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TNT Caller 719 - BANNED ?

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TNT Caller 719 - BANNED ? Empty TNT Caller 719 - BANNED ?

Post by Ssmith on Sat Jul 25, 2015 2:51 pm

One of Tony's regular callers got herself in big trouble today....from the big guy himself!  You better follow TNT protocol or else you are gone.

Personally I think people need to start saying Prison, Prison, Prison instead of his required Vegas, Vegas, Vegas chant because it's going to be a few years before he'll be hitting the strip in Vegas. 

C:  Oh.  Okay!  Well listen, thank you very much, and I hope your son has a really fun day.

T:  All right, thank you.

C:  Thanks.

T:  Have a great day.

C:  You too, bye.

T:  No, you can’t say bye!  You there?  I’m not gonna let her get on the call no more ‘cause she didn’t say Vegas, Vegas, Vegas, just so you guys know that.  Remind me of that next call.  Okay, 410.

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TNT Caller 719 - BANNED ? Empty Re: TNT Caller 719 - BANNED ?

Post by Kevind53 on Sat Jul 25, 2015 7:00 pm

Brainwashing plain and simple ....

Trust but Verify --- R Reagan Suspect

"Rejoice always, pray without ceasing, in everything give thanks; for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you."1 Thessalonians 5:14–18

 TNT Caller 719 - BANNED ? 2805820865  TNT Caller 719 - BANNED ? 2805820865  TNT Caller 719 - BANNED ? 2805820865  TNT Caller 719 - BANNED ? 2805820865
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TNT Caller 719 - BANNED ? Empty Re: TNT Caller 719 - BANNED ?

Post by rosie693 on Sat Jul 25, 2015 10:17 pm

 Prison, Prison, Prison
That is funny as hell...I want to get on ole Phonies call ask a stupid question and then end with that...I think I will dial in right now so that I can be sure to get on.
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TNT Caller 719 - BANNED ? Empty Re: TNT Caller 719 - BANNED ?

Post by crazyjerry123 on Sat Jul 25, 2015 10:51 pm

If you're going to repeat what happened, don't just say what you feel like, tell it all. I was listening and Tony said, after the phrase, "I was just kidding" and laughed. Don't accuse me of being a Tony believer, because I don't believe a thing he says, to me it's just comedy hour, and my wife get's the biggest kick out of it, we are both 72.

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TNT Caller 719 - BANNED ? Empty Re: TNT Caller 719 - BANNED ?

Post by Ssmith on Sun Jul 26, 2015 8:09 pm

My post was copied directly from the "verbatim notes" posted at TNT.

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TNT Caller 719 - BANNED ? Empty Re: TNT Caller 719 - BANNED ?

Post by Ponee on Mon Jul 27, 2015 9:48 am

TNT Conference Call 7.24.15

T:  Okay, goooood morning, TNT!  Today is July the 24th.  So as I told you guys the other day, it’s my son’s birthday, so, which is a good day, and it’s the anniversary of my mother passing away, so we’re gonna do some stuff with that today, but we’re gonna go on ‘cause it’s a superfantastic day for everybody else.  Superfantastic.  So this call is gonna be, I think it’s probably gonna be a little shorter than, than normal ‘cause there’s not a lot for us to discuss, but I’m gonna tell you guys what’s going on.  Right now everybody is still on high alert, everybody, sittin’ there waitin’.  Everybody is being told that this could happen at any minute, I mean any minute it could go live.  That’s what they’re being told.  But they’ve been told that for the last three days if not more.  Everybody has said nothing has changed, and it hasn’t changed.  Bank people are there, security is there, everything here.  Now here is the difference, though, so I’m tellin’ you guys, and this is once again I take it as the people who are listening to our call, listening, making changes, adjustments, and those kinda things.  We’ve been giving you guys up-to-the-minute rates, up-to-the-minute things.  I do know memos went out to the banks this morning, I mean definitely yesterday, day before yesterday, telling them to, to be ready and this could go.  Yesterday morning we had all the rates on the screen, everything else.  Yesterday afternoon they went away.  This morning we still don’t see ‘em, and they are being told do not discuss any of this currency exchange business at all.  Don’t discuss it.  Don’t discuss it with the customers, don’t discuss it with each other, don’t discuss it.  We want silence, so once again, but they didn’t say it to me, they just said to them, so I can still talk about it.  But I’m sayin’ the reason is, again, maybe we’re giving you guys too much information, ‘cause they seem to be wantin’ it to, to cease at this time, which is okay.  ‘Cause, I mean, they could just ask all of us, “Hey, guys, we’re tryin’ to get this done, can you guys just not do a call for the next three days, five days, whatever it is?”  ‘Cause believe me, I would be the first one to say okay, if you’re gonna get it done I won’t do one, let’s go!  If that’s what it takes, then let’s get it done!  All right.  So that’s where we are, any minute, anytime.  

Now, a lot of people here think it could happen any minute, anytime, thought it was going to happen last night and be announced in the mosque this morning.  Didn’t happen.  Possibility.  Here are our possibilities:  it could happen anytime today.  It could.  It could happen tomorrow after Parliament breaks up and does what they’re supposed to be doin’ on their first day tomorrow, which is supposed to make public a whole bunch of laws, rules, and everything.  Could do that tomorrow.  It could happen right before, or I’ll tell you guys, our guys in Iraq told us they don’t think it’s gonna go live until after that.  They’re gonna do the votes and make some stuff public tomorrow, and they think it will go live after that.  So that’s what they think.  Here in the US, they’re being told this could happen at any moment.  It could happen ten minutes from now, it could happen this afternoon, late during the night.  Great.  I’m, I’m for that.  Iraq’s sayin’ you’re probably gonna see it after Parliament meets and makes some things public.  I say great, I’m for that!  Either one of ‘em works for me, let’s just get it done.  Here is my opinion--this is my opinion, I do not know for a fact, this is my opinion--my opinion is it will happen sometime between now and the 1st of August.  So how many days in July, thirty?  Thirty-one.  So, all right, so we’re lookin’ at another seven days, eight days, that I think this can happen.  Now why do I think that?  Because what we didn’t discuss the last call, I didn’t think about it but I will tell you guys now, is the Prime Minister, the Vice President, government officials, have agreed to reduce their salaries by up to 50%.  Anywhere between 35 and 50% is what they’re going to reduce their salaries to.  Thirty-five to 50%.  Now, I’m gonna have you ask yourself, do you know any politician, any--not just here in the US, but in any other country--that has willingly reduced all their salaries for 50% with nothing to gain?  No.  Now, the reasoning behind that is what they’re telling people is because of Daash, we’re going to reduce our salary 50%.  Because of ISIS and what’s goin’ on by ISIS, and we don’t have the money to fight this, you’re gonna reduce your salary by 50%?  Because of your economy you’re gonna reduce your salary by 50%?  Not a politician in the world, none of them, in my opinion would reduce their salary.  I don’t care what’s goin’ on.  

That’s like, I looked this morning, I don’t know if you guys saw it or not, but, and I’m gonna relate it to just this:  Josh Smith, one of the NBA players, he’s making 14 million dollars a year.  Fourteen million last year; this year he’s makin’ 6.9 million, and you know what it says his problem is?  He said, “I’m gonna have to really work hard ‘cause I got a family to feed.”  Here’s another one!  He got a family to feed!  And he went from 14 million to 6.9 million and he says, “I got problems!”  Now, if he’s sayin’ that, and I’m not gonna say he crazy, if you’re used to livin’ on 14 million dollars a year, you’re used to livin’ on 14 million dollars a year, okay?  It’s like you makin’ a hundred thousand dollars a year and all of a sudden the first of August, I mean a month or ten, twenty thousand dollars a month, and on the 1st of August you’re only gonna make ten.  Or you make five thousand dollars a month and you volunteer on the 1st of August to only, say, “Hey, I’ll just take twenty-five hundred ‘cause the economy’s bad, and I’ll work with it and see what happens.”  Okay, if that’s what you say.  Might work.  I don’t believe that’s the reason, the cause of what’s gonna happen.  I believe what’s gonna happen is this:  they’re gonna take a 50% pay cut, and the value of that 50% currency is gonna increase by three or four times, and they’ll be able to purchase even more stuff than they could before ‘cause it’ll have more value.  That’s what I believe we’re gonna see in August, but that’s okay, long as it happens.  Long as they set a time frame to do it, we have something to go by.  I just cannot fathom any of them over there who’ve been involved in it, have...and, you know, how crooked things are, and in every country, so I’m not gonna single any one out, got some crooked people in their government, believe me, they do.  And they’re all about...money and power, so that’s no different, ‘cause that’s what the government is about.  It’s, it’s very rarely, as we can see, actually about the people themselves.  And I’m not tryin’ to get into politics, I’m not tryin’ to [tick] anybody off, I’m just livin’ in the real world, that’s all, I mean, and everybody else can do that.  But that’s a good thing to me that they’ve announced that, people are lookin’ forward to it, and they said it was to take effect in August.  I can live with that.  If I gotta wait nine more days, ten more days for them to get paid 50% of their salaries, what they’re makin’ this month and it reflects the increase in their currency, I can live with that.  Now, do we have to wait until August?  No, we don’t have to!  They could put it in this afternoon.  Banking system is connected, everything’s working.  Give people ten days to get used to the value of the currency, get used to the changes in the market.  Now, Kurdistan changed their price in their market; the rest of Iraq didn’t, so now they have to do that.  They could give them that time frame to do that all before those people get their checks put on their cards next month at the new valued rate.  So that works for me.  I think it’s a plus, that’s for sure, that we can get that done.  Okay.  We’ll see what else is going on here real quick, ‘cause, you know....No, nobody took a pay cut last year, year before.  They’re takin’ a 50% pay cut right now, okay?  And it’s in the news.  All right, that’s all I have ‘less you guys got somethin’ else, so 806.  We’re here, they’re there, could be any moment, but I say between now and the 1st.  It’s planned for that time between now and the 1st.  806?  I mean 860, 860.

C:  Good morning, Tony, how are you today?

T:  I’m superfantastic, how are you?

C:  I’m pretty much the same, superfantastic.  I really don’t have a, a super question, but I did want to say Happy Birthday to your son, and I know your mom’s shining down on you today and your entire family, especially that it’s on your son’s birthday.  I think she’s got a special handle on him.  So I just wanted to wish you really well today, you and your family.

T:  Why thank you, I appreciate that.  So we’re, we’re doing good, we’re gonna still celebrate his birthday, and me and Ray and the family are gettin’ together to do somethin’ this afternoon for my mother, so.  Thank you very much, appreciate it.

C:  That’s wonderful.  And I end with Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!

T:  Thank you!  All right.  Okay, 707, good morning.

C:  Good morning, Tony.  Can you hear me?

T:  Yes, sir!  I can hear you!

C:  Oh, great.  I want to also say Happy Birthday to your son or grandson.  My granddaughter’s today too.  So I....

T:  Oh!  Well tell her Happy Birthday!

C:  Okay.  Well I, I don’t, I don’t really have a question either, and because, mainly because of the stuff we don’t, they don’t want us to discuss it, so I guess we won’t discuss it!

T:  Well, I don’t know that they don’t us to.  They don’t want them to is for sure, because they told ‘em not to, so, but I said hey,  but if they had told us, “Hey,” you know, “can you just stop right now so we can get this done?”  Believe me, I’d stop right now.  I’d be like, okay!  Shoot, let’s get it done!  That’s all I care about.  I don’t care if I never do...

C:  Yeah, I don’t care....

T:  ...another call again!  Let’s get it done!  Yep.  So.

C:  I don’t care what the rules are, if you just get it done!

T:  That’s right.  So.

C:  Okay, well that’s good.

T:  Okay then. 

C:  Thank you anyway.

T:  Thank you, sir.

C:  And, okay, bye-bye.

T:  Wait, what about Vegas?  Don’t forget about Vegas.

C:  Oh, Vegas, Vegas, Vegas, for sure.  

T:  Yes!  All right.

C:  And Sacramento, Sacramento.

T:  Okay!  Let’s do that one, too!

C:  And (inaudible) or where, or wherever you’re gonna do these things.  I’m still lookin’ forward to that.  

T:  All right, thank you, sir.  

C:  All right, bye-bye.

T:  A’ight.  All right.  Okay, 617, good morning.

C:  Hi, Tony.  I just have a couple of questions.  The Afghanistan currency, it, are there any restrictions on that such as dates or denominations?

T:  I don’t know anything about it.  I haven’t looked into it.  All I can tell you is our bank people are, have been tellin’ us for the last three months or four months, “You need to get this currency.  You need to get this currency.”  I’m like, “Man, I got enough!”  And they’ve been sayin’, “Oh no, you need to get it, and the rate’s gonna be three dollars and somethin’.”  And I don’t even know what it costs, so I haven’t even looked it up, but they’re excited about it.  That’s all I can tell you.  

C:  Okay.  The, the, before you had said that some of the banks are only gonna, only gonna take a minimum of 100 trillion of the current, of the Zimbabwe.  Is this still the same, they’re not gonna take a 50 trillion unless they have at least a hundred?

T:  That was the last word I got that’s how they were gonna do it.

C:  They’re gonna keep it that way.

T:  So that, that’s the word I got, that was the last thing I heard about.  Now has that changed?  I don’t know.  I mean, or have they changed their mind?  But what’s the one thing I always say in that case?  Nothin’ beats a failure but a try.

C:  Right.

T:  I’m takin’ if in there.  If I got it, I’m takin’ it in there.  They’re gonna have to tell me no, okay?

C:  Well, I mean once this goes through anyway, all other banks are gonna have the currency that we can go into any other bank, they’ll all have the rates, right?

T:  Every bank should have their rates.  Might not be the same rate.  Every currency exchange place should have their rate.  If it’s a viable currency, somebody should be exchanging it.

C:  So you think that they could have a different rate, I mean, it’s an international rate, so wouldn’t it be the same everywhere?

T:  It couldn’t be the same everywhere ‘cause if they, if it’s on Forex, some banks go out there and they get their read for the day, and they only do it one time a day.

C:  Okay.  I see.

T:  Some banks do it two times a day.  Another bank does it four times a day then go back and see what the current rate is, so no, they may not all have the same rate.  And then depending on, you know, how much you have if they wanna offer you something more, they wouldn’t have the same rates!

C:  Okay.  Okay.  Well, okay, those are my questions.  Happy Birthday to your son, and all my good thoughts are with your, you and your family today, and Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!  Have a great day.

T:  All right, thank you.  Have a great weekend.

C:  Thank you, you....

T:  A’ight.  Hopefully we’ll be talkin’ again tomorrow if not tonight, or, or sometime, I hope.  All right, 408, good morning.

C:  Good morning.  I just wanted to say Happy Birthday to your son, and my mom’s up in heaven with your mom, so I understand how it feels.  My heart goes out to you and your family.  And I had two quick questions.  The first one is about the security is, is there any update on the security, and how about the people that were starting to riot and protest, have you heard any updates on that?

T:  Security in Iraq or security right here?

C:  Yes.  Security in Iraq, you know, just you, you hear a lot about it, so I didn’t know if there was any change or if it’s pretty much how it’s been goin’.

T:  Well, I know they were supposed to be in, doing something at, in Ramadi, I guess, according to the news, doing a new offensive there.  But again, our guys is telling us it’s not as bad as they’re tellin’ you guys, so, but, and well it’s not in Kurdistan, it’s not in Baghdad, and I guess twenty miles or forty miles is a long way to them vs. us.  You know, we could be there in ten or fifteen minutes; it would take them days to go twenty miles in a war zone or somethin’, I don’t know.  But they’re not concerned about it, nobody we talked to.  As a matter of fact, talked to the people who just flew back there, actually some of our sources, on what’s today, Friday?  Wednesday.  They just got on a plane and flew home ‘cause it’s, you know, this is over, and everybody’s goin’ back to get paid!  And we haven’t been able to talk to them, so I don’t know what was in the mosques this morning, I can tell you guys that because we can’t get a hold of ‘em.  I don’t know what was on television this morning.  I don’t know what was in today’s paper because all of them are back there doin’ whatever they’re doin’.

C:  Right.

T:  So, but anytime they call them from home and say, “Hey, it’s time to come back,” then something’s about to happen.  Okay?

C:  Well, it’s great to hear that nothin’ happened in Kurdistan since they’ve done the RV there, there’s fantastic news.  And I just wanted to add Vegas, Vegas, Vegas, and have a good weekend.

T:  All right, thank you, you too.

C:  Thank you.

T:  Okay.  All right, 301, good morning.

C:  Good morning, Tony, how are you?

T:  I’m superfantastic, how are you doin’?

C:  I’m superfantastic as well.  I just wanna ask a question.  When you get the package, how long is it gonna take you to, to review it and go over it before you let us know?

T:  I don’t know.  I don’t, I don’t know what it contains, so until I know that, or I don’t know what they want us to do.  Or because we haven’t talked about it in two weeks, I don’t even know if that’s still what they’re doin’ or not, so, to tell you the truth!  ‘Cause it’s not like they’re keepin’ us on it, you know, before we used to get messages, be on standby, be ready, answer your phone, and we haven’t gotten any of that.  So I really don’t know.  I, I still see that as the most viable way of lettin’ everybody know and giving ‘em the instructions, because we have, you know, the largest site, largest listeners, things like that, but anything could be happening at this point, as far as I’m concerned.  People I talk to say nothing’s changed ‘cause they haven’t told us anything, so don’t worry about it.  Okay.

C:  Okay, yeah, don’t even think, I guess, if they go live, if they release it, I mean, once they release it, is that when you get the package, or you get the package before they release it, or...you don’t know, you don’t know that?

T:  No, I’m definitely gettin’ the package after it’s released (inaudible).

C:  Okay, after it’s released, okay.

T:  After it’s released, ‘cause it, the system’s gonna be there, ‘cause they’re not gonna want anybody to know exactly when they’re doing it.  So we’ll be notified afterwards, and then it’s just the part of what do you want us to do to help you?  If you want us to help you, what, how do you want us to help you?  We’ll look at it, we can do that, we’ll help ‘em.  If they say, “Hey, we don’t want you to help us.”  Okay, then let’s all go get paid!  Then I can do what I wanna do and help you guys as much as I can help you, and, and guide you, and you know, we can have all the discussions in the world if they decide they don’t wanna do that, but....

C:  So is, so will we get a call, or we at least get a call or will you post it or....

T:  Well, again, one of the three.  I mean, I’ll send out a tweet and say let’s do a call on our own, let’s do a call.  Or...

C:  Okay.

T:  ...I’ll send out a tweet and say, “Hey, go to the website and look up the information.”  Or...

C:  Okay.

T:  ...or we’ll just update the new site, if they say just be quiet, do this or that, and we’ll update the sites, it’ll be there, and you guys’ll know, “Hmm, haven’t heard from Tony, maybe I better go check the site,” and then you go and do that, okay?  And it’ll be there.

C:  Okay.

T:  So, we’ll see!  Okay?

C:  Okay, well I want to wish, I want to wish your son a Happy Birthday, and I wanted to extend my condolence in reference to your mom, okay?

T:  All right, thank you, and I appreciate both.  I’m thinkin’ maybe I should make my son listen to this call, huh?  He gettin’ all these Happy Birthdays.  “Hey, get on the call.”  Anyway.

C:  Yeah.  

T:  All right.  Thank you!

C:  And my mom told me to tell you hi.  And my mother told me to tell you hi.

T:  Okay, tell her I said hi and thanks for bein’ there.

C:  Okay.  All right.  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas, and take care.

T:  Okay, thank you.  Bye.

C:  Uh-huh.  Bye-bye.

T:  All right.  I’m gonna remember that number this time.  404, good morning.

C:  Good morning and good afternoon, appreciate your taking my call, and I join with all the others in letting you know that the Renfrow family is in our thoughts.  And July 24th is special in my family’s thoughts ‘cause had my parents been alive, it would be their wedding anniversary, so it’s a special day as well.

T:  Oh!  Okay!

C:  The manner in which the, the RV has appeared in Iraq, we’re, we’re hearing reports from, from others that, that everything is a go over there as well.  Has there actually been any announcement according to your sources, or did it just kind of, as some describe it, it appeared as a thief in the night kind of thing, it’s just there.

T:  Well, Barzani apparently made an announcement in Kurdistan saying what you’ve been...

C:  But would that be, be it rather than, than Abadi?

T:  ...waiting for is here.  No.  No.  And we’re still waiting for Abadi or Shabibi to make one for all of Iraq.

C:  Okay.

T:  So can they do it without making one?  Yep.  

C:  ‘Cause the Barzani announcement was several days ago, right?  That was like, when was your announcement (inaudible).

T:  It was, it was Wednesday, I think.  Yeah, Wednesday, I think.  Whenever it was.  Yeah, but it was a couple days ago.  And he actually did it, and...we verified that he did it, I’m just tellin’ you guys, and other agencies sent us notification, said, “Hey, we’re just waitin’ for everybody else to follow his lead,” which gave us verification again that he did it.  And our guys over there are over there sayin’ it’s done, and again they’re changing the rates in the markets in the Kurdistan region.  So we’re just waitin’ for the rest.  Now we know that the, they changed the ATMs, the banking point of sale.  All of that went live again on Wednesday, so it truly takes a flip of the switch now and the rate will be the same throughout the entire country whenever they decide to do that.  Could they do that today at 5:00 ‘cause it’s sundown and Friday’s over?  They could.  Could they do that tomorrow, you know, think after Parliament makes all the laws public that they feel they needed and been holding back on all this time?  Now, they don’t need those laws for that, they could do it in the morning or they could do it this afternoon, do the RV then announce the laws.  Or they could wait ‘til they announce the laws and then do it.  But things, I think something should be happening over this weekend, some period of time, with this weekend being from right now until Monday.  And if it doesn’t, as I told you guys, by the 1st we’re gonna see, ‘cause they’re just not givin’ up 50% of their salary, I just...I just know they’re not gonna do that, nobody’s doin’ that.

C:  Right.  Right.  So it’s been several days where, where the revalued rate has been activated, and that meaning in Kurdistan.  The rest of the areas have been non-rates until we’re starting to get it coming through now.  That what I heard you just say?

T:  Have been non-rates?

C:  Had been like the 1166 program rate.

T:  Eleven sixty-six, I think it went up to 1201 or, or something like that, are the rates they’ve been using.  

C:  Okay.

T:  So besides what people have been getting paid on their cards, they’re different rates!

C:  Okay.

T:  So, again, our contractor said his people got paid and walked off the job.  So, and they got the $3.31 to the $4.40 I think was the rates that, yeah, $3.31 to $4.40.  And he didn’t pay them that, that’s what they got on their cards.  Well, how were they gonna spend that if the rates haven’t changed?

C:  Right.

T:  How if you took a guy from a thousand dinar to three hundred dinar and he’s happy about that, then he’s gonna walk off the job if the rate hasn’t changed, you know, things over there haven’t changed?  That’s not gonna happen.

C:  Okay.  Maliki has been in the news a lot more frequently over the last couple of days.  Anything dealing with him having any risk of impacting the, the RV?  What are your sources saying?

T:  Nope.  They’re saying he’s a non-factor.

C:  Okay.  Okay.

T:  That, that’s all over.  He has bigger things to worry about.

C:  Right.  And is there any of, cause for concern on our part that we need to continue to be monitoring what hap, is happening in, in Greece and looking at the, the Iran treaty, things with both having any potential impact on the RV?

T:  I don’t think either one of ‘em will, ‘cause we already know the outcome for both of ‘em.

C:  Okay.  Okay.

T:  Greece is gonna do it, their Parliament’s already approved it, we did.  They’re gonna do, you know, what they’re required to do to get the money, so that issue isn’t even there.  So, and Iran, you know, it’s 60 days, and they’re just goin’ through the motions, ‘cause everybody knows, all right, the House and Senate have to vote, and I think the Senate already voted to approve it yesterday, so again, it’s the House.  And even if they vote against it, he’s just gonna veto and then they’re not gonna get 66% to go against the veto, so it’s gonna go through anyway, so it’s just, you know, makin’ life hard, goin’ through all this for nothin’, ‘cause it’s gonna end up that way, and the UN has already approved it, all of the other countries have already approved it, so we’re just waiting for the House and, unfortunately, they’re not gonna rule the world ‘cause there, there’s another way out!  So it’s gonna happen regardless.

C:  Okay.

T:  The deal is done!

C:  Okay!  Again, thank you so much for all the information, and I hope to be hearing from you within the next few hours with the call, and in the meantime we’ll say Vegas, Vegas, Vegas so Tony can go.  We appreciate it.  Have a great day.

T:  That’s right.  He wants to go in the next few hours, too, so thanks.  All right.  

C:  Great.  We’ll hold you to it, okay.  Thanks.

T:  All right.  Okay.  719, good morning.  

C:  Good mornin’, how old is your son today?

T:  My son is 24 years old on the 24th of July.

C:  Oh wow!  So he’s almost, he’s almost done, huh?

T:  Almost old, huh?  

C:  It’s like somebody said when our daughter was alive, and, and she, she was killed by 25, but at 24 I said she was doin’ somethin’ and somebody said, “Oh, they’re not done ‘til at least 25 years old.”  And I’m like...

T:  Well....

C:  ...you’re gotta be kidding me.  Well, I have a couple of questions for you.  Could you, I know that the, normally in Iraq they don’t work on Saturday, so are you saying the Parliament is going to work this Saturday, their Saturday?

T:  Parliament is supposed to be working tomorrow.  The announcement, the banks will be open tomorrow because they’re not part of the international community, they’re open so they can work internationally.  Cards and everything is activated, all we need is a go signal, that’s it.

C:  So how do the people in Baghdad feel that other areas are paid and they haven’t been?

T:  I’m pretty sure they’re upset as they hear about it, and, “Why are they getting it and we didn’t.”  And I don’t know what happened today, I mean I just don’t know today, ‘cause that was just out, you know, they don’t learn everything, you know, in the next hour or so and it’s on television right like we do.  It takes time, mouth to mouth, people will travel and say, “Hey, they’re doin’ this up there,” and, and people are already started gathering in the streets, so that’s why they did that.  So they don’t have much time.  They could’ve told ‘em this morning, you know, “We got eight days, guys, wait ‘til the 1st.”  Or they could say, “Let, let’s see what happens tomorrow after Parliament.”  Or, you know, this morning they could’ve said, “When the sun goes down and rises again everything you’ve been waiting for is here.”  I don’t know!

C:  So, so they’re not upset about Abadi saying last weekend that it was gonna be there by the end of, was it Eid and it, and it wasn’t?

T:  Oh yeah!  I’m sure they’re upset!  And they said there were people in the streets.  I mean, they’re not rioting.

C:  Right.

T:  They’re not protesting, but it hasn’t broken out into a full riot or anything yet. 

C:  So if everybody wanted it to go and it wasn’t the US that asked for the delay for Greece and Iran, how come it’s taken so long to actually get this thing, you know, gone.  I mean, it took Barzani basically sayin’, “Screw it, I’m gonna go do it,” to, to actually do that.  I’m very surprised that it’s taken this long for Iraq to even let it go.

T:  Okay.  All I can tell you guys is two weeks ago what it was, IMF asked for it to be held.  Everybody was ready to go.  All to do with Greece, let’s see what’s gonna happen, how is it gonna affect the global economy, how is it gonna affect the market, blah blah blah.  So all that’s over with.  So last Sunday, this is Friday, last Sunday all the Powers That Be had a meeting, they agreed once again, “Okay, this time we’re ready to go, and we’re gonna go...in this window, or we’re gonna go in this date or on this date, whatever it is, we’re ready to go.”  So that was on Sunday.  On Monday Barzani said, “I’m goin’!  Here!  Boom.”  He did it, so, “I’m not waitin’ for you guys to screw us over not one more time.  I’m not waitin’ for anybody to change their mind.  I’m not waitin’ for somethin’ else to come up.”  My understanding is he did it.  He wasn’t supposed to do it, nobody expected him to do it, or maybe he misunderstood.  So I don’t know why he did it, but anyway our understanding is in Kurdistan it was done, he made the announcement, “What you’re waiting for is here.”  They changed their rate at the market.  Now everybody else has to catch up to him, ‘cause again, you can’t put spilled milk back in the bottle, and it’s done, they’re happy, the contractors, people are gone, and there’s more of that goin’ on every day.  But they’re on their way, ‘cause if they stop it at this point, yeah, they’re gonna have some serious issues in the streets.

C:  So he can change the rate without the CBI in his country?

T:  Kurdistan does what they wanna do anyway.

C:  Yeah, I read, I read that (inaudible).

T:  A whole lot of times!  So.  

C:  Yeah, I looked it up.

T:  (Inaudible) he has experience.  He’s the President of Kurdistan and, and he did it.  Now he just said, “Are the rest of y’all gonna catch up or not?  I mean, this is what we doin’.”  But he’s gone through the same thing we have, and maybe he just said, “This is my chance, nobody get mad, ‘cause we said let’s do it, so I did it.”  

C:  Well, the reason I’m, I’m questioning, and it’s not questioning you, but we’ve heard in the past, you know, they’ve done in-country RVs, they’ve let it go, one area has it, the other one doesn’t, and it’s just, it’s taken months!  I mean, we’ve been at this, I mean not personally, but you know, all, the whole group that listens to you, since January since it was supposed to go then, and now you say the date is April, and it’s like they still haven’t really done anything.  That’s what’s so amazing.  I mean, I can’t believe that Dr. Abadi is just kinda almost goin’ along with it and it hasn’t even taken place!  It’s, except for every time....

T:  Well, but here, here’s the thing, guys.  I mean, we’re, we, we’re seein’ things in a black-and-white world, black and white.

C:  Yeah.

T:  Okay, “This is what should happen.”  But they’re living in the real world and doing things in there where things change every hour on the hour.  Where, “If you want these planes, you’re not gonna do this,” or “you want these twenty tanks, this is not gonna happen then.  I don’t care what anybody said, we’re not gonna do this.”  Or, “If you want this boatload of grain to fill your, feed your people, do this, then we’re gonna wait another twenty days.  I don’t care what was said in public, but this is what we wanna do,” and this is what they do!  And he has to live with the reality of that, or runnin’ a country that isn’t his yet.  And everybody, every country, every three-letter agency here and around the world knows they can do whatever they want, put whatever pressures on they want until they release that currency.  Once they do that, they can do their own thing.  “Now I don’t need you, I got my money back, every country owes me money ‘cause they have dinar, we have oil,” then the game changes.  And everybody’s tryin’ to squeeze out every little drop they can before the game changes. 

C:  Wow.

T:  And he’s just tryin’ to hold on until they’re, “Okay, okay, okay!  You got me not.”  You know, it’s kinda like, I gotta tell you guys a quick story, and, and you’ll understand this.  I had two chows, right?  One was a smooth chow--hopefully you guys know what that is--and the other one was a, a regular chow, and they were like three weeks apart.  So, and they’re both puppies and they’re growin’ up and I’m feeding ‘em.  And the, the shaggy one is always, you know, runnin’ the smooth chow off from his food, won’t let him eat.  Go around the corner, I gotta make him go around the corner and feed him at the door.  Now I gotta stand out there while he eats so he can eat.  And I said, “Okay, okay!”  And guess what happened when they grew up?  Yeah, the smooth chow was the bigger one.  I said, “Okay, so you won the battle, but he’s winnin’ the war.  All right, you were on top for a little while; he’s on top for a lifetime.”  And that’s what happened, okay?  So there that whole scenario turned.  That’s what’s gonna happen!  Everybody can tell ‘em what to do, advise ‘em what to do, “Hey you need to do this.”  But once the money game changes, ‘cause the world is ruled by money, whether we wanna believe it or not, then it changes!  “Now I can buy this, do that.  I can buy it from other countries, I don’t really need yours.  I can make all kinda deals now ‘cause I have money, everybody owes me money.”  And everybody’s tryin’ to get locked in right now, but that’s the whole they’ve been playin’ for the last ten years, how much can I get out of you that you can’t get out of once I give you this power, ‘cause I know it’s gonna be power.

C:  Okay, well I guess we wait.  I hope, I would sure like to see it.  And are you fairly certain that by August 1st, ‘cause they have to do the tariffs and everything, that they’ll, you know, do something between now and then?  In your heart of hearts?

T:  No.  I’m fairly certain that the people who are running that government aren’t giving up 50% of their pay for no reason.  That’s what I’m certain of.

C:  Yeah, I read that.  That was rather interesting.

T:  Yeah.  So, if nothing else tells you that, ‘cause greed is greed, and I know they’re just as greedy as every other government, and I know, you know, Donald Trump’s not givin’ up 50% of his to be President of the United States, right?  I don’t, President, not one of them has walked in the office and said, “You know what?  This two hundred thousand a year is too much.  This four hundred thousand a year, I mean, that’s just too much money because, you know, our economy is down right now, so I’m gonna give 50% of it back to the people.”  Right, okay.

C:  When is that supposed to start?

T:  August.  That’s why I’m sayin’.  August.

C:  Okay, so that goes into effect also in August.

T:  Yes.

C:  Oh.  Okay!  Well listen, thank you very much, and I hope your son has a really fun day.

T:  All right, thank you.

C:  Thanks.

T:  Have a great day.

C:  You too, bye.

T:  No, you can’t say bye!  You there?  I’m not gonna let her get on the call no more ‘cause she didn’t say Vegas, Vegas, Vegas, just so you guys know that.  Remind me of that next call.  Okay, 410.

C:  Good morning.

T:  Good morning, how are you?

C:  Fantastic.  This is, I just had one question ‘cause I want to clarify for myself, ‘cause sometimes when I want to hear what I want to hear, you might be saying something different and I might still believe I....

T:  Yeah.  Amazing how many times that happens during the day, but go ahead!

C:  Yeah.  But when you said they, these guys gave up their salary in those large percentages, they won’t get paid before August again, is that the truth?

T:  It is (inaudible), they already got paid this month, yeah.  So it’s effective...

C:  Okay.

T:  ...in August, okay, August 1st.

C:  All right.  So it really, truly is anytime.  Anytime we could, this could happen.  Great!

T:  Really, truly is!  Yep!

C:  Wooo!  Well, that’s great!

T:  Say, “Finally!”  Huh?

C:  Finally!  Finally!

T:  That’s right.

C:  So it is definitely Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!

T:  There you go.  Okay, thank you!

C: Thank you.  And best wishes to you and your family.  I like to celebrate my mom’s life, and on the anniversary of her birth and on the passing of her, so you, you have a celebration that is a respectful one with your whole family, and I hope you enjoy, all enjoy it and celebrate that birthday big time for your son.

T:  You know, I used to do that when I was in the military and even here.  I don’t care where I was in the world, we had a party for my mother, I mean me and my friends, wherever it was.  It’s her birthday, we had a party.  I don’t care where I was, and she was back home.  We’d call her and everybody’d say Happy Birthday, so we continue to do that, so I understand you celebratin’ that, and, and I will continue to do that, so.  But thank you, and I understand celebratin’ your mother’s birthday (inaudible).  Okay?  

C:  You, too.  Bye, now!

T:  A’ight.  All right, have a great weekend, thanks.  All right.  Okay, all right, 512.  512?  No?  Okay, there are those Texas people again.  Okay, 432.

C:  Hello?

T:  Yes.  Hello?

C:  Congratulations on your family.

T:  All right, thank you, sir.

C:  I got a little information for you.

T:  Okay.

C:  My mom died 37 years ago, and there’s not a day goes by that I don’t think about her.

T:  I understand.

C:  And Vegas, Vegas....

T:  Okay, thank you, sir!

C:  You bet.

T:  A’ight.  Okay.  All right, 313.

C:  Hi, Tony!

T:  Hi, how are you?

C:  I’m well, how are you?

T:  I’m superfantastic, believe it or not, I am.

T:  And Happy Birthday to your son.

T:  Okay, I will let him know!

C:  Tony.  How much do you trust your intel?

T:  How much do I trust my intel?  So much that I pass it on to you.  Now...

C:  Because their....

T:  ...if I didn’t trust ‘em, if I didn’t believe ‘em, I wouldn’t be tellin’ it to you!  

C:  Because their batting average is 0 for what, 100?

T:  No.  It’s not!  A whole lot of things they told us have happened.  Whole lot of things have happened before you could even see it.  The only thing that has not happened is we haven’t had an RV!  But this isn’t just about the moment that their currency’s gonna change.  This has been about a whole lot of things that have occurred in our life over the last five years, our government, our global economy and around the world that they have been involved in and have told us about.  It’s been about the procedures that’s gonna occur during the exchange.  It’s been about the rate as they have grown over the five years, so they’ve been correct about a whole lot of things.  They haven’t been correct about the time it’s going to RV, but nobody has to this point.

C:  So we should see it by the 1st.

T:  I clearly said in my opinion.  They didn’t say we should see it by the 1st, they think it should happen today, tomorrow, or by Monday.  I said if we look at a bigger picture, they are cutting their salaries by up to 50% in August is what it says, and I said we should see it by then.  ‘Cause nobody’s just gonna cut their salary to be cuttin’ their salary in half!  If you got million-dollar NBA players complaining about theirs gettin’ cut and they still are makin’ seven million dollars, do you think somebody that only gets a hundred thousand dollars a year or two hundred thousand a year, whatever it is, is gonna cut thiers by 50% just out of the goodness of their heart?  No.  

C:  No.  So it’s gotta happen before then.  

T:  I, I’m pretty sure.  It makes sense for it to happen before then.  

C:  And Tony, there is something else I wanna tell you, but I don’t want the other dinar, dinarians to hear it because it’s something that I read and it was really bad, about you.

T:  Look, a whole lot of people read really bad stuff about me, and that’s been going on for years and years and years and, you know?  It hasn’t changed me one bit.  I am who I am and I’m doin’ what I’m doin’ for the reasons that I am, which are the right reasons.  So I don’t pay any attention to it, and you have to choose whether or not you gonna pay attention to it.  But it hasn’t changed me one bit, okay?  All right?

C:  Okay.  I’m only telling you because I was worried, but now that you’re saying that they always say stuff about you....

T:  People just, don’t worry about it, okay?  I’m not worried about it, so you don’t need to worry about it, I mean unless you choose to, so, but I’m not worried about it.  I just wanna say, I’m gonna say this to everybody, and I don’t compare myself to ‘em, but you know it’s somethin’ that people always say, they talked about Jesus Christ, so my God, I mean who am I to say ‘cause somebody talks about me.  People talk about you for a, a very different reasons, which got it, I mean, they admire you, they love you, they wish they were you, they despite you for something you’re doing that they can’t do or, or, or for reasons that you’re hurting what they’re trying to do.  So one of those or all of those above, it doesn’t matter, ‘cause it hasn’t changed what we’re doing here, hasn’t changed TNT, hasn’t changed the dinar revaluation, hasn’t changed the information that we’re givin’ out, so.

C:  That’s right!

T:  Let’s keep doin’ what we do, all right?

C:  Thank you for every....

T:  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!  Oh, go ahead.

C:  Thank you for everything, and Vegas, Vegas, Vegas.  And I will...

T:  Okay.

C:  ...see you there.

T:  All right, I’ll see you there!  Okay!  All right, let’s go to...713.  713?

C:  So I think the smartest thing to do is take....

T:  Nope.  Sorry, ‘cause 713 wasn’t payin’ attention.  They were on to somethin’ else.  Okay, let’s go to 204.

C:  Good morning, Tony!  This is...

T:  Good morning, how are you?

C:  ...(inaudible) from, well I’m good!  Normally I’m in St. Louis, but right now I’m in the boonies of Manitoba, Canada, so I’m a bit concerned.  But before I get to my question, I just want to ask you something personally.  What was your rank when you, when you left the Army?

T:  First of all, I was in the Air Force, and there’s a big difference...

C:  Oh!  My apologies!

T:  ...between the Army and the Air Force.

C:  Okay, your rank was....

T:  That’s right!  That’s right.  I was E-6 when I got out.  I was a enlisted guy.

C:  E-6?  In the Air Force.

T:  Yep.  

C:  Oooo! 

T:  Yep.

C:  Man, I gotta bow to you Air Force guys.  We didn’t have any Air Force in my family.  We had, my grandfather was in the Army in World War I, my dad was in the Army in World War II, and my oldest brother was in the Navy in peacetime, and he still swears like a sailor!  Bad influence on me.  Anyway, I’m up visiting my 91-year-old mother who is still going strong, and I...

T:  Good!

C:  ...my husband and I, before I left, we had to make a decision, you know, what to do.  So he’s, he’s gonna take care pretty much of things until I get back, so he’s a nervous wreck.  I brought a little bit of Zim with me just in case, you know, it would, the RV while I’m up here and I wanna go back in some style.  My fear, though--or concern, I guess, not fear--is that they won’t RV, RV while I’m here or in the States, that they’ll do it right when I’m at the border in between, and, you know, I get there and I have, you know, worthless currency to declare, and they go, “Oh, no!”  Anyway, so....

T:  Hmmm.

C:  Yeah, I’m on, I took a bus up here and they routed me, believe it or not the only way to get here is they routed me from St. Louis east across the country all the way to Buffalo, New York.  And then from Buffalo across Niagara Falls, and then all the way west across those, the northern, across the lakes, Huron (inaudible).

T:  Okay.  All right.  

C:  I’m a little nervous.

T:  You probably do have a, a real issue of bringing that back in afterwards, so.

C:  Yes!  Yes, I thought I’d have to come back....

T:  And I don’t have any advice for you, tell you the truth, ‘cause I don’t know what you’re gonna do, ‘cause, I mean....

C:  Well, if I were right there then and I’m not across yet, I guess I’d have to go back.  And I, I could do that, I guess.  I, I’m, I’m, and I’m guessing that’s what they would make me do?  Like send me back?

T:  Well, I, I’d ask the question, then, ‘cause I wouldn’t wanna get caught and they say you tryin’ to sneak it over and they take it.

C:  Oh, no, no, no, no!  Definitely, definitely not!

T:  So I’d say, “Hey, I have it....”

C:  I would, I would declare it.

T:  Okay, hold on.  Yes, that’s, that’s what I would do.  And before I declared it, so I don’t have to do that, I mean, I would ask the questions.

C:  Ask the, okay.

T:  “If I do this,” yeah, “before I sign this form for you, or do I need to turn around and walk away,” ‘cause you haven’t done anything at that time ‘cept you’re asking a question.

C:  Okay.

T:  And you go back and do it.  If you declare it, “I’m walkin’ across,” okay it’s a form, they send it US, and taxes bringin’ it into the country vs. just doing your exchange, there’s a whole lot of different ramifications that could go through that.  So I would find out legally, I’d be asking those questions right now from somebody or I’d be on my way home, one or the other, okay?

C:  Okay.  So you’re saying ask the rates and stuff or are you saying something more?  ‘Cause definitely I would get, you know, up-to-date information on the news or whatever, wherever, from my husband, I would get up-to-date information.  So I (inaudible).

T:  Okay, let, let me go through this real quick.

C:  Uh-huh?

T:  Okay, let me go through this real quick.  All right.

C:  Okay.

T:  For everybody, I mean this is my interpretation.  Now...

C:  Okay.

T:  ...if it happened and you’re in Canada and you’re trying to come back to the US and it’s worth 20 cent, you now have 20 million dollars in your pocket.  So I come up to the border, “Are you carrying anything?”  “Yes, I’m carrying 20 million dollars’ worth of currency.”  “Let me see it, let’s fill out the documents, let’s send it to the government, to the Treasury, everybody else.”  They don’t care if you exchanged it yet or not to US dollars ‘cause you’re bringing it in, but it’s worth 20 million dollars.  So now do they just tax that 20 million dollars that you’re bringing in, ‘cause it’s not part of the currency exchange that, that we’re doing, you’re just bringing it into the country.  Or do they deny it, take it, say, “Well this has to go through Homeland Security.”  

C:  Right.

T:  Or we have to do something else before we could, I don’t know what the procedure is.

C:  Right.

T:  But you have to deal with that.  Or do you say, walk up to the border and say, “Hey, I’m not sure I wanna go across yet, ‘cause what are the procedures if I have this?”  They tell you what it is, and you say, “No, I don’t wanna do that.”  Then turn around and go back to Canada, wherever you’re at, try and do an exchange and, and wire the money in, ‘cause that’s your other option.

C:  Right.

T:  Or go home right now!  But anyway.  Okay?

C:  Well, yeah.

T:  You’re gonna have to ask that, and that applies to anybody who’s going out of the country on vacation, that, I would ask those questions before I took that currency back out of this country, that’s what I would do.

C:  Okay.  Well my current plan, and I think it’s a good one, I’m, I’m, I’m...stuck I guess for want of a better word, ‘til Saturday when my brother takes over, so I have to stay ‘til Saturday before I leave.  And I was just thinking as late in the game as we are, the little bit I brought with me, we’re so close, I think I’m just not gonna take the chance, I’ll just leave it right here, you know, because right now it’s Monopoly money, it’s not a problem.  I’ll just come back later.

T:  Okay.  Or you take it ‘cause it hasn’t happened by Saturday and you can just drive right across the border with it and have it at all, but (inaudible)....

C:  Right, that way...

T:  All right.

C:  ...if I don’t have anything on me, then I don’t have anything to declare, do I?

T:  Well, that’s true.

C:  So that’s my (inaudible).  Anyway, just thought....

T:  All right.  Can we go Vegas, Vegas, Vegas?

C:  Yes!  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas, Vegas.  Actually, I had an accountant friend who loved Vegas, but he called it Lost Wages.  So Lost Wages, here we come.  Thank you, Tony.

T:  Okay.  Thank you very much!  All right.

C:  Bye-bye.

T:  Bye.  Okay, 757, good morning.  757?  Nope?  Okay!  Okay, Pam, you’re up!  Pam, are you still shoppin’?  Okay, Ray?  She might be at the cash register.

Ray:  Okay!  Well, all’s been said that needs to be said!  Continue to enjoy this Fabulous Friday, and let’s see what the weekend brings!

T:  Well, okay, thank you, sir!  All right, guys.  I gave it to you.  Everybody’s on high alert, any moment notice here in, in the US right now, the banking system, government, everybody else.  Some of our guys in Iraq think that we won’t see it ‘til after Parliament does what they’re doing tomorrow, which means we would see it late, late, late tonight if that is, in fact, true.  Could be anytime over the weekend there, but everybody’s ready.  Again, I think if we don’t see it tonight, over the weekend, August is here, they’re cuttin’ their salaries by up to 50%, some of ‘em 35, some 45, Prime Minister 50%.  They’re not doing it out of the kindness of their heart.  I promise you, they are not doing it out of the kindness of their heart.  So long as they stick to it, we should see it, this train ride should be over, roller coaster came to a end, our new world and new lives should be able to begin, all right?  So I’m gonna say Vegas, Vegas, Vegas.  I feel superfantastic about what’s goin’ on, hope you guys do, and let’s enjoy the weekend.  Hopefully this will be the weekend that we’ll do an extra call!  I’m lookin’ forward to it.  All right, thanks everybody!.


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