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Dr. Rich is Pumped!

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Dr. Rich is Pumped! Empty Dr. Rich is Pumped!

Post by Ssmith on Wed Jan 20, 2016 10:12 am

Dr. Rich:  This is a HUGE ARTICLE TOO UNDERSTAND.  Also, right now in Iraq the rate is about 10 cents, or up from a penny or less.  The articles have all of the information, and have been since day one.  For that reason, I get most of my info from a group who study and specialize in articles, and info from Iraq.  Then, from our TNT site I can put the puzzle together.

As it stands right now, the puzzle is done. However, you will not see an announcement from anyone, especially the IMF.  Why do we know that, because that is what IMF said in an article.  So, how will be know?  We will know through the mathematics of the rates. 

Yesterday, I posted an explanation in here that showed the rate, and the math.  The rate they use is 1166, 1180, 1240, however in that format there is no algorithm  code.  It has to be like $4.00, and the code would be 0.250, again $12.00 and the code would be 0.833.  Did you notice the larger the number the higher the rate?? However, as long as we know the dollar amount of the rate, or the algorithm code, we will immediately know what the rate is!  SWEET.

What are the hold ups??  Whether you believe it or not, they do exist.  But, now the IMF with their mentor staff are over seeing the CBI, Iraq can and will move much quicker.  As long as Maliki is around, and he still is, because they have not passed the amnesty law, or the 3 President law, which would allow his arrest!!

The Parliament is back to work today, January 19th, and all of the 5 very important laws must be voted on and put in the gazette.  No!!  They are still not voted in, but THE IMF AND UN are screaming to get it done.  Iraq has many people who want to be leaders, but each in his/her own way.  The technocracy of their GOI is missing for the most part, and has been for over 40 years.  It has been a hard climb right now for the technocrats who are in leader positions.  Is it any wonder Maliki had over 10,000 people protecting him??

Also, pay attention to the actions of Iran, because what they do Iraq will do or which ever goes first!! JMHO  However, Iran now knows an understands, they don't get involved in the GOI or Iraq's business.  Finally, Iraq is a sovereign Nation, and they must govern and be accountable by the same standards, set by the UN and others.

I would say we are in the best position today than we have ever been in. 

I know of others are saying the same thing from 8-12 years ago.  I'm excited, and as dkully would say, I'm pumped, jacked up etc.

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Dr. Rich is Pumped! Empty Re: Dr. Rich is Pumped!

Post by Kevind53 on Wed Jan 20, 2016 11:24 am

I don't know if your pumped or not, I do know that you are a FOS pumper though ....

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