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Post by Ssmith Fri Sep 25, 2015 10:46 am

lena wrote
17m ago

Just met with my accountant who advised me to get out of the currency investment.

He does not believe it will happen. I would really like for Iraq to prove him wrong.  (sounds like a smart man)

Saba wrote
15m ago
lena...mark him/her off your list??? (And go hire an accountant who believes in the RV? LOL)
meme10 wrote
15m ago

Lena-obviously your accountant doesn't listen to Tony (Thank goodness!)

briona wrote
14m ago

lena..time to get a different accountant. (Yeah, One that does Dinar math.)

meme10 wrote
13m ago

None of my financial people are following dinar, but I am not dumping them. Currency is only one piece of my finances.  (They don't follow it for good reason.  It's a fantasy.)

danblessed wrote
12m ago

BTW whoever is scavenging our comments for recaps...be SURE and get my GROUNDHOG DAY comment in there!! LOL!!! (What about Dinar Daily????)

jwill wrote
6m ago
My cousin called me and asked.. If it doesn't go this month , what do I do? I told him... IDK?? Sell it back, give it away , dump it , I don't know.. Just sit on your hands & wait like the rest of the world & go on with your life!! (At least he's still speaking to you)   
timth2Lman wrote

4m ago
New....I'm not trying to be negative....not at all. I'm hanging on just like everyone. I'm still here. But we all get a little frustrated. I'll just hush about it. Don't want to offend anyone  (Reality can be a harsh sometimes)

Rayfaulk wrote
4m ago
tim: I understand... it can be hard... sometimes I have to step away... usually after I transcribe I take a big break... and only check in to visit my tnt friends...  (After wallowing in all the BS, I'm sure you do need a break)

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