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The dinar, Iraq , ISIS DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

The dinar, Iraq , ISIS

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The dinar, Iraq , ISIS Empty The dinar, Iraq , ISIS

Post by Chaz on Thu Jan 21, 2016 9:28 am

For a thousand years when after Mohammed dyed there has been war in the Muslim population,Sunnis against Shiites,because there religious beliefs are different,yep entirely.

I am not going in depth into the difference ,that up to you to research,but the gurus has left this important factor out of there Intel,ether because of ignorance or they know that this is the stumbling block for any type of currency reforms as in a RV.

 This week the Islamic state (ISIS) put out there monthly online magazine the Dabiq declaring war on the Shiites,where are these Shiites at? Mostly in Iraq & Iran,are you getting the picture yet? My point is as the chaos continues & escalates in Iraq & the middle east, a sectarian conflict that will continue until Jesus come back,there will be no reconciliation between the two sects because as you see in the Iraqi government,there are both,Sunnis & Shiites in contending for power,not for the benefit of all,but for there own,its called Babel,(confusion), (hatred). You don't hear about the bombings every week in Baghdad from the gurus do you,oh yes they are having some progress in the fight against ISIS,but they have the tribes to contend with too as they always did,will there ever be peace in Iraq? Absolutely not!no I am not being negative, it's the truth!

Can you handle that? When it all said and done little progress if any will happen,but on the scale of a RV as the gurus are saying,NEVER!

One last note; ISIS,the Sunnis believe that there prophesied battle will be in Syria,where is Syria located? The middle east is on fire in almost every country & spreading, even to Iran,if you have bought Rial on the pretence of being rich,well in my opinion you have been scammed again.

 Sincerely blessings Charles
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