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Parliamentary Integrity: officials are content to reveal their wealth inside Iraq ... and we can not prosecute their money abroad DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

Parliamentary Integrity: officials are content to reveal their wealth inside Iraq ... and we can not prosecute their money abroad

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Parliamentary Integrity: officials are content to reveal their wealth inside Iraq ... and we can not prosecute their money abroad Empty Parliamentary Integrity: officials are content to reveal their wealth inside Iraq ... and we can not prosecute their money abroad

Post by Ponee Thu Aug 06, 2015 6:13 pm

The government is facing a series of complications in the process of applying the principle of "Where did you get this?" That the Prime Minister recently announced his intention to apply it in line with the escalating protests in several parts of the country.

The lack of a specific mechanism to ensure Iraqi officials fortunes abroad, one of the main obstacles, as well as the lack of legislation and the weakness of the judiciary in the fight against corruption.

And finds Congress, said recent government measures to reduce expenses and reduce the privileges of the three presidencies would be useless without the "disclosure of the corrupt", and the search for the fate of hundreds of billions of dollars squandered in the past years.

He criticized the absence of Representatives Commission on Public Integrity files from the names of ministers or bring them to justice on charges of corruption, stressing that they do not hear, but goes on charges of junior staff.

On the other hand the Integrity Commission data show for disclosure of financial receivables for the three presidencies and the House of Representatives and heads of independent bodies great response to disclose their financial interests.
The prime minister Haider al-Abadi, recently, to start activating the principle of "Where did you get this" for all and that the integrity of the formation of a private investigation into the funds of all state officials squads body.

Ebadi said, the youth conference held in Baghdad a few days ago told the officials, "How do you ask the citizens to be patient and you Mtnam?", Noting that "the system when the error occurred in the imposition of this class actually between the citizen and the administrator."

The prime minister said he saw "corruption sheltering behind the complicated procedures and red tape complex and we reject it and we will hold it."

He pointed out that some of the sons of officials spend more than the prime minister, describing it without unacceptable, adding "we have four and a half million employees working in the state even met these staff efforts will solve a lot of problems suffered by Iraq."

The legitimacy of corruption!
Says MP Talal Zobaie, Chairman of the Parliamentary Integrity Committee in connection with the (range) that "corruption in Iraq Musharan", adding that "the judiciary is unable to issue an arrest orders because of the immunity of officials."
He Zobaie that "the principle of where you get this, is contained within the Integrity Commission Act was enacted in the previous parliamentary session, which allows straight-up financial receivables and inflated money officials and owners of companies."

And call on the last prime minister, believes head of the Integrity Committee that the "principle will face the problem of knowledge of property and assets in which officials outside Iraq or the names of non-registered names or the names of their relatives to the fourth degree."

He noted Zobaie, a coalition of Iraqi forces member, that "some officials write in the detection of all financial accounts for their money in Iraq and hide what they have out of the country," noting that "integrity measures to achieve the benefit of him in charge of information limited to investigations register real estate what is owned by the estate, and question banks for the assets of the administrator. "

Numbers of Integrity
Integrity Commission data reveal that the disclosure of financial accounts for the presidency and the presidency of the parliament starting from the beginning of January last until early June, the current response rate of 100% each, while the prime minister's response was 75%, while the Minister's response rate was 96.5%.

On the other hand amounted to "reveal the proportion of receivables to the members of the House of Representatives 45%", as it has only 142 deputies out of 328 parliamentarians, to submit statements about their financial interests.
And about the commitment of the heads of agencies and departments not associated with the Ministry and who are the rank of minister to disclose their financial interests, the COI disclosures reveal only 18 responsible for their financial situation.

And wait for the body forms the national security adviser, Faleh al-Fayad, and President of the Supreme Commission for Hajj and Umrah Saleh al-Haidari, who resigned months ago, and the head of the Iraqi body to control radioactive sources Mohammed Ibrahim Ajil, and Chairman of CMC Safa al-Din Hussein Saleh spring, in addition to Agriculture Minister Falah Hassan Zeidan, and the Minister of Education Mohammad Iqbal.

Lack of legislation

For his part, says the fact that Mohammed, a member of the Parliamentary Integrity Committee, said the committee "supports the Prime Minister and the cabinet's efforts in the fight against corruption," but he draws out that "the problem in achieving this lies in" the lack of legislation and the performance of the judiciary. "

And it indicates the fact that, in a statement to (range), that "Iraq is facing difficulty in proving corruption at political figures and officials because of the existence of a restrictive laws for that matter."

He adds Badr member parliamentary bloc that "our neighboring countries advanced in anti-corruption laws," pointing out that "the performance of the judiciary and the investigations into the acts of financial and administrative corruption is weak to a large extent."

Impunity of whales from the network

The sequence of the Integrity Committee and the inspectors general and the Office of Financial Supervision all financial transactions in official circles. It also imposes on each employee earns more than 1.5 million dinars a month to submit an annual financial discharged detect, and are investigating the presence of enriched or inflation for the past years.

He says a member of the Finance Committee Najiba Najib said the "search for sources of funds officials need to look for sources of funding for political parties, and a sincere intention to expose the corrupt."

It adds Najib, in an interview with the (range), that "the government's decisions to reduce the salaries of presidencies allocations and austerity will not be of value without disclosing the billions wasted in previous years."

Kurdish MP and indicate that "al-Abadi detector Parliament that he received the state treasury empty, but suffer obligations", expressing criticism "for not accounting any minister on corruption charges so far, and the sufficiency of the Integrity Commission to arrest young staff."

The Integrity Commission has said earlier, it will sue defaulters reveal their financial interests. And it vowed to pursue all legal disclosure abstainers, the fact that Article 17 of the body force obliges government officials, especially senior positions Law, to provide financial disclosure report annually with the beginning of their job positions In the case of leaving his or terminate assigned responsibility.


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