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Thoughts From Arthur Tuesday AM Emailed to Recaps

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arthur - Thoughts From Arthur Tuesday AM Emailed to Recaps Empty Thoughts From Arthur Tuesday AM Emailed to Recaps

Post by chilimama Tue Apr 07, 2015 10:18 am

Arthur   There is absolute ZERO credibility to any unfounded claims that the HCL has been fully implemented.  Just in the past 48 hours we see an article stating: 

"Deputy for the National Adoption of the oil and gas will set the oil policy in the country"...... also stating  "must be to speed up the enactment of the oil and gas law", and that "the next HOR sessions will see the inclusion of oil and gas law (HCL) on the agenda for the purpose of reading and discussion by the political blocs."  It also stated that there is "a wide interest by the parliamentary blocs to complete the enactment of this law."   

I can confirm by my contacts that this is now being taken very seriously as all concerned are fully aware that nothing can move substantially forward until this is done and that it is in process to be fully implemented in short order. 

I can also assure you that the security situation is going according to internal and external planning and, although a very important component to the overall reform package, at this juncture it is not a major impediment to the MR that is currently in process 

Therefore it is certainly no coincidence that the Gov. of the CBI Alaq is accompanying PM Abadi during the historic visit to the Kurdistan region prompting contractors and other Iraqi contacts to now be on high alert for upcoming payments in revalued IQD.

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