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Post by Ssmith on Thu Mar 17, 2016 9:57 am

Wolfy's Neice Avatar?id=1597794&m=75&t=1457963655
wolfy wrote
12m ago
Attention Please--My niece Terry is about to die--The surgery (heart pump) was too late the DR's say and they dont think she is going to make it. Please Please pray for her and my sister--thank you
Wolfy's Neice Avatar?id=1597794&m=75&t=1457963655
wolfy wrote
11m ago
I so love my niece-I helped raise her when her dad passed away when she was a toddler and I cant bare the thought of loosing her now
Wolfy's Neice Avatar?id=1597794&m=75&t=1457963655wolfy wrote
1m ago
the doctors are saying her organs are shutting down
Wolfy's Neice Avatar?id=1597794&m=75&t=1457963655wolfy wrote
moments ago
thank you all so very much--I am truly touched by your love--I am going for now but I love you all very much

~~~ WOLFY wrote: "Hey everyone---The doctors worked with my niece Terry for hours trying to shock her heart back into rhythm, they were exhausted and they said lets try just one more time---The prayers and the mighty hand of God that last try--shocked her heart back into rhythm.. She is not out of the woods yet but its a positive start.. Thank you all for the wonderful prayers and please continue to pray"

... I will continue non-stop for this sweet girl. Holding thoughts of full recovery, and her returned to you and your family as brand new!


Earlier today, Thursday, Wolfy reported that he had spoke with Martha and she said everything looks great for the RV.  He was waiting to hear from his sister regarding his niece, but in the meantime he was going to chase some cars down the road.

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