you DEFINITELY want to read this!

You invested in the Iraqi Dinar for a reason...if you're like me and the THOUSANDS of others in the Dinar Guru community, your dream is to one day wake up and learn your little stack of nearly worthless funny money is worth hundreds of thousands...maybe even millions of dollars!

Picture that!

You feel your heart beating faster and faster as you hear the Iraqi Dinar has RVd...total disbelief washes over you...your heart drops...it FINALLY happened...!!

You can see the stunned faces as you tell your favorite people...The laughs, the hugs, the "I told you this thing was REAL !" Smile

Boy do I dream about that day!

If you are like the hundreds of people who send me emails EVERYDAY, you may have reached the point where you have questions about your investment.

Where do I cash in my dinars once it RVs?

Why hasn't this RVed yet?
What is HCL...is this the hold up?
What is LOP...that doesn't sound too good?
Are gurus pumpers?
Why do the gurus disagree so much?
What does "lift the zeros mean"...and how does it affect me?
Etc, etc etc....

Of course EVERYONE wants to know the DATE and the RATE...but you're a little different.

You have real questions...you want SUBSTANCE about what's going on.

Before I get into all that, you're probably wondering who I am.

Actually, I'm just a regular person just like you, really.  Maybe you're even going through interesting time too?

In 2005, little Miss Hurricane Katrina paid my family a very UN-WELCOMED visit.  

She huffed and puffed and destroyed my husbands 23 year old business, flooded our house, the whole neighborhood and the entire community.

Totally wiped out just like that...(snap).

All these years later (over 6 now), we are back on our feet (well, for the most part).

We're still walking on concrete floors and still sitting in lawn furniture but we have a roof over our heads, a bed to sleep on AND we recently found a SUPER FANTASTIC unbelievable deal on kitchen cabinets...my husband is SLOWLY installing the tiles now.

The kitchen looks so strange now...for the past 6 years there's been nothing but a sink on stilts... (I can kinda sorta kid about it now!)

I'll actually be cooking again soon! Smile

We were introduced to the dinar about 2 years ago...after we saved up a little bit we jumped on the Dinar merry-go-round.

At the time I was in a major FUNK...depressed really.

The dinar was a welcome distraction.

Soon we realized we were on the RV roller coaster ride of our life.

We got pulled into the "RV is happening this weekend" excitement....the highs were EXCITING (exactly what I needed) but the lows were devastating.  

Money was so tight but our emotions got the better of us...we lost so much (a TON for us, probably a little to nothing for most) playing the dinar on reserve/layaway game. 

We needed (and need) that money sooo desperately.  But we had dreams of helping so many. 

I joined all the boards, followed all the forums...listened to the conference calls religiously!

I became the de facto dinar reporter for the family!  My kids actually looked to me for the latest information.

I was secretly soooo happy to do it!

I stumbled upon an amazing discovery... 

The more I learned about what was REALLY going on...the better I felt and the more secure I felt about where I stood in this whole investment.

Long story short...After a while, I created a system to gather all the information the gurus were saying on the different sites into one spot...I shared it will my family and a few friends and they LOVED it!

My son secretly created this little website for me and the family...word somehow got out and they loved it too...I reluctantly decided to keep it going and eventually it became the site you are on now... Dinar Guru. 

This brings us back to the deep burning questions you have about the dinar.

I get emails all the time now from investors wanting to KNOW about this or that...hundreds and hundreds actually.

I saw a pattern in what people ask.

What I discovered is the community struggles with similar things that I struggled with...I get the same questions over and over again.

At first I was like…I can’t answer these questions…who am I?  I’m just a regular person.

Then I realized I have the largest collection of guru predictions and dinar information at my fingertips!  

[size=32]The email message below is the inspiration behind the special report I put together for you...[/size]

This comes from Dinar Guru Member E...[/b]
" I read your statements last night about how you began your dinar adventure... and I like the part where you mention the "Emotional Part"... If I may ask you a question, plain and simple, bluntly ... How do you stay detached from all this...? I guess what I'm saying is I believe ... We all want this So so so bad... where it is to help aid in everyone's number one financial problems, if just to ease it some what... We read daily all the latest...and were emotional beings as well, so we can't help but get caught up in all this... so again what do you do to stay sane as well as to detach and not get so involved???

This email reminds me of one of the main reasons I created the Dinar Guru system in the first place...I couldn't take the emotional RV roller coaster ride anymore.

I wanted to take control over this investment the best I could...

I LOVED (and still do) to hear the DATE and RATE stuff...but I learned one can't live with this investment peacefully on intel alone...

For that you need substance...you need to know WHAT the pieces are...you need answers....you need to know HOW the pieces fit together...

I've been in this investment for a LONG time now...you can say I've been around the "It's Done"/ "RV Today" block MANY times before.

I've learned a lot.

Here's what I have for you...

In this very special report I pull together for you is the top burning questions the community has about the dinar.  Our community is so PASSIONATE and so SAVVY...I selected the ones that would relieve the most ANXIETY, CONFUSION & HEART ACHE and at the same time give you the exact Knowledge you need to make the best decisions for you and your family.

Here are just a few of the answers you will DISCOVER inside this new report....

  • Is this a total scam or what?  I'm totally frustrated... page 15
  • Which banks are cashing in?  Where should I go to cash in?  p.20

  • What Makes a guru a guru...what are the criteria to become one? p.14
  • My bank says it is NOT happening?  What do I do? p. 19
  • What does Remove/Lift the zero's mean? p. 20
  • I want to give my dinar to a loved one...how do I handle this? p.21
  • What is HCL? p 23

  • What is a LOP...what is my 25k note going to be worth? p. 20
  • Is this investment real? p.18

  • Why do the gurus keep saying "now, tomorrow or this weekend"...What gives? p.21
  • What about taxes?  Do I have to pay?  How much do I pay? p.22
  • Why do the gurus say different things...why don't they agree? p24
  • Are gurus pumpers? p. 26
  • How to tell the difference between an Intel guru and a Newshound guru? p. 28
  • The question that inspired the whole report...What do you do to stay SANE as well as to detach and not get so involved? (here's a hint...I'm not detached at all! Smile p 27

I said this is a report..but its more like a conversation really.  Very easy to read.  I'm not a very technical person...I like things simple and straight forward.

Here's what this Special Report will do for you.

You won't be lost in the dark anymore.  Just think of all the hours you put into researching up to the minute news about your dinars...and you still don't feel confident about what's REALLY going on.

It's not your fault...we were not born with this information.

When you read what's inside this report you'll have a deeper understanding of your investment and have a much more satisfying and enjoyable experience.

As a result, your friends, family and coworkers will look at you in a whole new light.

You will have an advantage over other investors…you’ll have the knowledge to make decisions based on logic and ration rather than heated emotion.

You will not feel like you are in the dark anymore.

If you fail to learn the info contained in this report you are likely to fall victim of the emotional roller coaster ride many dinar speculators fall into.

Your family and friends will likely continue to doubt your decision to invest in the dinar and you’re likely to make poor and foolish decisions in the future.

[size=38][size=32]Here's what to do next...[/size]


To get the complete special report "Top Burning Iraqi Dinar Investor Questions Revealed" for only $47 (New Member Special 25% Off...for VERY limited time only $35.25) simply hit the Add To Shopping Cart button below and enter you information...easy.  You'll get your report right away.

Imagine having your biggest question answered and delivered right to you...Being part of a community of the sharpest investors...You'd have your sanity back!  Your husband or wife and kids would love that, you'd love that wouldn't you? 

As I write this I did a little math (dangerous I know! Smile  and I realized if you read the report over the coarse of the next month...you essentially get this entire Special Report for less than $1.57 a day!  That's kind of like hiring my Iraqi Dinar mega brain for "sweat shop wages".   

Wow!  Look at everything you're getting...no wonder so many people are jumping on this :-)

[size=38][size=32]Get these 2 bonuses just for trying out my system...[/size][/size]


BONUS NUMBER 1:  The Secret Language of The Iraqi Dinar Decoded

Ever wonder what those three letter abbreviations the gurus use mean?  How about those pesky weird sounding Iraqi names we hear so much about...who are they?...what do they do?  What do they have to do with the RV?

Well, you're about to find out....Inside this guide I compiled a list of the most common misunderstood abreviations, terms and people involved in the rv drama.  You'll know the most common abbreviations and biggest "players" impacting this whole situation. This will be your handy reference guide.  You will no longer be thinking, "who is that again?", "What does that mean?", "what does that have to do with anything?" again! Smile




This is a awesome free bonus...the LOP is probably the MOST controversial subject surrounding the Iraqi Dinar...

This free bonus goes in depth on the scenario of why the dinar won't lop and says it in easy to understand terms...It even compares Iraq's situation now with another country's situation when they RVed...Here's a hint:  many negative people refer to this country's LOP and say the same thing is going to happen in Iraq.  

The value of these bonuses is $95.90 by themselves...not to mention all the time, frustration and hassle they are going to save you.  You'll have a whole new grasp and understanding of the Iraqi Dinar after reading this....I know I did. 

This special report is NOT for everyone...if you are a date and rate junkie and don't want to know much beyond that, this is NOT for you.  if you are a jaded super negative person...this is NOT for you.  If you are the type of person who likes to put your head in the sand and disregard the real world around you...this is NOT for you.  

This special report IS for you...if you are the type of investor who has REAL questions who wants REAL answers or if you are the person people look up to for answers.  This is for people who want balance in their life and who like things simple to understand.

Now, you have a choiceyou can continue to do things the way you do them now...or you can get the Special Report and the 2 free bonuses delivered right to you and make your investment so much more fun, exciting and rewarding.

You can sit back and relax and let the RV come to you.

**** Special Report 100% Guru Guarantee ****
Oh, one more thing...As you know, I stand behind everything I do...If you don't like this for any reason and feel this is not for you simply let me know. (blanchebonet@gmail.com).  I'll return your money no questions asked...100% guaranteed.  This makes this super Easy.  Keep all the bonuses as my gift for trying out the special report and we'll part as friends...no biggie.

You really have nothing to loose and everything to gain.

Here's What To Do Now.

If you want to get all this and have your biggest questions answered and learn how I got off the emotional RV roller coaster ride and enjoy the investment so much more, click the link below and get it today....

After you click the button go ahead and enter your Paypal information...you'll get instant access to All Three of Your Reports--the Full Q and A Special Report UPDATED EDITION, The Secret Language of The Dinar Free Bonus 1 and LOP talk Free Bonus 2!

Go ahead and click the link below to discover what all the fuss is about and get started now.

[size=38]Yes! Blanche Count Me In[/size]

Yes!  I'd love to get the Burning Iraqi Dinar Questions Revealed special report for just $47 (New Member Special Offer 25% Off...time is running out--only $35.25).  I understand this is 100% GUARANTEED and I can ask for my money back at anytime and keep all the bonuses for FREE!!

IMPORTANT- Buy Instructions...easy as 1, 2, 3!
1) Click Add To Shopping Cart below...Enter your information... 2) Click Purchase button  3) Download your reports!!  Super Easy!  Smile


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Post by Ponee Mon Mar 21, 2016 11:22 am

WOW, they have the whole INFOMERCIAL  SYSTEM DOWN PAT! They have every advertising gimmick in this post.

 You gotta hand it to these people, They know how to make a buck! 

They see great opportunity with the gullible.


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Post by Sandnsea Mon Mar 21, 2016 11:38 am

Ponee it's so sad, people who truly believe in these idiots are losing their jobs, money, and health hanging on every word. I don't feel they are sheeple anymore, just poor trusting souls who are harshly and maliciously being taken advantage of by scum.

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Post by Kevind53 Mon Mar 21, 2016 11:40 am

yeppers, all they need now is a video of someone narrating it, and order form and a popup asking if you are sure you want to leave.

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