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Post by Ssmith on Thu Apr 02, 2015 9:27 am

Found this on the "Tony Exposed" website, thought it was cute and brought it over. 

3/18/2015 Lil bit of satire on Mr Tony....Emailed to us from Dinar Dennis:
So...about 2010......the black SUV skids in front of superhero Mr Superfantastic. Out jump 2 MIB ( aka known as Men in Black from the PTB.) Their black snarling monster of a dog blazes red eyes. "Hey Tony...you have a problem my man. You want to ride around in a Bentley, smoking a foot long cigar. BUT.... we know all about your problem...that little thing called a serious fraud charge of $5M in the Kansas courts, Involving thousands of people diddled out of $100 here....$10, 000 there. Thats serious shite man...like 20 years worth.But , never fear....things can be smoothed out, ya know, bud." Tony says" Who does this make sense to?" The MIB look like they just came from Tony Soprano. "You know, Mr Tony....you have proven TALENT. You can work a crowd like a carnival barker. You hit the stage like an MLM King, wanting an empire of downline signees. You are smooth, my man. You can sell the concept, and forget the detail or back up proof. Our MASTERS like that. Here's the deal. You get a minder, supplied by PTB.....juz maybe an agency with first 2 letters of C.I. You 2 get your scripts, and you run regular sales hustles...er...ummmm....Free Info Calls to the public. Dont worry your head about the script content....it will have some truth...and a lot that is vague..... easy for you 2 to pump out regularly, cos you got the smooth tongue. Juz pretend you are blowing cigar smoke in the faces of all the audience. Like some befuddling fog. You will be patriotic by doing all this...just do as you are told, when you are told, and for how long you are told. What's in it for you? Apart from keeping our dog very happy.....you get to think of your Kansas problem as gone POOF, in a puff of cigar smoke. And we can see you riding into the sunset in your Bentley, with your Cubans. So, from one Tony Soprano to another Tony......just work that crowd. Be a Smooth Operator. We have full confidence in you. You are Da Man. " With that, they all just seemed to disappear into the night.‏

Of course....this is just fiction, right? This sorta stuff never happens in real life...right????? Umm....errrrrr......right????


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Post by Kevind53 on Thu Apr 02, 2015 2:22 pm

Mr. SuperFantastic Roflma10

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