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Internet scams

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Internet scams Empty Internet scams

Post by dwm007 on Fri Oct 02, 2015 11:47 am

The internet is a wonderful technological achievement that when conceived was touted as the "Information Superhighway" and that it is! However there is a dark side, a VERY dark side that sprang up almost instantly and that's the fact that it is also a scam artist's dream-come-true! Never before have the scammers and crooks had such an opportunity to reach so many with such impunity, they can reach millions of people at almost no cost and little fear of the law! Hiding behind silly screen names they are for the most part anonymous but even when using their real names and even photos of themselves a potential victim still knows nothing about them. All they need to do is produce a colorful front and talk a good show by making people think they can become wealthy by following blindly and instantly they become an "Expert" in whatever field they choose.

Any one of us can spend a few hours on Google researching any subject we want and then pretend to be an expert on the subject chosen, this is exactly how these scammers work. Selling directly by making exaggerated claims can land the scammer in hot water and they are well aware of that so the trick is to lure as many people as possible to the web sites to drive up that all important traffic count which increases ad revenues. It's all about traffic numbers for these scammers for either legitimate ads or dealer kickbacks but either way it's the same story, feed'em bullshit and keep'em coming back!

The point is to stop and THINK before listening to these people! Ask yourself, "who are they and what makes them an expert"? Ask yourself, "why are they doing this, what's in it for them"? Then research both the subject material and the site owner(s) to see if you can find a differing view, usually there will be several! Never take anyone's sales pitch, and that's just what they are, as the truth without looking for other opinions, there's a heck of a lot of wisdom in the old saying that "There's more than one side to the story"!

Now I know that ads pay for the sites being here, we should appreciate that and be thankfull that because of that we can have such wonderful array of webites that are free for all of us to use, someone has to pay for this afterall. It's when shady tactics, lies and misleading information are used to lure people into coming to a site and/or spending money to buy a pumped up product that the problem starts. The internet is filled with conmen/scammers trying to separate people from their money and even if they are not selling directly a lot of them are just as guilty by basing their site on shams supported by myths, lies and misinformation in order to attract ads for fraudulent products/services.

It all boils down to be VIGILANT! Ask questions and most of all KNOW who and what you are choosing to listen too!

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