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TNT - Market Pandemonium This Tuesday DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

TNT - Market Pandemonium This Tuesday

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TNT - Market Pandemonium This Tuesday Empty TNT - Market Pandemonium This Tuesday

Post by Ssmith Sun Dec 13, 2015 10:34 pm

[LAS] Iko on OM. (Open Mic Call)

[LAS] Iko - If you want to watch this real time go to MoneyCNN.com, click on World Market, Nikkei dropping 1/4% every few minutes. Watching crash. This is a good thing. Chinese promise this would happen. Fantastic position. The way to fix it is let the RV go.

[LAS] Mod on OM -The baby is being born

[LAS] Iko - From a standpoint of observation...tonight is fascinating... Europe will cave... watch as it travels west.. we are there...watch it unfold.

[LAS] rkstx : IKO has given very good news for us as Japan is crashing, no worries ...IKO on OM

[LAS] Iko Ward :  Nikkei already down 3.15 %. This is good for us.

freedomboomer :   http://www.cnbc.com/      asian mkt.

[sunny] LAS For over a year IKO was saying the fluctuation in the Dinar price on the market was a sign of the impending RV. Others told him it was not but he kept saying it because some " trader he trusted had told him so." About 6 weeks ago he came out and said he'd decided it was not as he'd been told and was no longer looking at fluctuation of the IQD has an indicator.

[LAS] sunny I remember Iko saying Forex is only one of many indicators and do remember Iko saying he would no longer watch forex but he says now he is unable to stop watching markets/forex.

[LAS] There is something wildly exciting about the way Iko reports. He is eternally positive.
[gary1964] `LAS the past 8 years I have been seeing people cry wolf with the RV. Maybe tonights wolf' will be the wolf that is going to happen. The action that is going on this weekend and the last 5 days has made some real reality that it is going to happen if it has not already. Thank you for all the updates you bring this chat room.


Carl:  Solving the Tuesday Mystery

An interesting look at Tuesday December 15 from a non-RV related source. Absolutely no mention of an RV in this article. I removed all references to the source so so to not offend the simple-minded who are always more concerned with something being sold, then with what the article offers (and maybe avoid the post being pulled). Obviously someone else outside our RV circle believes something is to happen on Tuesday.

Sunday, December 13, 2015

Solving the Tuesday Mystery  by Larry E

Dear Xxxxx,

For several days now, I’ve been writing you about a powerful convergence that’s suddenly showing up in my cycles charts.

For weeks now, the cycles charts I follow inSupercycle Trader have shown fairly orderly patterns for a rolling series of coming bottoms in commodities.

Gold even bottomed with in a day of the latest date of the cyclical time window on December 3rd.

But then suddenly, gold started also showing a key date of “December 15.” And then suddenly, a couple of days ago, that same date mysteriously began appearing in nearly ALL of the key markets I follow:

Suddenly, my cycles charts ALSO identified December 15 as a key turning point for silver, platinum and palladium ...

 ... They began signaling that December 15 would also be a key date for major currencies: The U.S. dollar, the euro, the Japanese yen and the Australian dollar ...

 ... And they’re ALSO saying next Tuesday, the 15th, is the key date for the U.S. stock market.

Almost immediately, readers began pelting me with emails asking, “What is it? What is this big event that’s going to create pandemonium on the markets next week?”

“What’s going to happen on Tuesday?”

Frankly, I don’t know.

Cycles research is excellent at telling us WHEN something big is going to happen. It can never tell us exactly WHAT is going to happen.

It is fascinating, though that the cycles charts came up with the date, Tuesday, December 15 organically, with no help from me.

It is also interesting that the Fed’s Open Market Committee begins its meetings on Tuesday and is slated to make an announcement on interest rates on Wednesday.

If it raises rates as many analysts expect, it will be the first rate hike since June of 2006 — the first in nine long years.

Could that trigger extreme volatility in the markets?

I also can’t help but notice that the U.S. Senate has just extended negotiations on a bill to keep the government open into next week.

Could we be staring down the barrel of a government shutdown?

There was news this morning that Third Avenue Management — a big junk bond fund — is no longer allowing investors to withdraw their money. It’s the biggest failure in the mutual fund industry since 2008.

Could this be the beginning of a massive bond market crash as the enormous bubble in debt instruments finally bursts?

The answer, of course, is that nobody knows.

But I am constantly amazed at the ability of these cycles to identify major inflection points in the economy and the markets well in advance ...

And the fact that all these potential crises are brewing now ... and likely to come to a head next week — around Tuesday December 15 — is truly amazing.

(the remaining paragraphs removed so it doesn't appear (Lord forbid) that I'm selling something)

Best Wishes,    Larry E

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TNT - Market Pandemonium This Tuesday Empty Re: TNT - Market Pandemonium This Tuesday

Post by Kevind53 Mon Dec 14, 2015 8:49 am

Well let's see. The Nikki did indeed trend downward before recovering most of it's losses by the end of the day. But it had nothing to do with any RV/GCR. What id did have to do with was, for the most part, investors moving away from riskier positions in anticipation of the Fed enacting higher interest rates this week. We saw the same pattern the last time they considered this as well. If the enswer from the Fed is no, expect the markets to recover any losses within a day or so. If the answer is yes, we'll probably see some more smallish losses. Oil prices may also be playing into this as we do see some jitters there. However, no matter how you sum it up, no crash in Japan.

No small minded person, but I recognize the article, and in reality it is nothing new as the person writing it, (who's name escapes me) has been saying the same things for months, if not years. BTW the article is hawking Gold and precious metals.

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