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9000 IDP families receive the smart card in Babylon DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

9000 IDP families receive the smart card in Babylon

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9000 IDP families receive the smart card in Babylon Empty 9000 IDP families receive the smart card in Babylon

Post by Ponee Sat Jun 06, 2015 10:11 am

9000 IDP families receive the smart card in Babylon 489106

BAGHDAD / long-Presse: Confirmed Displacement and Migration Department in Babil province, on Friday, said more than 9,000 families have received the smart card, and while confirming that those families are included monthly salary of 400 000 dinars, Salahuddin Council announced its intention to open the door of return of displaced persons to Tikrit and its environs mid-June current.

The director of the Department of Immigration and Displacement in Babylon Nasr Abdul-Jabbar in an interview with the (long-Presse), said that "9846 displaced families out of 13930 displaced families registered for displaced database, received a smart card for bringing them allocated by the government, amounting to 400 000 dinars per salaries IDP families. "

He said Abdul-Jabbar "The migration of Babylon Department did not record any displaced since the local government's decision not to receive the province for the displaced, which has been applied to the beginning of last month."

He emphasized Abdul-Jabbar "The draft thousand allocated for displaced people in Babylon Caravan was canceled by the High Commission Relief and sheltering displaced people, "noting that" the Supreme Committee for the displaced has allocated five billion for the purchase of caravans and the government agencies to prepare a comprehensive study on the number of caravans and an area has been lifted Higher Committee for approval. "

Said Abdul-Jabbar that "international organizations are still serving in various forms and formats for the displaced such as the International Organization FAO, it has run the 200 young displaced people in my part of Alexandria North Babylon and Shomali southern to plant entrances and the streets of both evergreen trees to give esthetic them character. "

More than 14 000 displaced people have taken them in the province of Babylon in all its aspects and Aqditha of hot spots were provided all humanitarian aid from the people of the province and civil society organizations, religious, governmental and international organizations and institutions.

It was announced Salahuddin Council of his intention to open the door of return of displaced persons to Tikrit and its environs mid-June current, calling on government departments to maintain officials, (170 km north of Baghdad), to direct their actions, while revealed the provincial police for the (Dash) using more than 50 tons of explosives in the city.

The head of the Council, Ahmed Abdul-Jabbar Karim, during the fifth meeting of the General Council present in 2015, and his second in Tikrit, said that "officials of government departments are invited to direct their work day next Sunday, and determine the damage done to it, "adding that" made ​​the tour in Tikrit showed the possibility of starting formal work. "

Said Karim, the "laggards for attendance will be forced to address their ministries to replace them," noting that "the presidency of the Council held meetings several with the security services, and the leadership of the police and the operations maintain the gold band and the leaders of the popular crowd, and reached the conviction the possibility of opening the door of return of displaced persons to Tikrit and its suburbs, according to the specific mechanism by relying on the security form which was launched two weeks ago. "

He criticized the President of the Council, "the absence of some members of the provincial council for attendance despite-proclaimed efforts to end the suffering of the displaced people and returning them to their homes, "stressing" the lack of a place to maintain collaborators with Daash. "

For his part, the police chief of Salahuddin, Major General Hamad Nams, in an interview to the (long-Presse), "The return of displaced persons possible After securing neighborhoods of Tikrit and cleaned of improvised explosive devices and houses booby-trapped, "noting that" the security forces managed during the last term of the dismantling of some 1,700 explosive device since the liberation of Tikrit, yet. "
Revealed Nams, for "do Daash using more than 50 tons of explosives in Tikrit ".

The security forces managed with the help of the popular crowd, in the first of April 2015, the city of Tikrit, edit control organization (Daash) after about a month of the start of a wide process lasted for one month.



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