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There is a big corruption at the central bank auction! DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

There is a big corruption at the central bank auction!

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There is a big corruption at the central bank auction! Empty There is a big corruption at the central bank auction!

Post by Ponee Sat Mar 28, 2015 12:04 pm

There is a big corruption at the central bank auction! %D8%AA%D9%86%D8%B2%D9%8A%D9%84-819
 Baghdad / Iraq News Network described the Parliamentary Finance Committee, was stabbed in parts of the private central bank of the General Budget Law as "unreasonable," saying possess the constitutional right to the doors of the budget transfers between the central bank and Tkhveidaha.oukdm appeal to the Federal Court to paragraph 50 of the Budget Law for the year The current 2015 which obliged not to sell more than 75 million dollars a day auction currency, which promise Governor of the Central Bank on the Keywords "stranger danger" being subject to the Central Bank of the directives of the government, expected this matter is resolved in favor of the Central Bank Qdaúaa.edo Finance Committee MP Masood Haider , confirmed the legitimacy of the Commission and the Parliament according to the Constitution in transfers between the doors and the reduction Almoisna.oukal Haider "The appeal lodged by the Central Bank of respect to Article 46 relating to banks and investment formed according to Islamic law, and Article 50, which restricts the sale currency auction 75 million US dollars a day." , noting that "there is an intention by the Council of Ministers to challenge all articles that have been added by the Finance Committee" .sv Haider "the possession of the data and documents related to the process of money laundering and smuggling of foreign currency abroad, noting that in order to close a road in front of corruption in this area and stop money laundering by what he called the "corrupt and influential" in state institutions were added to this article, "stressing that" the Commission will veto this appeal banking existing data has to disclose how laundering billions of dollars in Iraq and leaked to the outside, ".onoh Haider that." All articles that have been added by the Finance Committee to the budget bill within the carry process and reduce state spending at all levels, and that these materials which are not financial implications and do not lead to an increase in the budget for what has been put forward by the Council of Ministers "And on the grades, between Haider, "The Finance Committee has redeploy 20 000 degrees was dedicated to the defense ministry because there are a lot of aliens and their distribution between the ministries and other state institutions." The Parliament has added and modified about 17 items in the budget bill, notably Article 50, which states that "adhere to the central bank Select sales of currency ceiling does not exceed 75 million dollars a day with exercise justice in the sales process, "noted that there are other materials that have been approved of reducing the number of cars of the three presidencies, and pressure Alaivadat Foreign posts by 50 percent, and compel the Ministry of Finance and ministries all regardless salaries and employee benefits in provinces and hot areas, and install the contract-holders in the ministries who have three years of service and above in the budget of 2015, and the creation of the reconstruction of areas devastated by terrorism fund, and the allocation of two dollars for each province producing oil, and two dollars for refining each barrel Kham.okan Council of Ministers has authorized the session held in 3 Current March, boss, Dr. Haider al-Abadi to challenge some of the articles and paragraphs budget (2015), said a source familiar with the Council of Ministers earlier, the Board intends to appeal paragraphs in the current year's budget, noting that al-Abadi person paragraphs was change them in the parliament, the two "reduce allocations displaced, and the salaries of self-financing companies," while counting the deputies that the amendment of the budget bill without the knowledge of the government, "illegality", expecting that the government earn stabbed.



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