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These Poor Kids!

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These Poor Kids! Empty These Poor Kids!

Post by Ssmith Mon Aug 31, 2015 10:35 pm

These kids don't stand a chance by being home schooled by this person.  And she didn't even sound this smart on the call.  Tony tried not to laugh at her, but couldn't help himself.

This is the kind of person Tony and the other gurus prey upon!

T:  404?  No 404?  Okay!  No 404, guys, so today 248.  248?

C:  Oh, hi!  That’s me!  Wow.

T:  Hi.  Yeah.

C:  I’m surprised I’m, I’m second.  Oh, my God, I’m sittin’ down at an art class with children.  I have to go outside, give me a second. 

T:  You’re teachin’ a art class?

C:  Oh, I can go here.

T:  With children?

C:  Yeah!  Yeah, my…

T:  Oh!  Okay.

C:  …two granddaughters are, are home schooled, and so there are six, they’re gonna be takin’ art class on Monday.  Well, anyway. 

T:  Okay!

C:  They’re very good little artists.  Down here in Louisiana, and anyway, so I have a, a couple of questions.  Last time I talked, asked a little bit about the, getting, or, you know, other places to get information.  And like on the forum I can’t get on it, ‘cause I, I was, I only started in this about a year ago, and so I, you know, there was some of, some links that were sent out to Dropbox, and I seem to have trouble opening them now.  I don’t know if it’s being used anymore, but I can’t seem to, to get into them anymore.  Some of the (inaudible)….

T:  I don’t know anything about Chatbox.  Don’t even know how it works. 

C:  Oh, okay.  All right.  Yeah, ‘cause they, there were some good documents in there that I, that I had, and that I thought I’d saved, and now they’re, they’re gone and I can’t even get into it.  So okay, all right, well.  All right, so the other question that I have is about the whole…so we, I got, you know, dinar, I got a, a thousand dollars worth of dinar, American dollars, so that’s a million dinar.  And like the, the rate that it’s at, that’s like, that’s like a super steal, right?  My son-in-law…

T:  A super steal?

C:  …pointed this out to me.  Yeah!  I mean, because to, to get it what actual, the mark, the market rate is right now—I don’t remember the figures—but I’d have to have paid a lot more than a thousand dollars to get a million dollars worth of dinar.  So who, how, how does that happen when it’s not, you know, illegal or harming somebody or, you know, how, how does that happen?  I know.

T:  Well, the currency dealer bought it from Iraq for a rate, or Jordan or Kuwait, whichever country he bought it from, and then he sold it to you at a rate.  Usually…

C:  Oh, okay.

T:  …regular currency that’s on the internet, that’s on Forex and everything else has an exchange rate.  Each country has a rate that they exchange their currency for.  They have a buy rate and a sell rate, so…

C:  Okay.

T:  …based on the value in that country.

C:  Right.  So the buy rate is different for a dealer than it would be for, for someone like me. 

T:  Oh, yeah, just like cars, planes, and trains.  There’s wholesale and there’s retail.

C:  Okay, so they, they must’ve got it really cheap and then of course…

T:  That’s right.

C:  …then they pass on…

T:  So they can make a profit off of…

C:  …the cheapness to me.

T:  …yeah, that’s right.

C:  Yeah.

T:  That’s what they do! 

C:  So yeah, okay, all right.  I guess I get that.  But it’s not, it’s not…

T:  All right?

C:  …hurting anyone in Iraq.  When, when…well, I guess it has been, because it’s been devalued for so long, like twenty years it’s been devalued, right?  Iraqi dinar?

T:  Well, you buyin’ currency is not hurtin’ anybody in Iraq.  Their value of their currency…

C:  Okay, well that’s good.

T:  …is hurting the people in Iraq.  But you buyin’ currency…

C:  Okay.

T:  …isn’t hurtin’ them one bit.  Okay?

C:  Okay.  It’s just gonna end up helping them, right?

T:  It’s gonna end up helping them, it’s gonna their currency the value that they need, the reserves that they need, and their people interested in their country.  So yes, it all works out in the end.

C:  Okay, cool!  All right, well that’s…

T:  All right?

C:  …that’s kind of the way I was thinking of it, but I couldn’t quite put the right words to it to explain it to my son-in-law, he was….

T:  You did fine.  Oh.  You did fine.  All right.  All right, Vegas?

C:  All right!  Well, Vegas, Vegas!  You bet.  All right. 

T:  All right, thanks, have a great day!

C:  Vegas.  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas, have to say it three times.  Thanks, you too!  Bye-bye.

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These Poor Kids! Empty Re: These Poor Kids!

Post by chilimama Tue Sep 01, 2015 11:42 am


Leadership is a potent combination of strategy and character. But if you must be without one, be without the strategy. - Norman Schwarzkopf, Jr.

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These Poor Kids! Empty Re: These Poor Kids!

Post by Anon O Mouse Tue Sep 01, 2015 5:50 pm

Reading that conversation made my head hurt.  crazyspin
Anon O Mouse
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These Poor Kids! Empty Re: These Poor Kids!

Post by RamblerNash Wed Sep 02, 2015 2:59 am

"T:  Oh, yeah, just like cars, planes, and trains.  There’s wholesale and there’s retail."

Since Tony knows about wholesale and retail, why was he promoting retail Dinar dealers?

With the tremendous INTEL sources that he has, why not show TNT forum members where to get the best deals?

Wouldn't being a long time loyal TNT forum member who's DONATED get some sort of special membership discount privileges?

These Poor Kids! 3508649203 These Poor Kids! 3508649203 These Poor Kids! 3508649203 These Poor Kids! 3508649203 These Poor Kids! 3508649203

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