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Iraq was at $3.22 why not now? DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

Iraq was at $3.22 why not now?

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Iraq was at $3.22 why not now? Empty Iraq was at $3.22 why not now?

Post by dwm007 on Tue Sep 08, 2015 1:03 pm

Some people just can't see anything but Iraq being at an exchange rate of $3.22 and believe that they can just "RV" or "RI" themselves back to that, let's look at that.

When Iraq had that rate they had a few Billions of Dinars in circulation but now due to past inflation and overprinting they have Trillions of Dinars, ok so that's already been said a thousand times so what's so important about it?

In order for Iraq to reinstate that $3.22 rate with the money supply they have now would mean instead of being on a par with their surrounding neighbors as per wealth like they once were it would suddenly mean they have over twice the wealth of all the countries in the world combined! Ok, that too has been repeated many times but it is still a fact that will not go away. It means that Iraq would be wealthier than the rest of the entire world and would owe to speculators  around the world almost as many Dollars as exists on the planet so where do all these Dollars come from?

The point is the whole concept is so absurd it should be obvious to anyone yet people still want to look at that $3.22 but ignore how it got to where it is and ignore the ramifications (and IMPOSSIBILITY!) of then just "RVing" or "RIing" it back to that without eliminating all that currency! In spite of what the gurus are saying they can not "suck in" the currency until it get's down to a manageable as that would require removing over 99% of the currency in circulation prior to the "RV", it would have to go from 91 TRILLION to down to less than 1/10 of a Trillion in order to equal their reserves when it was at $3.22, actually even lower than that! These are mathematical facts not opinion or speculation and are absolute proof that any such "RV" or "RI" will not nor can not happen!

Ok I made a strong statement there and I welcome anyone who wants to debate this. I am stating FACTS, provable facts based on simple mathematics and Iraq's own figures as have been audited and agreed with by world bodies.

Come on now, some want to state this can and will still happen, here's your chance to show us how we can be wrong!

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Iraq was at $3.22 why not now? Empty Re: Iraq was at $3.22 why not now?

Post by Slotexe on Tue Sep 08, 2015 1:09 pm

Now that was well said. You are absolutely correct. simple facts. Thanks.

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