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WSOMN Security Call Notes for 2-28-16 DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

WSOMN Security Call Notes for 2-28-16

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WSOMN Security Call Notes for 2-28-16 Empty WSOMN Security Call Notes for 2-28-16

Post by Ssmith on Sat Mar 05, 2016 1:13 pm

For someone pumping for an internet security company, it's interesting that she doesn't follow her own advice and still has a gmail account.

WSOMN Security Call Notes for 2-28-16

Posted by highdollarfolks (caller 719)

Wsomn Security Call 2-28-16 with DebTarheel- Notes

call notes from call with Blondie and Debtarheel: about internet security. she is with a company called Privacy Abroad, US company based in switzerland. you can email her for more info about this company at deb@privacyabroad.com.

Call notes: 2-28-16

Not about 1 country, not about us. Planned structured scheduled event. We want the perfection in place to help us keep the investment.

Need to be prepared when you get the blessing, Keep your info of what to do updated.

We are in the real world, a cyber world. We tend to take each others words for it without meeting them. We do not know these folks. Here to bring trust to you. Because we are in cyberland, there are thieves out there who are waiting for you to slip up.

Encrypted emails- you allow others to read your emails without getting your ISP address and being able to hack into your emails and personal info. Thru free emails, gmail, hotmail, yahoo, etc are free but the email servers allow folks to get in and read your emails and save key words. They pay hackers to check our emails and pick out key words. then you look at a site and then go to another site and you will see ads for those sites you just went to. VPN is like star trek security. Click to connect to VPN that is stored on switzerland servers, why switzerland? Highest protection of any country. Our country has allowed folks and government to read your info.

Major corps are moving US server ability to switzerland. they have three back ups. Very inexpensive. For a year is less than a dinner out.

email her at :Deb@privacyabroad.com and she will send the info to you about this.
No ability to hack your email. VPN shields your computer, and your emails.

Story: when we travel, check hotels or travel sites searching for things, if you are not encrypted they can see you. Your financial advisors send you docs, when you travel you take computer and if stolen, your info is gone. Take your wallet, copy drivers license, credit cards, passport, etc then put in this cyber safe, you can email into it and out of but not email based system it is a safe! Swiss safe will let you log in and you can see docs and this will help you get home. Don't keep info on your tablet , computer or in your wallet. Safer than a cloud. Swiss servers, one click to get to it and one click to get info out.

Swiss data laws has them doing such extensive investigations to get even any info. Now new phone app to encrypt calls and texts, free if your folks sending to are also customers. Deb does banking online because she uses swiss safe and vpn before she does banking. Believe me your ISP is registered. VPN protects you from your ISP number. your number with anyone you have accounts with, cable, phone company etc and once you get on web your ISP is red and anyone can get it. Hushmail is US based business and registered with government and govt can get that info as to who you are. Swiss based does not allow folks to get that ISP and info.

Going to buy all stuff thru LLC , Corp or Trusts. She will not do anything in her name. Going off grid is not to hide anything but to protect yourself. No one of the big folks have anything in their names they are broke but control everything.

Deb@privacyabroad.com is where you get the info for privacy abroad. You get 5 emails with your privacyabroad account. You can set up an email and get rid of alias and use it one at a time.

Blondie ?: When you turn on computer and you go to your email account. do it got thru my email server? NO, you click on the vpn , little globe you click on, way above virus protection. No need to do virus protection if you want to use it. You can still use avast or some free virus protection and this will help.

? Is this mac compatible. Saturday training, live screen share training. Site tells you how to set it up on mac, pc, tablet, smart phone.

? do you get your kids their own account? Yes: they need their own protection and own email.

? When you use texting app , can you go back and forth so you do use all your minutes. A: there is 100 min and 500 min program and Deb is not sure how minutes are calculated. once you are using privacy abroad app you will use that but if you do not care if you are invisible on some texts then you can go to regular text messages.

? cost? by the year. How do you get your documents into the swiss safe? drag and drop documents from your computer to swiss safe or scan and upload them to the safe.

With vpn you get two log ins. Only one can be activated at one time. If you and your wife both get on, then you could kick you off. So each would need account. Cost is per VPN. Never be hacked , traced or scammed ever again.

Everyone in house that will use computer(s) should have separate account with privacy abroad.

? are you the new provider? We we are the protection program, we are not your internet provider. Every internet providers give you the connection you need. they can be read by anyone. But the swiss based company is your protection. Like the Klingons, they cloak you and hide you.

? i orginally considered hushmail not good? a: no please it is not safe. ? if I get new account how do I send to my contacts. A: download your contacts into swiss system, tell your folks what is your new email address and ask them to make note of it. What about emails I get from other sites, wsomn, coldwater creek, etc? A: let the sites know what is your new email address so you can continue to get their emails. you will never need to change emails again, you will not get spam , you will be notified if you get emails they think could be spam, you then will verify not spam, etc.

On saturday mornings, 10 o'clock for 1 hour training on how to use the system. they also have tech support that will help you. They will also help with items such as microsoft word, etc and help you for $29 an hour if you need it.

One click download and one click to shield you to get on web.

? calling from new zealand- I'm curious, having problem with new computer did not write down password. what is preferred method to remember passwords? Blondie: answer it- write in ink on palm of your hand, laughing.

Deb: Swiss has a password creator within system, it will create them very securly. if you are going into say facebook, it will save your password and you just click on it to get into that site. you have to remember how to get into password creator. You can put your own in there for each site you go to and that is limitless.

If you keep all your passwords and signons in your swiss safe, you will only log into swiss safe, private safe for you, your password and log in for each site you go to, click on those and it logs you in , for you!

? what about banking system: A: your banking system shows it is encrypted. So if you use privacy aboard you are going from privacy system to another privacy system. You are double safe even banking online if you use Privacy abroad. Good idea to use new computer but if you use existing system, clean cache and stop virus soft ware before you download vpn. do not have to use new computer but clean up your old computer before you download vpn software.

? Quincy Mass- when you sign up is there a globe on your computer, once you click on that and you are on web no one will see you??? A: yes absolutely invisible when online. You have two downloads, you can only be online with vpn 1 at a time. You get two for one. ?: so I can go online for PC and tablet but can only connect with one item, either PC or tablet. One at a time. This is military X 2 protection!!!

a: facebook is guilty of that. When you go to other countries and want to share pics? other countries will not allow you to log into facebook. You would have to go thru vpn and click on US to get onto facebook. Some countries do not allow facebook or certain websites, they ban them!

? Florida: what heard so far, email protection and surfing protection. What about web hosting?

A: they have web hosting, also surfing protection and email protection, etc. What if we have our own domain names? you can transfer your web name to them and get protection and diff. levels of hosting. Click on web hosting on the site and you will see the prices.

? SC: why is everyone so paranoid if our world is changing? A: this is not paranoid but being smart. Smart in the era we are in. ?: What is your point of view regarding keeping us safe? A: right now where we are we need to be secure in everything we do. this is just like locking your front door locked. Take all precautions you can to protect yourself.
What does VPN stand for? A: Virtual Private Network

? Minn: ? for deb. Have a vision problem and I use zoom text, will that effect that? A: no, not at all. That is an application you are running, no issue. I also use Roboform that keeps and creates my passwords, will that effect that? A: your swiss server will do that for you and your whole computer is shielded.

? 918: as far as encryption service is not available in this country? a: no sir, the encryption laws in this country will not even allow this type of encryption. US business has to get ein: then you use that to register business etc. Government knows about all you do.
? you mentioned that banks have encryption system. A: yes banks are hard to hack into. Right now if you are banking online and you do not have vpn you are naked, if you have vpn you are shielded.

( this guy is an executive but does not sound very bright! ) Geez!!! My thoughts, make you laugh!

? California: If I am working with company to protect my bank accounts? how will this work with them. A: does not interfer with you getting into a site, you are invisible. Logman and Logman have their own encrytpion? A: no sir, just like going into bank which is encrypted and now your side is encrypted, invisible.

? 405: 1. Can you send email to yourself that was on the old email and is that secure? A: yes can send email from old email to new email address that is encrypeted and you are safe. 2. If you take computer someplace and click on the vpn anywhere you go and you are encrypted. You can do it on any item, pc, tablet, etc that is encrypted.

? FL: for the banks where dealing with big banks, ie: wells fargo, trying to split up mother load that you will do that, can you talk about that? A: no not at this time. we are talking about security on your computer. you can deal with multiple banks and as long as your site is encrypted you are protected. From the bank side then you have to make sure they are secure.

? TX: I purchased Privacy aboard package. I have it on all my equipement, 5 pieces. but I cannot use all my equip at same time. I leave it running on my desktop and if using tablet then I can use it there. My bank will not let me log on while I have privacy aboard up and using it. Vendor also called me and wanted to know if it was a legit order since it looked like I was ordering from Switzerland.

A: You are looking to other like you are ordering from switzerland but could not complete order. A: lets talk to staff about that and see what answer is about blockage.
What bank do you use since blocking you? A: Frost Bank, will not let me in.
Deb: possibly that bank will not have right security that will recognize this system.
? is there a way to set up privacy abroad to be recognized when you turn on computer. A: I will check on that, I do not cut it on until I am ready to go online.

? 956: What about being put on black list due to privacy abroad system being use by you? A: Deb you have that right to protect yourself. That notion is ridiculous. Not correct. Who will do that ? who is paying for that? Caller wanted to disspell that for others.

? 334: Just wanted to make sure that info I have saved on thumb drives , once I purchase privacy abroad. will I be protected if click on those links? A; you are protected once you click on those links you do not activate or notify cyber thiefs that you are online. If not online you are OK. Deb: I am going to put docs on thumb drive and put in safe, real safe and then put a copy of the docs on my swiss safe, double protection.

email: deb@privacyabroad.com

?331: I use alot of diff devices and use them all at one time with family. A: your vpn can be on 2 pieces of equip but only use 1 at a time. If you and wife get online at same time, they can only use 1 vpn. They bought multiple vpns.
caller: I use two or three devices at one time and then so does family. A: then you will have to get multiple vpn's to be able to operate.

Blondie: closing call, thanks Deb for all your info. Matriarch of Dinarland.

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WSOMN Security Call Notes for 2-28-16 Empty Re: WSOMN Security Call Notes for 2-28-16

Post by Kevind53 on Sat Mar 05, 2016 5:29 pm

Umm .. sure sign me up right now ... here let me give you my authorization ... WSOMN Security Call Notes for 2-28-16 1656125192

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