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Post by Ssmith on Wed Oct 21, 2015 11:44 am

Would someone please get Elmer a World Map?  The poor man is so confused, he thinks China is in London.  He doesn't even realize it's a country!  No wonder he's found himself a home at TNT.  He fits right in with the other screwballs!

ZebraGirl:  Today's the "Back to the Future" date. Wouldn't that be something, lol.

Nissi: zebragirl...right?! 4:29pm today complete

elmerf123456 : So here's what we know. China is in London We know it will be a reserve currency Reforms are done! Laws are done and passed with small refining! International Investors are on sidelines ISIS is under control CBI Reserves down to 50 Billion And we still sit.....but not for long cause movement is needed and it's needed now.

Conrad:  Elmer; How much does the elections influence the process if any, please share?

elmerf123456:  This is much bigger. This is about financial positioning with both the the East and the West and how that fits in to the world In regards to Global Economics.

Net Global:  Morning Elmer. I have heard mentioned that Iraq is burning up its reserves. Do you have any evidence that is true? If it is true, Iraq must raise funds soon.

Elmerf123456:  I'm hearing same. Proof? Now that's an operative word.

Net Global: Cool Elmer. Since Iraq cannot raise thru bonds or borrowing it seems they have little options left except raise the value of the Dinar.

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