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Post by kenlej Sat Mar 19, 2016 1:50 pm

In 2007 when I first started to learn how to escape into the world wide web I was amazed at the subjects I could find in the paranormal.

I found bigfoot, ghosts,and channelers. Two people I found were Tara&Rama and they had a conference call twice a week "wow what a concept" lol. They were fighting the drakos and winning the war. Well it's been 9 years and they are still fighting lizards and we are still in bondage.

A guy named Drake came out of nowhere in 2010 and was part of the militia who was taking down the cabal and the end was July 4 2011 when the white hats took over the white house and the cabal was defeated.

Then I got back in touch with a guy named Steve Beckow that I knew when we got together on the conference calls with Tara&Rama and he just started "Golden Age Of Gaia" and asked if I wanted to help set it up and i said sure. We got it started up but he started making outlandish claims about flying saucers taking us for a ride to Neptune and then told his whole readership 100% guarantee we would be going into the 5th dimension Dec 21, 2012.

Well you see none of this has happened as we are still being controlled by the PTB and we surely are not into the 5th dimension lol.

The one constant all of these had was DONATIONS and at first I would send them $10 or $15 bucks because I could afford it and they were always broke spending their money on keeping the website up and going!! I can still afford the money but I haven't sent any of them money because after nine years I'm a lot more discerning about what any of these people say because I've been down the rabbit hole for along time and i can see we have made progress toward the finish line I see a lot of people taking advantage of our good nature.
You might say what's $10 bucks but I've figured tony was getting that from at least a 1000 people a month and you see his brother is begging people now as their donations have dried up to probably nothing. Rays conferences where he probably had 50 people attend at $200 a pop for advice on how to be a millionaire when he's not a millionaire is probably nigh now.
So if you still want to believe these so called gurus so be it but understand that the ones that has been around a while like Poppy and Ray have made a lot of money off of you.

The ones like TANK, Martha, Wolfy, and Josef probably were the last kids on the playground that were picked and now people are listening to them so they are giving everything they can in their 10 minutes of fame. Martha was living in a storage shed 6 months ago after her husband kicked her out because he got tired of her antics.

Go ahead and believe what you want but I've been hearing the cabal was history 9 years ago and so i don't buy into any of these gurus and the minions that have spread from them


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