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Kurdish confirm the importance of strengthening relations with Baghdad       DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

Kurdish confirm the importance of strengthening relations with Baghdad

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Kurdish confirm the importance of strengthening relations with Baghdad       Empty Kurdish confirm the importance of strengthening relations with Baghdad

Post by Ponee Sun Jan 10, 2016 7:24 pm

announced senior leader of the «Union of Kurdistan» led by former President Jalal Talabani, said his party is seeking to find a solution to the political crisis existing in months in the Kurdistan region, because of differences over the position of president of the region and powers wide.

Said Adel Murad, head of «Central Council» It serves as a partisan Parliament, on the sidelines of a meeting between the party leaders and senior cadres: that a delegation of his party will lead the next week, a new round of talks with the other Kurdish parties, with a view to resolving the intractable crisis.

It was at the party meeting, he emphasized that «National Union stands at the same distance of all the parties and the parties to the current crisis in Kurdistan, as well as his commitment to his project with the three parties to amend the presidency of the province Law ». 
Joint Meeting, which included members of the« Central Council »Authority working party, touched on several important files in the forefront of the relationship with the federal government in Baghdad, where The two sides focused on the importance of strengthening the relations also stressed the need to exit the territory of the crises that swept offline. President of the Central Council, strongly what is known as »the Sunni Conference» which was held in Arbil a few days ago criticized, the required number of characters to justice and participated in it, indicating that this «Conference is actually fueling the sectarian sectarian dredge in Iraq». He called Murad, to address the consequences left by the presidency of the region emerged from the crisis and the economic and political problems led to disrupt the work of the federal administration in the Kurdish region. In turn, the official «working body» Mullah Bakhtiar, confirmed that his party «has achieved positive results in his recent visit to Baghdad, toward the end the tension and disputes with the center, and open a new page of relations on objective grounds». Bakhtiar was quoted as saying that «for as long as the Kurds remained part of a federal Iraq, the treatment of internal problems lies in Baghdad», stressing the need to take into account the representation of political parties and their positions and vision in any negotiating delegations are visiting the capital ..



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