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Confused and could use some insight DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

Confused and could use some insight

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Confused and could use some insight Empty Confused and could use some insight

Post by CREE on Tue May 26, 2015 9:59 pm

I became aware of the Dinar almost 2 years ago.  At the time I make my initial purchase and heard it was going to RV that coming weekend when I made a second purchase.  Since then I did purchase more and other currencies but stopped after 6 months.

I originally listened to PTR where Tony was.  He comes across sincere and when he was kicked out out PTR I followed him.  Went thru a year of it will RV over the next week and then almost every day.  My gut said Tony was lying but one does get addicted to the calls.  I stopped listening to him about 6-8 months ago.  I tried Frank26 but he was less sincere and seemed like a con artist also.....

Now I read that Tony was indicted for a prior scam.

I am not selling anything, but started wondering with all the con artists in the Dinar world how real is any potential RV?  It did not take this long for Qwait to revalue.  Then it seems with the Dong Vietnam likes a very low currency exchange as it makes their exports a better deal.  Lots not even get into the Rupiah and the Zim..

So how real is this investment.  It bothers me that people consider this some sort of religious experience, which makes it sound even more like a scam.

I do listen to Mountain Goat and Randy Kounse but they do not post that often although Mt, Goat as done so more often lately and is not suggesting the RV may not happen until  2016?

So can someone tell me, which was is up?  Is this real or have we all been con'd?

Just call me confused....

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Confused and could use some insight Empty Re: Confused and could use some insight

Post by Ssmith on Tue May 26, 2015 11:11 pm


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Confused and could use some insight Empty Re: Confused and could use some insight

Post by Kevind53 on Tue May 26, 2015 11:30 pm

My opinion is that this has always been a high risk investment that may or may not pay off. Unfortunately Tony and his ilk have sucked a lot of people who did not have money to risk into this thing by intimating it was a sure thing, it has never been that, far from it. Prior to ISIL, I thought there was an outside chance we could see at least an incremental increase in the value this year. Given the drop in oil prices and the ISIL related turmoil in country, I now expect that if we see any change at all this year, it will be downward.

As to the Dong, they have already reduced their currency, and it is not likely to be allowed to increase, for the same reason you will see no increase in the Yuan. Keeping it low gives them an edge in the market, especially the low cost/low tech market so much of their business is in. I am watching that area, but not for any good reasons. I see much of that region as unstable, and I see China making some very aggressive expansionist moves that are/will not sit well with their neighbors or with the US.

The ZWD is a joke, it's not even legal tender in it's own country, and in fact it will be completely demonetized by the end of the year if it is not already. You will not see an Zimbabwe currency of any sort, if at all, for years, and when/if you do, it will start from scratch.

But to get back to the IQD, some will tell you it will LOP and we'll get nothing, I will admit they may be right, but given the lack of clarity in the translations, they may also be wrong. As for me, I'll ride it out, I think we will in time see a profit, but not the kind of profit Phoney keeps talking about. Time will tell.

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