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Tony CC Cliff Notes, Wednesday, October 7, 2015 -- UPDATED as Call Progresses DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

Tony CC Cliff Notes, Wednesday, October 7, 2015 -- UPDATED as Call Progresses

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Tony CC Cliff Notes, Wednesday, October 7, 2015 -- UPDATED as Call Progresses Empty Tony CC Cliff Notes, Wednesday, October 7, 2015 -- UPDATED as Call Progresses

Post by RamblerNash Wed Oct 07, 2015 12:00 am



Highlights of Tony's conference call.  Will be updated as the call progresses. Tony:  It is a SuperFantastic day going into a SuperFantastic week and an unbelievable Wednesday.

Tony:  Gooooood morning TNT! Never thought we'd be here today, but here we are. I'm hearing nothing but good news. I never expected for us to be here today, but nothing has changed. Pam said that we would be doing a short call today. And she's the boss.

We have numerous confirmations throughout all of Dinarland of people continuing to cashing out. It was announced on Open Mic and they are continuing to exchange Afghani and other currencies.

Guys, I need to tell you. Mike Diston is still doing his old tricks and is posting under different Twitter accounts. You know the routine. Just block him because all he is doing is causing you unnecessary mental anguish over, and over, and over again. On the last call I had mentioned that if you look at the 251K fake followers it was the wrong account. I meant to say that it was the right account.

The Green Zone has opened up and Abadhi has stated that the economic reforms are going to be here in the coming days.

DC: Talked to DC this morning and he said everything is done. There is a limited amount of contract rates available. We aren't the answer to the solution.

OKIE: Okie is still excited. The plane is coming in for a landing.


Tony: Bank training continues and the teller level is complete, exchange centers are manned. They have been told to report at 6 AM. People who were on the bank's list have already been contacted. Banks have security in place.

IRAQ:    Celebrations are ongoing. They have blocked off all the streets. Merchants remain open and are selling things off the shelves.

  • CBI     They have posted the rates on their website.
  • Tony: Yes, we have 3 confirmations that the rates are there.

  • TV  Economic reforms are scrolling on the screens right now. Abadhi said that it's going to happen in the coming days. They're scrolling banking instructions so that everyone knows what to do.
  • Mosques Announcements were made in the mosques this morning.
  • Citizens: Everyone is going to their local Internet Baghdad cafe so they can hear Tony make the announcement.
  •   Tony: I expect to hear something this afternoon and will be sending out another Tweet to do another call.


  • Rates:    Dinar has not changed, Dong is less than we thought, Zim has dropped 14 zeros and is in country only. Rupiah is still looking good. Afghani rates are still there.


  • Banks:  There are rates are flashing on the screen. Tony: Everything is good. Call centers are on lock down. IMF was told not to leave.
  • US Dollar: 
  • Taxes:  Everyone should plan for 50% and states with high taxes plan for more.

    Exchanging Packages:    Tony:  I still haven't got my package yet. If I don't have to sign an NDA I'll be free to tell you all I know.

Caller: I heard that there were a lot of exchanges this week. When are you going to let us know that it's our time? Tony: Yes, they've been doing lots of exchanges this week, but it's not up to me. They'll let me know and I'll send out a Tweet. Keep an eye on #wearethepeople for my Tweet.

Caller: When do you think you'll actually see this happen? Tony: I'm expecting it to happen any minute. Oh...wait a minute! I'm just getting a text now. Hold on. (pause) The text I just got is confirming everything I've just told you.

Caller: What locations are they going to be doing the exchanges at? Do we need to call ahead and see if they have DeLaRue machines? Tony: You need to call the banks first and make sure that they have them. Not all banks have them but some do and some don't. Make sure the ones that accept Dinar.

Caller: I'm over on Twitter and I keep seeing this guy sending out videos of you. Is any of that true? Tony: That's just a vindictive Fidiot that is telling everyone the truth about me. I wish he would stop. All he's trying to do is get his 15 minutes of fame.


TONY:  Get ready, get ready, be ready, get ready. We are still on the clock. Banks are more ramped up than they ever have been. People that are on the list are continuing to be contacted by the people who have the list.

RAY: Have a Wonderful Wealth Winning Wednesday. WE are there. More later on Open Mic. PLEASE Don't give out my number. We have been infiltrated.

PAM: I just want to thank the MODS, transcribers for all that they do. If it wasn't for their support, we wouldn't be here. We just couldn't do without them doing the things that we just didn't care to have the time for. You more than you think you do. You know it in your knower. Make sure you present yourself well. Don't act like a toothless crackhead when your at the bank.  Make sure you deal with professionals where you can look them in their eyes.

TONY: Guys, I want to thank everyone who has sent me donations. If it wasn't for you we wouldn't be here. Through your generosity we have our bills paid for the remainder of the year. You don't have to send us anything else. Pay it forward to others in need. Give your waitresses an extra tip. The people who wash your windshield an extra dollar. Go catch up on your bills. Don't send me any more Macadamia nuts. Tamara said I need to watch my waistline. Go spend it at a local restaurant and enjoy a meal out.

If I don't seed out a Tweet, make sure your phones are charged and take them to bed with you. I'm going to enjoy my day. I hope you enjoy yours. Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!!!

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Tony CC Cliff Notes, Wednesday, October 7, 2015 -- UPDATED as Call Progresses Empty Re: Tony CC Cliff Notes, Wednesday, October 7, 2015 -- UPDATED as Call Progresses

Post by RamblerNash Thu Oct 08, 2015 5:34 am

"Banks have a new window or opportunity that they’re puttin’ out to their people to expect full-blown exchanges to be taking place.  They were notified Monday, either Sunday or Monday, no vacation time the last ten, twelve days of the month.  Absolutely nobody can be on vacation ‘cause they’re gonna be busy.  They have moved people, as of today, to different banking locations."

"T:  Well, I, and you should, because this is it, guys.  They’re sending out memos, they’re notifying people, they’re doing these things, and I look at it and they’re all good things and they’re all coming at the same time.  So I’m giving the probability over 90%, and that makes me feel good.  Over ninety (inaudible)..."

"T:  It’s, it’s, it’s a percentage of the overall that’s available for contract rates, and they can divide it up any way they choose to do it."

"Pam:  Well, guys, things are lookin’ really good.  I know we’re all hoping and have our fingers crossed, so may, maybe if we spend the rest of the day imagining what we’re going to do post-RV, how we’re going to make plans, how we’re going to do things, ‘cause Tony already told you to be ready so you don’t have to get ready, so let’s, let’s put the power of attraction and intention to work, and just imagine all that stuff, and maybe this time it’ll really happen, who knows."

"Again, the banks here tellin’ people the last part of the month, no vacation, nobody’s goin’ anywhere, you’re gonna be busy.  They brought in people for the last two weeks, retraining ‘em, update ‘em, not just with the exchange process but with the reward process:  high-interest accounts that they’ve created just for you guys, opportunities that they’re gonna offer just for you guys, and they’re training them, telling them we’re having a bunch of new people come in with a lot of money, this is the way we want you to direct them, these are the programs we want you to show them.  So they are definitely getting ready for you, okay?  So everything else is here.  With that I’m gonna say have a superfantastic day, ‘cause I’m gonna enjoy the rest of mine.  I’ll get some information, hopefully it’s good.  If it’s saying things out of this world, yes, I’ll tweet it out.  Oh, and remember, there are complete idiots out there sending you guys tweets, “RV already happened, call these numbers,” everything else.  They change one letter or one space to make their Twitter account look like ours.  Guys, it’s easy.  Click on the account.  If they don’t have 251,000 people today following them, you’re following the wrong Twitter account!  Delete it!  It’s just that easy, and you won’t have to keep goin’ through that, okay?  Thank you!  Enjoy the rest of your day, ‘cause I’m surely gonna enjoy mine.  Pam you supposed to say goodbye right there, ‘cause that’s what you always...."


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