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Parliament approval of the budget next year tops the concerns of today's papers DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

Parliament approval of the budget next year tops the concerns of today's papers

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Parliament approval of the budget next year tops the concerns of today's papers Empty Parliament approval of the budget next year tops the concerns of today's papers

Post by Ponee Fri Dec 18, 2015 10:21 am

Topped the parliament's approval on the budget next year concerns newspapers on Thursday seventeenth of December.Zora newspaper issued by the Iraqi Journalists Syndicate said that after unanimously witnessed in the corridors of the parliamentary committees during the past few days, and amid objections Congress coalition of state law to give Kurdistan share 17% of the budget, the House of Representatives approved on Wednesday a draft federal budget for 2016. Law The paper pointed out that the House of Representatives passed a vote on the paragraphs of the draft budget law majority successively before boycotting deputies coalition of state law session In introducing the ninth paragraph of the draft budget relating to the share of the Kurdistan region law, against the backdrop of collecting signatures and submit a proposal to grant the Kurdish 13%, which decided him the presidency of parliament to convert the meeting to a secret vote on both proposals, only to end up retaining a stake of 17%.

The newspaper quoted Chairman of the parliamentary finance committee Faleh force saying that the budget of the new year passed by the House of Representatives, is balancing a comprehensive took into consideration all the observations that have been put forward and submitted by the House of Representatives and members of the parliamentary committees. "he told a news conference:" The budget presented objectively processors with respect to the displaced The crowd popular, and they took into consideration the financial situation of the country and retrenchment. "He added:" The draft budget law as public revenues of the state B81 trillion dinars, and a deficit of more than 24 trillion dinars, with export a daily rate to 3.6 million barrel according to the price of $ 45. "Zaman newspaper for its part, addressed the issue of the budget and said the retirees and employees are preparing to organize demonstrations and strikes against the deduction of salaries in the budget of next year.

The newspaper quoted the President of the Association of Retired Abdolreza Xiaa diaper as saying that (retired with understand what provided the crowd People of sacrifices for the liberation of the areas controlled by Daash we see that the deduction must begin with the upper and salaries of special grades).

He said he (already put forward the idea of deducting 25 percent of special grades of two directors and members of the House of Representatives and the provinces the salaries of support for the crowd and displaced persons and in particular that it would be cost-effective financially more than 3 percent, which Ststqta retired) indicating that the (retired in dire need of salary as a result of what they suffer from the difficult conditions of life in addition to their commitment and their families, especially since the salaries they receive is not enough for two weeks and thus live in the hope until the end of the period to receive the salary again).

 He said diaper he (told us that the salaries of retirees red line and even promised to parliament and the government to amend the salaries, but we ceased, all in recognition of economic circumstance, which passes by the country) Indicating that (the Finance Committee suggested it and they know the conditions suffered by pensioners where was able to take the initiative to promote the funds from other resources). He revealed diaper about (the existence of the debt of two billion dollars to the phone companies can not claim government).

A proposal (to the government sale of property state controlled by MPs and ministers without the right as if these properties were sold at the auction will achieve financial returns billions of dollars to fill the budget deficit, and then the government will not need to amounts Withholding of retirees that do not contribute anything.) Said (we will resort to All roads within the Constitution for demonstrations and sit-ins in order to deliver our voice to the world Bmazlomah retired under this government that can not provide the most basic rights of a salary).

Reiterated his call to (the government and the retirement to restore the amounts that have been deducted in the month of December in addition to the work on the distribution of salaries month system instead of two months as well as the launch of an advance of 5 million dinars).

Mashreq newspaper followed the issue of the budget and said that the House passed yesterday 2016 budget After a tug of war and altercations and delays ended reduce many of the paragraphs and reduce spending on many doors. The newspaper quoted experts money to budget deficit threatens to erode the cash reserve as reflected in the value of the dinar against other currencies.

parliamentary source revealed by the newspaper that the council voted to impose taxes on Kartat mobile, cars, alcohol, indicating that it was imposing a tax of 20% on Kartat mobile and the Internet 0.5% on the import of cars and 100% on the import of alcohol and cigarettes, within the general budget. The source added that the Council voted on the budgets of the Supreme Judicial Council and the Commission of Human Rights and the budget of the Council of the same House of Representatives , and revenues and expenses and the budget deficit. The council also voted to deduct 3% of employees and pensions, and the distribution of this deduction by 60% to rally public and 40% of the relief to the displaced ,.

He explained that the council also voted to grades in the budget in 2016, noting that the Council decided to reconsider the rounds of licenses signed by the Ministry oil with foreign companies. He added that the Council voted on the Kurdistan region's share amounting to 17% after the adjournment of the meeting half an hour to agree on the region's share




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