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800 - Mountain Goat says there is absolutely no pressure to RV  DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

Mountain Goat says there is absolutely no pressure to RV

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800 - Mountain Goat says there is absolutely no pressure to RV  Empty Mountain Goat says there is absolutely no pressure to RV

Post by Ponee on Wed May 27, 2015 9:52 pm

Hello Everyone,

In this news letter today I give you yet more evidence of the reluctance (thus the hold up) by the USA to allow the Iraqi currency to go back online (globally international once again).

We are all looking for reasons. It seems many want to tell us it was held up again but can’t ever tell us why. They seem to tell us “why not”  intel but never give a firm reason why it is stalled. 

Maybe the answer lies in these “why nots”? So lets look at them. I also want to dispel some rumors about the IQD already going internationa this past weekendl. It has NOT!

Today’s News

Today is Wednesday May 27th and still no RV and just 4 days until June and all I have to say is TIC TOC, TIC TOC to all you intel “gurus” who think this RV will never reach June. Funny how time proves many wrong.

I guess it is better to be right only once than to be wrong every week/ everyday by calling the RV so many times needlessly. Also better to tell you honest news and not with an “RV hat” on.

So it’s Wednesday and once again we sit broken hearted. We wanted the RV but it never started….lol….

Once again I am saying I am not calling the RV for June or even July but am telling you there is NO sound evidence that it can or will happen prior to this timeframe of mid June.

In fact the most recent news is now telling us we may have to wait until early 2016 but I personally feel if they can control this terrorists threat in Iraq and push out the Iranian influence we might see the RV sooner than later (like maybe this summer).

Over this past weekend rumors once again spread that authorization was granted by everyone for the RV and they began to exchange but encountered a system error. So they shut down the process. Really?

If this was true then why where we not all contacted to begin out exchanges then before they shut it down? Seems we should have been given the #800 to begin making appointments....yes or no? 

I too have also been fed this information over the weekend but I did chose not to bring it to you since I know better and know of these corrupted sources who are bringing this misinformation to us.

Why do they consistently to do this?

They are doing this because they know we as investors are very frustrated. They also know that we know about the early exchanges by high ranking officials in the government going back as far as 2013.

They need to pacify us and silence us. This is their tactic. This latest story of an RV is interesting and I am hearing they must now keep changing their story since they know we are on to their recycled stories and we are not dumbed up anymore.

So what do we do?

We can not force the RV. We simply must try to constantly find the truth. We must wait until the USA and the UN deems it is the right time for Iraq to bring back their currency. In the meantime I can only recommend that you listen to the RV news with an open mind and seek the truth. This will lessen your anxiety and anticipation. Be careful of these rumors!

[Needed Reconciliation]

Seems Iraq keep coming up with tentative timeframes as to when they desire to accomplish certain tasks but the constant political bickering and fighting as well as the physical terrorists fighting is constantly trying to tear apart the fabric of Iraq. Why would the currency be revived in this environment?

Who is behind all this?

We know for a fact now that it is the Iranian influence that is at the root of all this chaos in Iraq. Remember I keep telling you this is their Method of Operation (MO). So when you see this constant fighting and stalling, this is from these politicians and you can guess what their objectives are.

The final END GAME for Iran?

It is to wear down Iraq until the USA finally caves in and decides to give up on Iraq. Also they know the movement towards liberating Syria from Assad too is on the agenda with the USA and coalition forces. Of course the USA is not about to give in to these terrorists after spending trillions over the last 12 years on this effort.

The longer Iran can delay this movement on Syria, by chaos in Iraq, they buy time. They believe this time can be used to develop their nuclear and ballistic missile capabilities. Time is certainly not on their side.

Didn’t you ever wonder what these terrorists groups really are trying to accomplish? Is it just about the rapping and pillaging of the cities of Iraq? Evidence is showing to us they are being directed and instructed as to what to do. They are more concerned about TIME and DELAYING then rapping and pillaging.

This is all just a diversion. They are stalling progress in Iraq for Iran’s sake. In my last news letter I talked about how I felt this is all one big “game” now and there is funny stuff taking place since we keep hearing in news articles that are now recycled over and over again.

So what is really happening in the progress to fight terrorism in Iraq? Some say there is more progress than is being reported. Really? This could be true but are these saying this with presenting sound evidence or just once again being hopeful and wearing their “RV Hat” during the conversation?
Let’s look at some facts. We know that  700+ billion (that is billion with a “B”) that has been stolen from the people of Iraq during Maliki’s administration and Iran used it to by weapons, run terrorists training camps, pay terrorists salaries, supplies, etc..  to turn right around and infiltrate their own country. 

The GOI has told us that this money could have been used to rebuild Iraq in its entirety. The timeframe too for the completion of  reconstruction is way overdue. 

So where did the money go? Another use was also for Iran to bypass the UN embargo and sanctions. Did you know that nearly 80% of the Iranian budget today goes towards their military yet people are starving in the streets and without proper clean water or medical care. Please don’t tell me Iran is not a fascist/military state.

Also the use of these stolen Iraqi funds are now being used to support terrorist in Iraq itself supporting ISIS and crooked political Iraqi leaders bent on moving Iraq towards their Iranian puppet state. 

These leaders must be slowly weeded out. We also know that Nori al-Maliki is the main source of leadership for these terrorist militias in Iraq. 

We have all see the devastation and destruction this brings to Iraq. When will they finally end the Maliki influence? It is coming shortly and will precede any RV I can assure you of this fact. 

Do you wonder why now the USA is demanding that all Iranian influence be gone from Iraq and not just ISIS? These statements too are constantly being repeated by Vice President Joe Biden of the USA. 

Now even president Obama too has made statements towards this direction. Not my words but theirs.

Have I painted a clear picture for you now? Can you understand why no RV until all this is cleaned up? Can you see how the RV is not now just about Iraq but now about the mess with Iran and Syria too.

ISIS and the Iranian militias must first be dealt with. There is still much clean up to do. Abadi himself projected months ago it would take at least until early summer  (late June) to complete this mission. 

I think now he was overly optimistic. It is not my opinion but the statement from the government of Iraq itself. 

Over this past weekend once again we heard rumors that an RV was authorized yet we do not see the RV. Why? I have been explaining to you why in my many news letters. It is because this is disinformation being passed down to us dinarians to pacify us. 

The culprits of this disinformation know the severity and repercussions if it ever leaking out about these early exchanges having taken place. So a campaign was staged to SHUT US UP.

These same culprits also know that we know they are recycling reasoning for the stalling and so they must come up with new information (or new misinformation) to tell us. This recent story was another example. I would not pay any attention to it. The week and then weekend will end without any RV I can assure you of this.

Recent articles now are showing us the difficulty too in the reconciliation process. Iraq has been wanting the conclusion to the economic reform and high hopes in the reconciliation process was that it would have occurred already by now. 

But first these politicians must learn to come together and realize that are ONE NATION and behave like ONE NATION if they are ever going to succeed to their fullest potential in the global arena.

Let’s not also take off  the table of a possible 2 or 3 state solution to the Iraqi crisis. Again VP Joe Biden has talking about this solution many times. As far as we as dinarian investors are concerned this would actually speed up the global rollout of a new currency, especially in the Kurdistan region. So this is the good news today, if their could be any.

So this week was significant in this topic of the Reconciliation effort since we have seen inter-parliamentary fighting going on (actual fist fighting and throwing of chairs at members in a parliament session). 'We know who these members are and we know their goals. 

It is the same tactics used during the Maliki administration. Cause chaos and disruption and nothing will get done in parliament and they once again succeed in stalling progress in Iraq. 

Some members even believe that a “national emergency” should be called by parliament to dissolve the government and the constitution. This once again has Maliki written all over it.  We all know this is not the answer either so when you hear this rhetoric ignore it. It is just members mouthing off going to extremes.

So the following is a recent article about how Kuwait is stepping up to try to assist in this Reconciliation process within Iraq. Just in case you thought all was going so well and doubt my analysis of the situation….lol….

Article Follows:

Najafi: Emir of Kuwait is ready to mediate between Iraqi factions     


The transfer of Iraqi Vice President Osama Najafi, for the Emir of Kuwait Sabah Al-Ahmad Al-Jaber Al-Sabah, his willingness to mediate between the components of Iraq to promote reconciliation between them, stressing that Kuwait "acceptable" of all Iraqi factions.

Nujaifi said, in an interview published by newspapers "opinion" and "day" Alkwytatin, Tuesday, he had explained to the Emir of Kuwait and the Crown restored Nawaf Al-Ahmad Al-Jaber Al-Sabah, "the situation in Iraq and the battle waged by Iraq against terrorism."

He added: "We explained to His Highness Prince Iraqi political situation, and the stages of implementation of the political agreement, and the government's efforts to install a reconciliation among Iraqis, and put the displaced and the country in general. The Prince listened attentively, very sympathetic to the Iraqi crisis, and believes that it is essential that you Kuwait an important role in this direction. "

The Najafi personally welcomed "any role for the Kuwaiti convergence of views among Iraqis."

In response to a question about the nature of the Kuwaiti intervention required, Najafi said: "We put forward an initial idea, it was not looking at Iraq. But the debate with Prince put that he is ready for any efforts in this direction."

He said Iraqi Vice President that Kuwait "accepted by all the Iraqi parties, and can play an important role in this process."

He pointed out that within the Iraqi government, "two currents; one seeks social justice, and the second tends to extremism and pushing him," adding: "We are facing a real problem in the relationship of the components of the year, Shiites and Kurds, and how to find an acceptable formula for living together."

The Najafi visited Kuwait, last Sunday, to offer condolence the death of the former head of the Kuwaiti National Assembly, Jassem al-Kharafi, and met during the visit, both the Crown Prince of Kuwait and restored.

Article Ends

There are also many long awaited laws that need to be implemented. They are tied to having cooperation in parliament. They are tied to the Reconciliation process and are needed for it to succeed.

So here too out popped an article this week on the inability in parliament to get the needed cooperation to honestly debate and pass these laws. I am presenting it to you today as also evidence of what is truly going on. So kindly take off your “RV Hat” and listen!  Just in case you thought all was going so well and doubt my analysis of the situation….lol….

Article Follows:

BAGHDAD - Shaima Rashid  Despite the extension of the second legislative term of the House of Representatives, months extra in order to pass some broken laws, but that the council did not reach common understandings among its members to pass many of these laws, especially the Federal Court National Guard and the law of parties.

la la la as I skipped the rest of the article and you know the rest of the story……

Article Ends


[Mastercard is not yet International]

Folks Mastercard is not yet international. Who is telling you this? So many questions and emails to me on this topic. So let me clarify this one more time and put this misinformation to rest.

Currently the IQD does not have an official international rate and it NOT being traded.

As I said in my last post and the one before these cards can be used by anyone processing them when they are abroad (in another country) to use as a DEBIT card and a DEBIT card only.

 Iraq wants citizens to receive their oil royalties when abroad. Where does this money come from? How do they convert the dinar then to the countries currency equivalent?

This money is simply money that is a fixed rate (.86, 1.14, 1,17, etc) from the program that the card holder has been allocated money for by the government and has nothing to do with the global currency exchanges. This money is from the social programs.
These cards do not at this time need to tie into the global currency exchanges to get the rate to convert the program amount from dinar to the country’s currency.

They simply take the fixed rate from a file and convert it. For instance: 1 dinar in the USA could equal .86 cents per 1 USD if they use an ATM machine to obtain cash from their debit card while in USA. 

This .86 conversion is coming from a fixed file. This is not an indication of an RV. If the Iraq citizen were in a EURO country they might receive something like .96 cents since the EURO is slightly higher than the USD.

This file contains many country’s different conversion rates. It is not an easy way to do this conversion but they do not want the Iraqi citizen to receive the international market rate (when the RV happens). 

They never will. So another example: let supposed the RV does happen and the IQD now has a market rate of 4.57. When the Mastercard debit is conduct from these Iraq government bank accounts they will still payout only .86 cents on a USD not 4.57. Understand?

When the citizen is abroad in other countries the debit transaction may not work at all since not all countries have conversion rates input in the Mastercard system as of yet and probably will not for some time. Note I did not say international exchange but rather the Mastercard system tied to an Iraq bank account pre-loaded with money for them. Do you understand.

Wish everyone would get this correct now. Since come June and July Iraq will be using these debit cards to payout in some foreign countries and still there will be no international rates progressed to the exchanges thus no RV. 

So there is absolutely no pressure to RV to set this up to work when they plan to begin paying out the oil royalties. Don’t believe me? Just wait and watch when June comes around if I am correct or not. 

Peace and Luv To Ya All,   Mnt Goat


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800 - Mountain Goat says there is absolutely no pressure to RV  Empty Re: Mountain Goat says there is absolutely no pressure to RV

Post by Kevind53 on Wed May 27, 2015 11:58 pm

What a windbag .... 800 - Mountain Goat says there is absolutely no pressure to RV  1656125192

Trust but Verify --- R Reagan Suspect

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800 - Mountain Goat says there is absolutely no pressure to RV  Empty Re: Mountain Goat says there is absolutely no pressure to RV

Post by RamblerNash on Fri May 29, 2015 11:00 am

The "Goat" is a little bit light on the comments about Tony this week. They must not want the attention of Tony's GUILTY PLEA.

You would think that they would want to point out that Tony LIES, and has LIED, and now pled GUILTY for FRAUD.

Nahhh...The "Goats" right. Don't mention "FRAUD" when posting about the RV.

Wouldn't want anyone to make that connection...

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