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With the approach of Eid ... recession affects markets because of Mosul (Daash) financial and liquidity DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

With the approach of Eid ... recession affects markets because of Mosul (Daash) financial and liquidity

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With the approach of Eid ... recession affects markets because of Mosul (Daash) financial and liquidity Empty With the approach of Eid ... recession affects markets because of Mosul (Daash) financial and liquidity

Post by Ponee Thu Jul 16, 2015 3:08 pm

Traders and owners of shops and markets ups in the city of Mosul, on Thursday, of the lack of commercial traffic in spite of Eid al-Fitr approaches, as they attributed the reasons to the instability of the situation and the instructions imposed by the organization (Daash) and the lack of financial liquidity of the population because of the employees' salaries cut.

The owner of shops selling clothes Abu Abdullah, in an interview with the (long-Presse), said that "there are people the spirit and become in the street but do not have the purchasing desire, some may ask about the price and the type of goods and the few who has the audacity purchase and spend money even in normal days the sale more than it is today and we are in the nights of Eid, as they say. "

He predicted Abu Abdullah, "and there are two reasons for the lack of purchase, the first instruction set by the organization (Daash) regarding Bazzi women, where he became the goods which possible that sold limited models and colors Therefore say turnout them because they meet the desire taste unspecified number of women and young women, and the other reason He no longer have the money parents can Infqoh to buy new clothes and cut off the salaries of staff greatly affected the buying and selling movement. "

The organization Daash had instructed months ago about women's fashion, is hereby that all women wear the veil black long to below the knee and below the black or dark-colored cloak, and does not appear any part of the woman until her hands and her eyes, which prompted the owners of a lot of fashion stores to shut down or convert its class.

For his part, the (long-Presse), he was "in the seasons of previous holidays we open our Mahna since the early and even late at night, and it was the toaster is working around the clock to frying cherries said owner to sell cherries Salim Ali shop in an interview, the momentum dramatically", noting that "these days did not sell more than 10 kilos per day, and this is a very big loss, I think the psychological factor for the people of Mosul rejoice that prevents them from themselves, as well as a lot of them do not have the money to buy cherries."

It was a lot of ministries may cut salaries of its employees in Mosul for months, and some laggard for payment, until news came the government's decision to stop paying salaries to employees in the hot provinces, which put the people of the city are wondering about their fate.

For his part, said civil rights activist Ahmed Hamza Musli, in an interview with the (long-Presse), that "the existence of the organization (Daash) itself is a disaster, a real disaster heard him and his crimes preceded and came with the imposition of laws and regulations contrary to the nature of the people of Mosul prevented them from enjoying their lives and restricted freedoms," he said to, "These practices have made the population in front of an unknown fate pushes them to the attention of the preservation of their lives and keep them as much as possible the risk and lost interest in the needs and wishes of the other, including the celebration of the feast."

He said Musli, that "There is a crisis of substantial financial liquidity, only The supplier which remain for the people is the staff who spend salaries and thus money moving between the traders and salesmen and job market, and even this source lost Mosalion cut salaries and news stories about stopping payment of salaries by the government hot to the provinces."

The organization (Daash) has issued several instructions regarding the feast of them shut down the mosques and mosques during the time of Eid prayer, and set them up in one yard for each city, and prevent shaving beards for men and the development of flogging and fines for violators.

The organization (Daash) may impose its control over the city of Mosul, Nineveh province, (405 km north of Baghdad), in (the tenth of June 2014 the past), before to impose its control over many other regions of Iraq, had committed "violations" Many people, especially the right of minorities, religious and cultural sites, promised many local and international destinations "crimes against humanity, and genocide."



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