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Just some ramblings, Iraq taking back Dinar?  DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

Just some ramblings, Iraq taking back Dinar?

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Just some ramblings, Iraq taking back Dinar?  Empty Just some ramblings, Iraq taking back Dinar?

Post by dwm007 Tue Nov 17, 2015 11:03 am

Just some thoughts, I have exactly nothing supporting this except opinion and not dead set one way or the other with that!

I have often wondered if Iraq will even allow all the Dinar they exported to return to the country, I have doubts that they will for several reasons. Now something else has come up that has me wondering even more, recently it became apparent that the selling price of Dinar by holders has fallen sharply and seems to be around $750 person to person and even dealer buy backs are down considerably. In any event Dealers can pick up a substantial amount of Dinar for well below the official exchange rate, if they can get it that cheap and can get Iraq to allow it back into the country then why do they make it so difficult to sell back to them? Most dealers will not even take back Dinar unless it is from a former customer and they don't make any efforts to do it even then! Why are the dealers not buying up every Dinar they can get for these prices and exchanging them for the current higher rate? Not profitable yet? Maybe, I have no way of knowing but it sure looks like a pretty good spread to me! Could it be that the dealers know full well Iraq will not allow it to return? I suppose they may just need it for inventory but with the drop in sales and flood of sell-outs is that really the case? Again I have no answer for any of these questions but I thought it might be just something to think about.

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