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Max Steel Has A Message for RayRen98 DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

Max Steel Has A Message for RayRen98

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Max Steel Has A Message for RayRen98 Empty Max Steel Has A Message for RayRen98

Post by RamblerNash Fri Feb 12, 2016 11:02 am

Max Steel@coolhand6544  23h23 hours ago

@THE_TNT_TEAM hoping this dream comes true.

@THE_TNT_TEAM I am educated enough to make my money work.so I do not need the FORM,it's not even info anymore.only people own crap.

@THE_TNT_TEAM I have a new hobby now, that's to really tell rings the way I see it."you decide".

@THE_TNT_TEAM the FORM will not let you speak your opinion, 1 oz. of negative input and to are banned.

@THE_TNT_TEAM "The Form" it's like being in a cult, if you do not con-FORM you will be cast out in other words "Banned" from their churchMax Steel Has A Message for RayRen98 1f629

@THE_TNT_TEAM here one for you TNT listeners. The one caller was right. DC is gone,then Tony is in the pokie. Oh you didn't know?next......

@THE_TNT_TEAM I got this from another caller. Look up Tony on the Internet (public knowledge)he is being sued by quite a few people in......

@THE_TNT_TEAM Kansas City for a scam, cheating people out of thousands of dollars.i have read the summons myself it was on the Internet.....

@THE_TNT_TEAM i'm sorry but I think all you people all need to know who you're listening to it statedhe is off the air to do a year in jail.

@THE_TNT_TEAM continuing:and pay back $1.62 million to the people in the city somewhere in Kansas.i sure, keep in mind, yes..this is the ...

@THE_TNT_TEAM Internet! But it does have a picture and all the pages of the summons United States vs Tony Renthow. Look it up and wake up.

@THE_TNT_TEAM Believe me people I appreciate all the time that Tony has put into this. The education on money saving was priceless.....

@THE_TNT_TEAM but the facts are the facts some real some I don't know I just know what I read on the Internet and I see court summons....

@THE_TNT_TEAM I can't get kicked off Twitter so I don't know who's reading this I don't really care but I am going to speak my mind and my..

@THE_TNT_TEAM opinion.

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