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Iraq agrees to develop a new border port with Iran DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

Iraq agrees to develop a new border port with Iran

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Iraq agrees to develop a new border port with Iran Empty Iraq agrees to develop a new border port with Iran

Post by Ssmith Fri Feb 26, 2016 1:49 pm

Iraq agrees to develop a new border port with Iran

2016-02-26 20:34:31 | (Voice of Iraq) - Wasit

Announced Wasit province Management, on Friday, the approval of eight ministries in the central government, to develop Shihabi port with Iran, and as pointed out that funds are transferred without starting the project, confirmed that the new port "positive impact" on the economic side of the province.

The governor of Wasit owner behind the valley in an interview (range Press), " The representatives from eight ministries federal came to the province of Wasit for the ground on the proposed site for the establishment of Shihabi port (about 45 km east of hand Sheikh Saad)."

Valley added that " the representatives of those ministries and in the interior, finance, transport and communications, trade, agriculture, tourism and antiquities, oil and other relevant ministries met in Wasit foremost to discuss the technical and administrative procedures for a Shihabi border port with the local government in Wasit."

He noted the valley to "serious and there is full by those ministries to initiate a new port for large importance in strengthening the trade and economic and tourism cooperation between Iraq and Iran , particularly with respect to the entry of large numbers of pilgrims."

He said the valley was "in principle there are no obstacles to the start of the new port with the exception of the subject of the provision of funds by the Ministry of Finance , which in turn expressed full readiness to set up a new port because of the great economic importance in the near future."

The governor of Wasit owner behind the valley called on Saturday (second from January 2016), the Federal Government to accelerate the construction of Shihabi port with Iran and "exempted" from the austerity, and among the new port a large positive impact on the economic side, assured the governor of Ilam Mohammed Amrawid satisfaction that the Iranian government for its part is ready to start in the new port and the possibility of opening a road linking it with the road leading to Kut.

The district director Sheikh Saad in Wasit province, Ahmed Tariq Hamashi had called in ( the fourth of December 2015) the Iraqi government to accelerate the completion of procedures relating to the introduction of Shihabi port in order to avoid a repeat Zurbatiyah incident in the coming years, as he emphasized that the Iranian side more willing to develop this port , he pointed out that Shihabi port will double the volume of trade exchange between the two countries and allows entry of some two million Iranian visitors in forty visit.

And it announced that the border crossing points Directorate, on Saturday (the twelfth of December 2015) its intention to open implementers new with Iran in Maysan, Wasit, over the next year in 2016, and revealed the existence of a joint committee with Saudi Arabia for the re - opening of the Arar port.

The Interior Minister, Mohammed Ghaban demanded on Thursday ( the tenth of December 2015) during a meeting with officials from border crossings to establish "typical" design for Iraqi ports with neighboring countries provides travelers the convenience and can keep up with the steady increase their number, and called for the classification of ports to commercial or economic , according to the nature of the use.

The prime minister, Haidar al - Abbadi, ordered earlier in the construction of ports , border "model reflects the interface Iraq 's civilization , " and that the majority of the current Iraqi ports suffer poor service and lack of capacity to absorb the growing number of visitors, especially during religious occasions , as happened during the forty - day visit, most recently in Zurbatiyah port, east of Wasit, (180 km southeast of Baghdad).


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