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The price of the Iraqi dinar against the dollar is falling apart day after day current exchange rates reached 1,400 dinars per dollar DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

The price of the Iraqi dinar against the dollar is falling apart day after day current exchange rates reached 1,400 dinars per dollar

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The price of the Iraqi dinar against the dollar is falling apart day after day current exchange rates reached 1,400 dinars per dollar Empty The price of the Iraqi dinar against the dollar is falling apart day after day current exchange rates reached 1,400 dinars per dollar

Post by Ponee Mon Apr 13, 2015 9:00 am

Two months ago, the price of the Iraqi dinar against the dollar is falling apart day after day has current exchange rates reached 1,400 dinars per dollar, and no contraindications to the arrival of the exchange rate to 2,000 dinars appear in the coming days, Valabie and purchase are publicly There are no legal procedures are followed against speculators buying and selling of the dollar, as the CBI did not take action that would limit the deterioration of the dinar exchange rate, although the Prime Minister of this subject has discussed with the Governor of the Central Bank of Iraq (agency), where he promised the latter finding safe outlets to provide the actual needs for citizens of the dollar and exchange rates in order to restore and ensure reduce the incidence of money laundering and smuggling of foreign currency abroad.

There are those who believe that the high dollar exchange rates due to the application of Article 50 of the federal budget for the 2015 law, the article provides that the Central Bank of Iraq auction sales of not more than $ 75 million a day, which is a controversial matter and revoked the Council of Ministers to the Federal Court Being Added before the House of Representatives during the discussion and adoption of the Federal Budget Law for the year 2015 was not included in the draft budget law in the foundation, and is known as the auction of the Iraqi Central Bank of dollars have been be found since 2004, and is one of the important ports to provide dollar sales rates reached this auction to more than $ 250 million per day, which means determined to $ 75 million of sales a day, down in the presentation of foreign currency in the opinion of the concerned trading in the dollar.

From the standpoint of the relevant committees in the House of Representatives, the determination of the $ 75 million dollar sales day could stop waste and manipulation of the wealth of Iraq, the Iraqi Central Auctions sales reached $ 470 billion, the equivalent of this amount, more than half of the revenue from oil exports, as This amount means that the private sector transfers more of the public sector and remittances there who controls the wealth of Iraq than the dollar, has been an MP Magda Tamimi, a member of the Finance Committee in the House of Representatives said a university professor previously and her academic expertise and practical, that there are ten community banks have acquired Auction Central Bank over the past years, has reached every bank purchases of these banks up to 2-4 billion, and more conversions have been ways and covers not meet the full procedures and are well known to those concerned in the integrity and financial control and the House of Representatives.

What most of the public interested in the subject of the deterioration of the dinar exchange rate is the impact on the purchasing capacity and the prices of goods and services in local markets, The issue of corruption and laundering and smuggling of funds has become a natural vocabulary repeats of shows in the media channels and processed, they just talk according to what he says ordinary people, People are complaining about the high daily goods once the prices because of the low rate of the dinar and again because of the roads leading to the border crossing points in the western and north-cut leading to higher transport fares, and some merchants do not have mercy already because a change in the dollar exchange rate by 120 dinars to the dollar, for example, lead to raising the price of more than 250 dinars, or more than doubled, and notes that raising prices is an immediate drop in the dinar prices, but the prices do not go down or go back to their levels at the high value of the dinar either permanently or after a very long period.

Coincided with the decline of the Iraqi dinar exchange rates issued a number of decisions that threaten the lives of ordinary citizens, the House of Representatives has initiated numerous resolutions constitute financial burdens on citizens, including taxes and fees under strange names have not been their access before, such as imposing fees for paving streets paid by property owners and road users, and the imposition of judicial fees paid by the citizens of the distribution of allocations to employees to satisfy a certain segment calculated on a body of party, and the establishment of the Ministry of Electricity, up faltering services wages are raises the question, bewilderment, and is currently trading subject of salary reduction due to lower oil revenues, and the citizen is asking whether these measures are equivalent to the families of Iraqi politicians on the sacrifice of the martyrs in the liberation of the land Aldoaash Bastards, in those battles gives people the victims and some officials portray the fame and publicity.

What is required to deal with the living situation of citizens who deteriorates day by day, is the ministers and the heads of the relevant bodies to take their leadership role in the treatment. During the past few months have been more appeals directed to Dr. Haider Abadi, head of the Council of Ministers and if the state without ministers, and why real in that the minister did not appear in the media or in the arena of action to highlight what they have achieved and are suggesting to some that they have not achieved anything, and the other reason that invites us to appeal to the Minister and rank shall be fixed, if the Prime Minister is the general commander of the armed forces and has the functions of many trips, and the door of the national, legal and professional duty to be mitigation him to devote himself to the tasks that relate to our existence and our future generations and the sovereignty of Iraq, and we hope to be the homeland and citizens shared our concern, and that rises above who can all temptations to please God first and people of conscience Second, we believe that the re-dinar exchange rate to previous levels requires not only specific actions specific, but beaten with an iron fist on the exploits of conditions in Iraq wars dealers and Doaash economy, and these are not only interested in wealth, even if the exchange rate reached a million dinars SOURCE


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